Most popular Kojo Antwi songs in 2019

Most popular Kojo Antwi songs in 2019

Kojo Antwi who is otherwise known as Mr. Music Man is of Ghanaian origin and specializes in afro pop, highlife and reggae. He mostly uses instruments such as keyboards, vocals and the bass guitar. He is also associated with the Freedom Family Records. He joined the band Boomtalents when he was beginning his career after clearing school. Later on, he became the main man at Classique Vibes until he finally went solo. His first solo album, which he released in 1986, became a chart buster in Ghana. His music is a blend of Ghanaian highlife, Congolese soukous, Caribbean lover’s rock, with a dash of African American soul and R&B. he sings in Ghana’s dominant language Twi; he has received the West Africa Tourism Award, All Africa Music Awards, Kora Award and the Our Music Award. He has been able to release quite a number of songs, which we will discuss here in this section today. Download Kojo Antwi songs from music applications and you will not regret it. Some of them are:

Most popular Kojo Antwi songs in 2019

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Kojo Antwi Adiepena

Associated with the Freedom Family Records label, this song was released back in 2009 and is a highlife song, purely sang in Ghanaian native language with less than sixty words in English. This song is in the album, Mwaaah. It is one of the latest songs that Kojo Antwi has released along the years. It received playing time in the radio stations in Ghana and also some countries in Western, Southern and Eastern Africa.

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This song depicts a sense of originality in the way the native Ghanaian language is put in a poetic way right from the beginning of the song till the end. It is currently available on Amazon, iTunes and other platforms where the songs can be downloaded. It has a very huge viewership on YouTube which proves that Kojo still has it even after a long while before releasing this tune to the general public. I would definitely recommend that you download this song by Kojo.

Kojo Antwi Kakayi

This is one of his Kojo Antwi old songs; it was released in 2002 and is in the album Kojo Antwi Densu. This song was produced by the Freedom Family and has a blend of highlife and dancehall beats. This song is down in history as one of Kojo’s old songs. The beat definitely blows you away into a different dimension and is definitely a banger even for somebody who does not understand the native Ghanaian language.

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This song is just so amazing and you will definitely want to hear it. This song is available on YouTube and was uploaded by Daniel. This song is also much hyped and is available on several sites such as Amazon. This is the type of song that has a sort of African originality that will make you have a sense of pride in the African culture.

Kojo Antwi Dadie Anoma

This song was released to the general public in 1998 and lies in the album, Afrafra. The song is a combination of reggae and dancehall and it is fully in the Ghanaian native language as well. This song is counted in the music world as one of his old songs. The song is full of energy and the video is not available since he never released one. The beats also have a blend of pop in it and make you feel like it is Michael Jackson on the mic as he drops his lines perfectly.

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This is the kind of song that makes you want to relax once you get in the mood for hearing it. This song was a hit in the late nineties and it has recently been viewed on YouTube. I would recommend that all take heed and listen to this song. It is definitely one you would enjoy, especially for the generation from the late sixties and seventies.

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Kojo Antwi Medofo Pa

This is one of the Kojo Antwi new songs and the video was released in 2013 on YouTube. It is in the album that has the name Love Classics. This album basically had love songs that were sung in the native language in Ghana. This song is considered in the list of one of his new songs. Kojo Antwi decided to prove how much of a poet he is by releasing this song. The Freedom Family played part in the production of this song. The song was shot along the coast of a water body where we also see African beauties strolling.

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This song is one of the few African oriented RnB’s and also has a touch of soukou of the Congolese type beat. He uses instruments that are locally available such as the drum which is beaten and he really blends his vocals quite well to make the song a serene one. I would suggest that people of all generations listen to this song and download it since it brings a sort of identity to the African people. This song is available on Amazon, YouTube and other sites. Be sure to have a taste of African music with this hit.

Kojo Antwi Amirika

This song was released in 2002 by Kojo Antwi with the help of the Freedom Family. This song is found in the album dubbed Densu and it featured Nana Yaa. The genre of this hit is in the form of reggae which makes it have a feel of dancehall. This song is a part of his collection of Kojo Antwi’s best old songs. It was sung in pure Ghanaian native language and is a very African song that brags of its originality. The song talks of different types of love, there is the kind of love that is motivated by money, and then there is another that is motivated by beauty. There is also love which is pure and genuinely from the heart.

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He encourages that pure love is the most sincere and that once you have it, to hold it dear to your heart. He says that when love begins, it is very sweet but the ending is very sour. He also speaks of prostitution and cheating in the society; he speaks of giving your heart to the right person as of being patient. This is a song that I would definitely recommend that all hear since it has a message to portray to the larger society. You should surely get to download kojo Antwi mp3 or get to view it on YouTube even if it is possible, view it on other channels.

Kojo Antwi Me Nya Ntaban

This song was done in 2013 and it is contained in one of Kojo Antwi albums Love Classics. The song is in pure native Ghanaian language and has a love story behind it. It is one of the latest songs by Kojo Antwi. This song includes instruments such as guitars which blend in quite well with the legends vocals. The song was produced by the Freedom Family and it depicts African beauties that are compared to the beauty of Africa. The song has a touch of pop, reggae and highlife. It is authentic and makes one feel a sense of heritage even when they reminisce about the video.

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Kojo is very energetic and has a very poetic way of singing his songs. This is the type of song that will make you feel appreciated and embrace your own culture. Any lover of reggae music will enjoy this song even without understanding the lyrics. I would therefore recommend that you get a hand on this hit and if possible get a translator that will show you the words in a language you can relate to.

Kojo Antwi I love Your Style

This song by the Music Man himself as a single that was seen through by Freedom Family Records, who have been with him side by side through out his journey. He released this song in the town of Accra in Ghana. This song has a mix of pop along with reggae; he tries to sing along in English as he blends quite well with the native Ghanaian language. This is one of the latest songs of Kojo and it was published in 2013 on YouTube. This song is definitely a song to praise the African woman as he directs these various compliments to a lady. He shows how much valuable an African woman is and is very passionate in the way he passes on his message to the audience.

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This song is one of those songs that you would, as a man use to try to win back your lady’s heart if you had upset her maybe after an argument. It is also a song that would encourage a lady and boost her self esteem by recognizing that she does not have to change anything about her to be beautiful because she is amazing just the way she is. I would recommend this song to everybody who has a taste in music to reach out to their mobile phones and laptops to download this song and have a feel of some old school reggae music with African heritage. Kojo Antwi music is legendary.

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