Best Idris Elba movies and TV shows

Best Idris Elba movies and TV shows

The thrill and buzz in the movies industry; a multi-million cash cow has made it popular more so in this day and age of technology. People want to be updated of the latest and most talked about movies in the industry and even some go at length to find out those at the infancy stages of production. The boon is that other than being updated there is a fussy in watching them also. Such are human beings and be my guest watching is one of the inexpensive yet entertaining leisure activity one can engage in. besides, it is a good source when one can harness up to date information and be exposed to the world; trends and dynamisms. Nonetheless, it is not every other day we get to watch a movie with cast members of the black race and who have starring lead roles being at the apex of it. So it is a big thing with Idris Elba movies.

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Idris Elba was born Idriss Akuna Elba to his Sierra Leonean father, Winston and Ghanaian mother Eve. However, Idris later moved to London and has known Hackney as home for the largest part of his life. Today Idris is an accomplished English actor as we will soon unveil in movies with Idris Elba, a seasoned musician, an established producer and one of the talented DJs in the world. Well, Idris Elba is a jack of all trade but of a novel kind because he is a master of them all. He is one of the few people in the universe who find it easy switching between roles yet strikes out as the best.

Well, Idris Elba is no ordinary actor we have around; he is offbeat. He is talented, versatile, and diverse and has the character to propel him to height many envy but fail to reach at least a helm of it. Ask those in the acting professional, starring in Marvel Universe and Netflix movies is an unparalleled privilege and is always marked with honor and recognition. While it remains to some an elephant going through the needle eye, for Mr. Idris Elba is a regular thing. Subsequently we have seen him on Idris Elba Marvel movies and Idris Elba movies on Netflix.

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At this juncture let me sanction you to the list of Idris Elba top 10 movies as all talk without prove may just plainly be an exaggeration which I desire not to deplete for this esteemed actor. He has been featured in well over 30 movies since he began his acting career in 1994, however, I will sample some of the movies with Idris Elba which can be found effortlessly on YouTube. Here is the list:

Idris Elba Top 10 Movies

He has a conceded earmarked name in the movie industry international thanks to numerous movies of Idris Elba. I am at crossroad to narrow down the many Idris Elba movies into only ten of them. Idris is a great sensation and his character has been sought after in movies let me do directly to his work he does with a lot of acumen.

1. Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

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If you still struggling to come to terms with Idris Elba he is the man in the Long Walk to Freedom movie who casts as Nelson Mandela. He carries this lead role with a lot of demeanor. In fact he blends in so well one would assume he is indeed the Nelson Mandela, First Black President of South Africa because he takes close resemblance. This is one of his biggest achievements or need I say more one project that really made him popular of all movies with Idris Elba.

The Long Walk to Freedom Movie is based on Nelson Mandela’s autobiography – anti apartheid revolution; his early life, education, coming of age, adult and love life, leadership, 27 year in prison all the way to becoming the President of the Republic of South Africa and quest to rebuild his motherland all over again. This is just an inspirational story of all the untold challenges and pain the latter went through, his struggles in life, his bright ray of leadership that went at logger head with the government at the time and his undeterred zeal for a better country which made him leave a legacy behind. It has a triumphant end as Nelson Mandela rises to the throne.

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Nevertheless, the Long Walk to Freedom movies is one film to watch but sadly needs so edits if not additions. When it was shot and produced Nelson Mandela was still alive but unfortunate the hero has since passed on. If the story is to remain a biography then this needs to be included in his profile on the movie.

The Long Walk to Freedom – Idris Elba movie was written by William Nicholson, but was directed by Justin Chadwick while production was done by Anant Singh and David M. Thompson under the powerhouses Pathe, Video vision Entertainment and Distant Horizon Origin Pictures. Idris Elba and Naomi Harris take the lead roles of Nelson Mandela and Winne Madikizela respectively. Other cast members include Zikhona Sodlaka, Mark Elderkin, David Butler, Deon Lotz, Thomas Gumede, Lindi Matshikiza and many others.

It was produced in the United Kingdom although the story is purely South Africa including the cast location. Long Walk to Freedom is about 2 hours and 26 minutes in length and is in Xhosa, Afrikaan and English Language. 20th Century Fox and The Weinstein Company are responsible for the film’s distribution. One of the Idris Elba Top 10 Movies.

2. Ghost Rider; Spirit of Vengeance – Idris Elba movies

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This is one of the ceasefire movies characterized by fear, violence, hideout, pursuit, vengeance and frequent attack. The film premiers where the French Priest, Moreau who Idris Elba plays the role announced of an impending attack on the Monastery by the devil forces in reference to Danny. Soon enough the Monastery falls under attack but he tries to elope Danny but almost losses his life. He reaches out to The Ghost Rider who has the spirit of vengeance, feeds on the evil of his victims and consumers souls of sinners to help him rescue the boy in exchange for his priesthood ability.

The Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze is ignited to fight and comes fully armed to kill, cause mayhem, instill fear and revenge for Danny. On the other hand the Pursuits who want to have Danny led by Ray Carringan cannot allow these settle without a fight. The opponents devise ways to have Danny capture while Ghost rider selflessly works on safeguarding him. This is one intriguing Idris Elba movies you will watch to the end with a lot of curiosity and suspense.

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Idris Elba plays the role of the Moreau, a French priest and is a member of a secret religious organization. Despite his believing on a sovereign deity, he seeks help from the Ghost Rider for the safety of Danny who his enemies are after. This movie was heavily criticized for the horrific scene but it is still a standalone and one of the best Idris Elba marvel movies.

Ghost Rider was released in 2011. It is a 95 minutes movies written by Scott M. Gimple, David S. Goyer and Seth Hoffman and was produced by Steven Paul, Ashok Amritraj and Avi Arad. The lead director is Neveldine and Taylor and is distributed by Columbia Pictures. Idris Elba stars in the movie alongside Christopher Lambert, Nicolas Cage, Ciaran Hinds, Violante Placido and Johnny Whitworth.

3. Avengers; the Dark World – movies with Idris Elba

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Avenger, the Dark world is also known as the Thor: The Dark World a Marvel comical movie. The story is developed and inspired by the crossover film, Avenger produced by Kevin Feige. It is an action based movie where Thor, Prince of Asgard collaborates with Loki, his adoptive brother in a move to save the nine realms from the Dark Elves who has invaded them and proves not ready to step out. They are led by the vengeful Malekith who is unremorseful about doing any evil so long as he has his way. He is the ruler of Dark Elves and has lost so much wife, children, property technically everything which triggers his vengeance all the more. The universe is just about to be plunged into darkness as the two opponents face up each other.

Idris Elba plays the role of Heimdall, an ever present, eavesdropping and all seeing agent of the Asgardian sentry at the Bifrost Bridge. His role is mythical and comical. It is significantly small compared to roles he has held on other films, however in Idris Elba marvel movies this is a vital position where he report to his master Malekith and help in planning vengeance or attacks against the enemy.

Thor, the Dark World was produced in 2011 by Marvel studios and was first aired at the Odeon Leicester Square in 2013 and later that year in the United States. It has superhero comic play and character who go offbeat to do what is good for them. The story was developed by Don Payne and Robert Rodat, Produced and directed by Alan Taylor. It is in the English language and cast members include Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman who take the lead roles, Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hiddleston, Stellan Skarsgard, Kat Denning and Jaimie Alexander among many others.

4. Luther – Idris Elba movies

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Luther is a crime and investigation based American film surrounded by a lot of mysteries, malice, violence and drama. It has a story line developed along secret acts of crime; murder committed by some illicit sects who believe them superior over other and should have their way regardless of the cost or damage involved. There is an inherent and historical desire to fight against the other even to an extend kill. Luther, one of the movies with Idris Elba, revolves around a plot of Murder, anti hero, psychopath, crime investigation and the police department acting to curtain all these evils.

In Idris Elba movies, he stars as near genius detective who has great intellect and crime management acumen. He is involved in dangerous crime scene where he almost loses his life on quest to fulfil his passions for an ideal society. He stars as DCI John Luther but a lot of mystery surround his work and is questionable, because his fingerprints were found on a gun that killed Zoe and is therefore a suspect. He work on justifying his ways though is bombarded with a lot of issues, truths and lies.

Luther is a continuous TV series, on its now 5th season. Idris Elba recently revealed that the film will soon be on our screen having taken time off to produce other works of the same. It was produced in 2010 and has been running all through up to date. Other cast members include Dermot Crowley, Paul McGann, Warren Brown, Ruth Wilson, and Michael Smiley among many others. He has featured in over 21 episodes since 2010 in this one of the Idris Elba movies on Netflix.

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5. Beast of No Nation – Idris Elba movies on Netflix

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This is a film about a young boy, Agu whose country has fallen under the hands of rebels who are forcing people to flee for safety. His father and brothers are killed amidst the fracas that arise following actions of the militia but somehow manages to elope to a safe place. Shortly after he is capture and undergoes a ruthless initiation process to becoming a member of the militia. In the camp he befriend Strika yet another child soldier and they witness bloody battles and ambushes. They however suffer emotionally and physically and at some point Agu are rap*d by a commandant. The film goes on to unfold event of horrific war and life incaptivity including plots to run away.

Beast of No Nation – Idris Elba Movies is developed from the story Beast of No Nations by Uzodinma Iweala. It is an American war drama in the English Language that has won the Marcello Mastroanni Awards and 2015 Toronto International Film Festivals. It was released by Netflix on 3rd September, 2015 and on 16th October at Venice, 2015 by Bleecker Street. The movies were shot in Ghana the video being directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga. Idris Elba plays the role of the Beast of No Nations, warlord commandant.

