7 revelations on what happens to your body when you die

7 revelations on what happens to your body when you die

Death is a very painful experience bound to happen to everyone. Unfortunately, this life cycle is rather rampant in Ghana with cases of premature death rising each year on a steady basis.

Lack of effective health care services coupled with non-availability of cash and effective research.

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But what happens when a close friend of ours dies, are there signs that help us know if indeed someone is dead? This article helps us with a clear picture of what happens when someone dies.

First Stage:

The first stage of death is known as clinical death. This kind of death is left to the powers of a doctor to deal with. This phenomenon lasts for four to six minutes from the moment a person stops breathing and their heart stops pumping blood.

1. At this moment, all the organs will still be alive and not dead.

2. There is also enough oxygen in the brain that will not lead to permanent damage.

Second Stage

This stage happens after the six minutes is up. What happens is what we describe as biological death.

3. At this stage, all the organs of the body shut down and cells begin to die.

4. The human's muscles will relax after that including the sphincter and this results in the body getting rid of the bowels.

5. When the body stays there untouched for like 12 hours, the skin loses its colour and blood pools at the lowest point of the body, causing red and purple bruising.

6. After this transition, the body becomes so stiff and hard. This is mainly because of some nutrients which is Calcium leaks into the muscle cells.

7. After this process is done, bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract eats through the abdominal organs, releasing horrid smells which attract insects.

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