Beautiful Gifty Anti child pictures

Beautiful Gifty Anti child pictures

Gifty Anti is one of Ghana's established and veteran journalist who is passionate about matters pertaining to women. While most people imagine that the beautiful broadcaster is spoilt and hardly does any work by hand, her early life was hardly any simple. She had to hawk all sorts of things for them to survive. The ace broadcaster even worked as a carpenter at some point in life just to make ends meet since the father was not rich. Her father lived on pension after pension and that is what she can remember about her childhood. So life was not a walk in the park. Gifty Anti's father was later employed as a security guard to manage to pay her school fees. She said this during a radio interview on Accra 100.55 FM on Entertainment Capital. Gifty Anti child will never have to go through that kind of life.

Gifty Anti led a life of poverty before reaching where she is now. She had to hawk anything so that the family could go through another day because the father could not afford to feed the large family. She had no choice but to work as a carpenter to meet her basic needs. Everything that people see now is the end product of sheer hard work and determination. The inspiring presenter is passionate about issues that concern women in her country. She did her primary school education and once she was through with the secondary level, she enrolled in a school of journalism. After her graduation, she worked as a floor manager and was later employed as a journalist.

Due to her hard work and resilience, she has become a force to reckon with and hence she has won the hearts of many young girls who want to be like just like her. The admirable lady was born in 1970. However, it is not easy to judge her age by just looking at her face because she looks way younger. The great woman was born and nurtured in Tema even though she is known to be a native of Cape Town. In all aspects of her life, she exudes youth and people were shocked when they heard the news that Gifty Anti gives birth.People had already assumed she had hit her menopause.

Children before or After Marriage?

If you had asked the outgoing journalist and news anchor Gifty Anti to pick between having children before marriage or marriage before children, she would quickly choose the latter regardless of her own childhood experience with parents who were divorced. She was under her father’s care before she even knew her mother.

The vibrant Gifty whose face has become acquainted in almost every Ghanaian home for more than a decade inspires many. Her father did all he could to give her a better life.

Gifty's desire was to have a child as an honor to her parents before they passed on. Even though her life was not a comfortable one, she still believes in bringing up children.

The demise of her father was a major blow to her and she immersed herself in her work.

Gifty Anti and her husband, Nana Ansah Kwaw IV welcomed a bouncing baby girl into the world.

The Ghanaian broadcaster and her husband whose royal wedding in 2015 went viral on social media were pleased with their bundle of joy. Gifty got married when she was 45 years old or rather young. Her husband is the Chief of Adumasa in the Eastern Region.

Gifty is always taking pictures and posting them on social media. You can find Gifty Anti baby pictures on Instagram. The royal baby has already tasted fame on social media.

There are those who assume that Gifty has not toiled hard for what she has, they will have to think again. Gifty confesses that the salary she earns at GBC is not enough to survive. She has had to put in extra hours to acquire and maintain the comforts she enjoys.

The bubbly and outgoing journalist hails from Asempanyin located in the Central Region. She is the last born among eight siblings of the late Samuel Christian Kyei, a policeman and her late mama, Madam Stella Idun who vended second-hand clothing at Mankessim.

The ravishing beauty is a steadfast supporter of Asante Kotoko, and even though she can’t explain why she supports the club, she owns up that it could be due to her father who once chaired the local club.

Gifty Anti baby is the first born for her but the fourth born for her royal husband who has three children who reside in the United States.

On Mother’s Day the beaming Gifty Anti and child posted this lovely photo on Instagram to commemorate the day that marks motherhood.

Where she gets her motivation

She draws has inspiration from the likes of Gifty Affenyi-Dadzie, Ms. Gloria Akuffo, Mrs. Georgina Wood,Joyce Aryee, Theresa Kufuor and many others who are very successful women in their own ways.

During her leisure time, you will find her watching television, reading or taking a nap.

Oheneyere Gifty Anti celebrated her 48th birthday on Tuesday, January 23, 2018.

The host of the Standpoint on GTV decided to mark this special day with new photos with her husband and daughter.

Gifty Anti Baby name origin

The well-attended naming occasion had dignitaries such as former First Lady, Nana Rawlings and satirist Kawaka Sintim Misa among others. Some of the renowned celebrities in the entertainment industry who dignified the ceremony were Becca, KOD, Ceccy Twum, and Afia.