6. The Dark Tower

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The Dark Tower, Idris Elba movies premiers with Jake halfway asleep seeing a Man in Black seeking to brings to ruin the universe and the Monumental Tower, his mother and psychiatrists downplay this as mere hallucinations caused by the trauma experienced after his father’s untimely demise. He later flees and discovers a high tech portal in Mid-World. Therein he also finds, Roland Deschain who is the last Gunslinger after all others were killed by Walter Padick, the Man in Black and he is vengeful. They discover that the latter has the psychic potential to destroy the Tower single-handedly.

Jake’s mother and stepfather are killed by Walter as they come looking for their son. Roland takes Jake to a seer who tells them of a machine that has portal access to Walter and is able to track down his movements and operations. Through this his locations are known and the two vow to kill Walter as Roland teaches Jake the Gunslinger creed. Roland finally kills Walter and destroys the machine saving all children therein, Jake and the structure.

Idris Elba stars as the Roland Deschain, a vital role in the play. A Gunslinger who is last in the line after all other dies and swears to protect the tower from the Man in Black in movies with Idris Elba. It is a terrific science fantasy film by Nikolaj Arcel. It is produced by Weed Road Pictures, MRC and Imagine entertainment and distributed and marketed by Columbia Pictures. The Dark Tower was released in 2017 at the Museum of Modern Art and is one of the Idris Elba recent movies.

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7. Cut for a Different Cloth - Idris Elba movies

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Cut for a different cloth is an Idris Elba movie on netflix. Just as the title goes, it talks about how a cloth can be cut for different purposes. In reality, the plain meaning is that people are curtain made for different purposes although they can adjust as per what is demanded. However, it is unique because the story develops along a very unusual line since it is fashion linked.

Idris Elba is at the core of its production. As a matter of fact he has teamed up with a United Kingdom based company, Woodcut Media and a big fashion powerhouse, Superdry along with his own sole proprietorship company, Green Door Pictures in the production of this feature documentary titled, Cut for a Different Cloth. Superdry founders James Holder and Julian Dunkerton will be featured in the film in quest for their first high end fashion line to become popular. This is a big thing and may bring in some paradigm shifts in the movie industry as Derren Lawford, Woodcut Creative Director says.

This is one of the most educative films in the British movies that star Idris Elba. Its production began in 2015 but was complete in 2017 where it was subsequently released and distributed. Its official trailer on YouTube is about 5 minutes and a second long while the actual movies run for one hour, twenty seven minutes and forty four seconds.

8. Avengers: Infinity War, one of the Idris Elba top 10 movies

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The Avengers: Infinity War is a development from Idris Elba marvel movies in 2013, Avenger: the Dark World. It is more or less a continuation of the latter although its story takes a unique angle in explaining the unfolding of scenes. It is a dark science fictions film where Thor collects power stone from Thanos, Xandar and luitenants after being intercepted on their way to ferry Asgard’s destruction survivors or should I say remnants. This stone was extracted from Tesseract and would hence forth cause war.

Thor is pursued and subdued, as this happens Thanos overpowers Hulk and kills Loki. This angers Heimdal, an ensign to Asgard who sends the latter back to earth as a punishment before killing him. back and forward crashes on the land arises destabilizing all, and making hatred develop among characters. In the end the universe disintegrates and Thor is left on the Wakandan Battlefield with a transmitter distress light on.

Idris Elba has the character role of Heimdal, the spy kind character; all hearing and all seeing. This movie draws inspiration from Jim Starlin’s The Infinity Gauntlet and Jonathan Hickam’s Infinity comic film. Its production began in 2017 in Georgia, by Pinewood Atlanta Studios. The production company in question is the Marvel studios by the same are distributed by Motion Pictures and Walt Disney Studios. It is one of the best selling films in 2018, surprisingly by the end of the first week following its release the movies had sold over $641 million globally for this reason it is ranked as the 15th highest grossing film of all time; an Idris Elba recent movie.

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9. Yardie: The Mountain Between Us

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This is one of the 2018 productions in Idris Elba upcoming movies that we need to watch. The Mountain Between us tells of a love story developed amidst so many barriers. Ben and Alex are on board to a destination - Denver though is outright strangers. The plane crashes, her phone is smashed up and his has no signal, nonetheless the two are safe though find themselves in a peculiar far away land of ice. The story of love develops as a plane clash survival story.

Ben a neurosurgeon attends to Alex’s wounds takes care of her and has to carry her down the hill as they look for rescue. Ben falls in love with Alex. In the capacity of a Neurosurgoen he say ‘the heart is just a muscle,’ while Alex being a photojournalist values the heart over the head. A fairy tale love begins withstanding all the previous relationship the two were in before they met. Alex can get off a noble man he is; kind, courageous, risk taker, knowledgeable, resourceful and above all masculine in stature.

In Yardie; the Mountain Between us, the role of Ben is played by Idris Elba while that of Alex by Kate Winslet. The most outstanding thing about this movie is that Idris Elba got to propose to his girlfriend at the shoot location in Baltimore. Well, the romance in the Mountain Between us story seems to flow even to the cast in reality. This is a big thing in 2018 and is expected to cause a buzz – Idris Elba latest movies.

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