NSS posting checking 2019/2020 Ghana

NSS posting checking 2019/2020 Ghana

While many graduates do not like using NSS Ghana posting checker to find out where they will be doing their National Service Scheme, it is a crucial process that helps you get your posting details without any hassle. All you need is your NSS pin number and an internet connection to know where you have been posted. The National Service Scheme program, unlike what most graduates think, is not an obligation heaped on their heads by the constitution, but an initiative that helps them garner the relevant work experience. This experience will be helpful in the job search as you can’t get in a classroom.

NSS Ghana posting checker 2018-2019
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To begin with, any person who graduates needs a boost of expertize to be able to fit in the competitive Ghanaian job market. The classroom knowledge doesn’t fully equip them with the hands-on-the-job experience that employers look for in job candidates. It is through NSS Ghana postings that these graduates get attached to institutions where their knowledge is needed for social impact and their own career growth.

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Another important benefit of NSS posting in Ghana is that as a graduate, you'll begin to accrue the right contacts that you would require to propel your career to more profitable heights. As the ground rule of the job market is, your network is your net worth, and the earlier the graduates begin to connect with people who matter in their profession, the easier it is to excel in what they do.

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People who understand the benefits that come with keeping good relationships often end up being absorbed in the respective organizations from where they did their National Service Scheme. You can underestimate the benefits of NSS to a Ghanaian graduate. This program builds character and shifts one’s mindset to best fit job market. It also cultivates a feeling of responsibility in one’s nation and, above all, equips one with skills to navigate daily workplace challenges.

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Why is it necessary to check your NSS posting details?

Most graduates often find themselves in last-minute rushes to avail themselves at the organizations in which they are posted. This can communicate a poor character to the organization's leaders. Through NSS Ghana postings checking, you can know the organization you are posted quite early, and this gives you enough time to learn the organization’s culture and aspirations. This knowledge will help you fit in easily and be of benefit to the organization.

Also, you will learn about the requirements of the organizations and routines hence you can enjoy your stay at the organization as you will be able to meet your employers' obligations with less friction from the management.

When you check your posting earlier, you can download your NSS Ghana posting letter in good time and send it to the relevant authorities for approval. Preparedness begins with having the right credentials in the hands of the right people. Last minute rush denies you the chance to work it right.

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NSS Ghana posting 2020 checking

You already know how important checking your NSS posting is, but it is also crucial that you know how to check your posting without hassles. Here is a step by step guide to check your NSS posting.

Step 1: Visit the National Service Scheme site

Begin by visiting National Service Scheme website. From this portal, you will be asked the necessary identification details. Moreover, you can either register, check your allowance, find your pin code or find your posting. Assuming you have registered, go to deployment pane and continue from step two.

Step 2. Key in your NSS number

The NSS number is your unique identification that the system generates for individuals. When you have your pin, key it in the blank space. The NSS number is a 12-digit number that begins with NSS. These pin numbers are released every year in thousands for all graduates by the National Service Scheme. Each prospective national service worker gets his that he uses to identify himself and facilitate some transactions as the job may demand.

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NSS Ghana posting checker 2018-2019
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A point to note, you don’t have to pay anything or visit any office to acquire your NSS number. When you log into the website, you will be able to easily obtain your NSS number, but you will need your school index numbers to have it.

Step 3: Click “submit”

When you have entered your NSS number, just click “Submit” and the browser will take you to your NSS posting. In the course of your application you might encounter NSS number and NSS PIN, they mean the same thing and can be used interchangeably.

For you to get your enrolment to go through successfully, you must ensure that you do so within the stipulated timeline. The National Service Scheme is very strict on the deadlines they give, and you might lose your space if you don’t comply.

Step 4: Click on “Show Posting Letter” to display the posting letter

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Your posting letter is a vital document that you will need before admission into the organization where you will be serving. View it and verify all the details to make sure everything is alright. Pay close attention to your personal data.

Step 5: Print two copies of your posting information and the posting letter

While most graduates are busy and would love to submit all their credentials via email, the National Service Scheme requires that you print these documents and take them to the Regional Director in the area you have been posted. The work of the Regional Director is to endorse you and facilitate your assignment.

Also, you should make sure to file extra copies of the posting letter and the posting information so that in case anything happens, you'll find where to fall back on. The two copies you printed are each for the regional offices and for the organization you will be working for during your one-year NSS engagement.

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When the establishment that you have been posted to has received your letter of appointment and assumption of duty, they will send a copy to the regional director (customarily done by a National Service Scheme employee). These copies will be filed in your name for future use as they might be needed as proof of engagement with National Service Scheme.

In summary

The benefits you can draw from your engagement with the National Service Scheme are plenty. You get to live with the certainty that you have a place to garner the industrial experience that most employers look for before engaging the most appropriate candidates for various posts.

NSS Ghana posting checker 2018-2019
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It is also a give-back-to-society initiative. This, therefore, means that every Ghanaian who graduates has to fulfill their mandate to serve the community before even getting a well-paying job. There is no excuse for a well-meaning patriot who doesn't serve his/her community. The government of Ghana invests so much in the education system to ring out the best of its youth. So it is only fair that these graduates give back to better the lives of other citizens.

The National Service Scheme is beneficial for all graduates. It does not matter whether you want to seek employment or to create your own business. While those seeking employment better their resumes through the engaging, those who want to venture into their business can gain the necessary knowledge and networks to begin in their various fields. It is through the NSS program that they can find mentors and develop the right mindset for the business world.

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