Mr. Owusu pledged 500 shares in Tullow Oil forGifty anti daughter, Nyame Animunyam Afia Asaa Afrakoma Sintim Misa. Posting to Instagram to give a clear picture of the chosen name, Anti let it be known that the name Afrakoma was taken from the current queen mother of Adumasa, Nana Afrakoma, and bestowed upon the baby.

The premier programme of its kind in the community saw a colourful and flamboyant display of culture. It also coincided with the second-anniversary festivity of thecouple’s marriage.

Gifty Anti held her daughter and sat next to the queen mother Nana Afrakoma until she was asked to give the baby to the Chairman of the Council of Elders to continue with the naming rituals which included administration of honey, wine and water teaching the baby to uphold truth and integrity in her entire life.

After that, the baby was given back to her mother who handed her over to the Queen mother to adorn her with bracelets. She did this while advising and inspiring the little girl.

A few of the elderly guests were chosen to give words of advice and inspiration to the newborn baby. Among the selected was Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings and Mr. George Owusu, their speeches brought the traditional part of the celebration to an end.

The royal couple was then accompanied into the ceremonial grounds to commence the Christian naming ceremony and enjoy refreshments.

Two wonderful cakes donated by Curious Cakes were cut to culminate both the naming ceremony and wedding anniversary.

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The ceremony was jovial and it is is an evident proof that the princes is the ultimate source of happiness to the mother. Gift Anti baby shower was glamorous one since the expectation of the child was a real as the royal child was a miracle. For the reason that she was going to give birth as 47, many believed that nature is defying the odds. However, this was perfect proof that the LORD she serves is a living and true God.

The royal presenter: Gifty Anti husband

Anti and Nana Ansah Kwaw IV tied the knot in 2015 and this made her being crowned the Obaa and Hemasaa of Adumasa. Her husband is a celebrated news presenter as he has the role of hosting 'That’s my opinion and Joy news pm express'. The two are almost the same age as he is 46 years and this difference as not a bother to them as he claims that her marrying a loving woman like Gifty was his dream and no one or nothing could persuade him to change the mind.

While the majority of people were waiting for Gifty Anti son, the royal daughter was welcomed into the family with open hands. Once you look at how the daughter was celebrated and even received some Tullow oil share from her godfather, you will surely agree with the majority that she is a royal kid.

News that Gifty Anti gives birth at an advanced age was greeted with mixed feelings from Ghanaians of all races and walks of life. Those young women who look up to her for inspiration were particularly happy for her. Since she gave birth, she has been sharing Gifty Anti and daughter photos on Instagram and this could be an acknowledgement of the overwhelming support and concern the people of Ghana have shown to her and her family. On this Instagram picture outside her palatial she captions where she mentions that the two were just out to catch some fresh air.

The naming of the royal princess of Adumasa was conducted in a sophisticated royal ceremony in Adumasa which is in the eastern parts. Gifty Anti daughter name is Nyame Enyimonam Afia Saah Afrakoma Sintim Misa.

The royal family

Early on, the media personality took a photo with her husband and their child, as they were getting out as the royal family. Anti is a celebrated broadcaster and gender rights advocate who plays a vital role in the society by supporting initiatives that fight for the rights of women and children in the society.

This was one of the extraordinary ceremonies that have ever been conducted in the community whereby it embraced a flamboyant cultural display, concurred with a second-anniversary celebration of their marriage.

So far, the royal princess has received numerous visits from noted celebs and renowned media personalities like actress and producer Kafui Danku. Lydia Forson and Selikem Acolatse-Apaloo were not left out as they joined the bandwagon to visit the newscaster’s charming little princess. The most recent visitors to the royal family included the man of God Rev Eastwood Anaba of Eastwood Anaba ministries and his wife. In this Instagram photo, the presenter is over the moon by the visit from spiritual dad and mom. She mentioned in the caption that the couple was there to unleash the Apostolic and Prophetic blessings.

"This God we serve....Hold on to your faith. I am a woman with a Super Crazy Faith in God."

It seems that there will be no end to the train of prominent people that want to pay a visit to the media personality and gender advocate. Gifty Anti daughter, the royal princess of Adumasa recently got a visit from the general overseer of Trinity Baptist Church, Pastor Kingsley Appeagyei andhis wife, Cynthia.

The little princess still enjoys visits from relatives and other people. Here she is seen with Uncle JB.

2017 was indeed a blessed and a miraculous year for Broadcaster Oheneyere Gifty Anti. However, the humble presenter is looking forward to better things in the future. She is determined to work harder and give her daughter a life that she never had.

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Source: Yen News

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