NSS allowance form 2020: download and fill

NSS allowance form 2020: download and fill

Every graduate doing their national service will be paid a monthly allowance by the government or private establishment to which they are posted. Therefore, you need to download, fill and submit your NSS allowance form in time. While the service personnel do not receive a specific salary for the service rendered, they still get a monthly allowance which goes a long way to cover their expenses.

Download and fill NSS allowance form

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The personnel will also be reimbursed for their out of pocket expenses. This includes car maintenance allowance and overnight allowance. The service personnel will be paid a car maintenance allowance when they use their own means of transport on authorized official duties. Furthermore, the service personnel will be entitled to get overnight allowances when they perform any responsibilities that are out of their designated stations.

The national service scheme (NSS), governed by act 426 is a scheme where graduates have to carry out mandatory community service. It doesn’t matter whether you did your tertiary right here in Ghana or abroad, the constitution is very clear: as long as you’re a Ghanaian citizen who is 18 years and above you are mandated to do your national service. The scheme deploys personnel from public and even private tertiary institution to various user agencies. By working with the user agencies, the NSS ensures that rural communities reap maximum benefits from the expertise of fresh graduates in different fields such as nursing, engineering, teaching, lawyers and many others.

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To help get the monthly allowance National service personnel, the NSS has partnered with various banks including those with branches at rural locations. Applying personnel can access their posting details and NSS monthly allowance form via the NSS online portal, and you can even print the details of your posting outright.

How to fill the NSS GH allowance form

The NSS Ghana allowance form has two main functions. First, it allows the NSS body to facilitate the processing of your allowances. Secondly, the NSS allowance form serves as a tool to obtain relevant information from your supervisor which helps to gauge your performance. You need to fill your report and submit it in time to allow the National service scheme to authenticate the report forms and validate payment on time.

Download and fill NSS allowance form

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Although the process of downloading and filing the NSS allowance form is straightforward, there are various guidelines you need to follow if you are to receive your allowance on time. Here is a step by step guide on how to download and fill NSS allowance form.

Hot steps on how to go about your NSS registration for 2019/2020
  1. Start by clicking on the official National Service Scheme website
  2. Next, move your cursor to the deployment button, under this section you will find the download option
  3. Click on the download button which will bring a page with various options including Monthly assessment form and End of year assessment form.
  4. Click the Monthly assessment option, and the download will begin.
  5. Open the download and a PDF form will be displayed.
  6. Fill in the needed details and take the form to the supervisor who will key in the necessary details and submit it to NSS district director. This is because for the form to be acknowledged as valid, it has to be signed and stamped by the supervisor and submitted to the district office by 15th of every month.

If you need a shorter version or alternative method that will take you right to the NSS allowance form pdf, then click on this link.

Nss enrollment explained in full

After filling and submitting your NSS allowance form the next step is to check your posting. To know where you will be doing your national service first start by sending your NSS alphanumeric code on via SMS text message to the provided official Nss code. After a short while, you will then receive details of your posting on the same mobile number.

Once done, log on the NSS official website and click on check postings. Follow all the required process online, and your appointment letter will then be displayed on the screen. The appointment letter contains details of your appointment and the allowance to be paid to you monthly. To commence your national service, you will need to have copies of your appointment letter so print at least three copies.

The next step is to have NSS regional office to endorse your appointment. This step is very crucial, and in case you are posted in populated regions of Ghana then you might want to get your forms endorsed on the first day of registration to avoid the last minute rush. In most cases, the endorsement process can take an average of two to three days to complete.

NSS pin code search 2018-2019

To have your NSS appointment in a particular region endorsed, take your appointment and posting letter to the Regional Director of the scheme at the NSS regional office. Then proceed to your User Agency where the head of that institution will also endorse your appointment letters. Make sure the date of endorsement is indicated in your appointment letter. The user agency is the department or organization in which you are posted to and where you will work.

After that, you need to file a copy of your endorsed letter at the NSS district office and send the dated letter to your designated district office. Follow that by giving a copy of your endorsed letter to the NSS district director who will then file the document. After your appointment letter has been filed, go back to your user agency and start your national service.

To ensure you get your allowances, after one month of doing your national service, remember to submit to your NSS District office a duty reporting form endorsed by your supervisor. All monthly duty forms must be submitted before the set deadline date to allow for the processing of the allowances.

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How to check your National service allowances

You are eligible to get funds which are released by the National service secretariat as soon as you download NSS allowance form. As national service personnel, you will also have an account from a bank that is engaged in providing e-zwich services in order to access your monthly allowances. You will have to avail yourself physically to the bank and carry with your National Identification card. The following is a guide on how to check whether your allowance has been deposited in your account.

  1. On your favorite web browser search for the official National service scheme and click on the website. Or you can use this link which will take you directly to the NSS online portal.
  2. Then scroll below the page where you will see the check your allowance option. For quick access to the page where you can quickly key in your details click on this link.
  3. Click on the check your allowance button
  4. Key in NSS number and click the search button. If your allowances have been deposited in your account, it will be displayed on the screen, if not keep checking from time to time.
NSS registration process

Before you can get your NSS allowance or ever have the right to download and fill the form, you must first register for the national service program during your final year in school and list three preferred options where you will like to be stationed. You will then be posted in one of those chosen regions. However, you have no control over which exact region you will be posted.

Requirements for getting the NSS GH allowance

The fact is as long as you are to receive your NSS allowance you will need to register with your National Identification card, the SSNIT card, and the E-Zwich card. The SSNIT card allows the government to deduct its share of the money, but the process of getting an SSNIT card is free for any Ghanaian citizen. If you’re eligible for this card all you have to do is to apply on any SSNIT office.

2018-2019 NSS assessment form
Download and fill NSS allowance form

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Since the government banned the process of getting allowances from the counter, it has become mandatory for every service personnel to have an e-zwich card which they will present during the registration process and when withdrawing the allowance.

The e-zwich smartcard allows the holder to carry out any financial transactions at any ATM or e-zwich point of sale. The e-zwich platform will then be used to pay national service allowances. To understand more about this NSS payment method click on this link https://www.nss.gov.gh/e-switch-payment-faqs

  1. To get an e-zwich smartcard
  2. Go to your nearest bank,
  3. Fill in the registration form
  4. Submit your National ID or passport
  5. And you will be given your card.

Who is eligible for the NSS allowance?

You are eligible for the NSS allowance fund if you are national service personnel. While the monthly allowances for each person are determined by the ministry of finance, the payment of allowance is calculated from the day the staff begins work at their designated posting. If you are posted to schools which are under the Ghana education ministry, then the allowances shall come from the National service secretariat.

The process of downloading and filling the NSS annual report form

On the other hand, if you are posted to private organizations including churches and other religious institutions, then your allowance shall come from their own account.

A monthly allowance for national service personnel goes a long way in covering up your expenses. So don’t forget to download the NSS new allowance form, fill it and submit before the deadline.

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