FIFA World Cup trophy 2018

FIFA World Cup trophy 2018

FIFA World Cup trophy is ready to go home with world cup champions 2018, since it made it arrivals in Russia. The awaited game is around the corner as it will be starting from 14th June to 15 July, 2018. The football fanatics must be very eager to know the team that will take the gold cup home. Football is a game that requires an optimistic character. The best known teams don’t always win, efforts, unique playing style, passes, and luck are some of saviors for football. Every country has a dream to lift the 2018 FIFA world cup trophy and this means that the competition will be tough and not plain sailing.

FIFA World Cup trophy 2018
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Jules Rimet trophy history

The World footballing tournament was invented back in 1930. Jules Rimet, a former president of FIFA being one of the ideal giver. His idea was awesome as it gave people a chance of knowing the world champions and he passed it in 1929. The world champion team were to go with a trophy to their country and celebrate their victory.

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Abel Lafleurhave left the legacy of designing the first trophy that was referred to as ‘Victory’ or World Cup’. Each involved qualified national teams made efforts to win the tournaments as trophy is the greatest in the world of footballing. Football fanatics from all over the world could not hesitate to witness the champions lifting up the World cup. FIFA decided to name the trophy Jules Rimet to honor him for coming up with such a great idea; he deserved the honor. Right?

What made the Jules Rimet trophy

This trophy has undergone various replacements, to make it more valuable. Originally, sterling silver with plated gold on a marble base that was yellow and white in colour was used to make it. In 1954, they decided to replace the base that was marble to be more valuable with Lapis Lazuli. That base gave it a height of 35cm and it weighed 3.8kg.

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It was so beautiful with amazing features like the wing-like figure that well-represented the Nike symbol (goddess of victory from ancient Greek.) You must be eager to know which of the national teams that were involved in the world tournament took the Jules Rimet trophy home for the 1st time. Well, Uruguay managed to win back in 1930.

FIFA World Cup trophy 2018
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Stealing of the Jules Rimet Trophy

Fact remains that World Cup trophy is valuable and when it left non-secured, the many criminals in the world can steal it. In 1938, Italy took it home after evolving the world champions in that tournament. At one time, the former vice president of Italy that goes by the name Ottorino Barassi was afraid that Adolf as well as Nazis would take the trophy and he therefore decided to change its storage place from a Bank that was in Rome to his house. The fascinating thing is that he placed it in his shoebox, which he kept under his bed.

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In 1966, England won the trophy and it was unfortunately stolen in Westminster Central Hall; a public exhibition. You can imagine that a dog whose name was Pickles traced the trophy after 7 good days. This scenario made The Football Association to think of manufacturing a replica of the Jules Rimet trophy with thoughts that they will be using the replica trophy in public exhibitions. Yes, it was used for quite some time and in 1970, the original trophy was handed to FIFA for the forthcoming completion by that made the original trophy to be .

Manufacturing a replica trophy was not permitted by FIFA and therefore the creator kept it. The replica trophy stayed out of sight by the public for a couple of years and they decided to sell to FIFA at a price worth £254,500, that was in the year 1997.

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FIFA World Cup trophy 2018
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Jules Rimet got stolen once sgain

In 1970, Brazil emerged the winner of the World footballing tournament and they took the original trophy. They displayed the trophy bullet-proof glass at Brazilian Football Confederation. In 1983, some 4 men used a crowbar and stole the world cup trophy. Since then the original trophy was never traced and people believe it melted and the criminals sold it. The base of the Jules Rimet trophy was found and it is preserved by FIFA.

Below are countries that have had the honor to take the Jules Rimet trophy home:

  • Brazil won this Trophy in 1958, 1962, as well as 1970
  • Uraguay won the trophy back in 1930 and in 1950
  • Italy won the Trophy in 1934 and in 1938
  • West Germany won the Trophy ones back in 1954
  • In 1966, England won the trophy

FIFA World Cup history

The awarding of the FIFA World Cup Trophy started back in 1974 to replace the Jules Rimet Trophy that was stolen in Brazil. 53 sculptors from 7 countries made submissions after FIFA commissioned a replacement trophy. The lucky sculptor from Italy was awarded that commission, Silvio Gazzaniga.

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It is made of a total of 18 carat gold, it is 36.8cm high, it has a malachite base, and its weighs 6.1kiligragrams. The FIFA World Cup is very beautiful and that is the reason all the 32 teams involved in 2018 World Cup have a dream of taking it to their home. All credits are given to Stabilimento Artistico Bertoni Company for making this amazing Trophy; the company is in Italy.

Germany won the first FIFA world Cup in 1974 and it is a favorite currently for emerging the winners of FIFA 2014. Other countries that managed to win the football tournaments are:

  • West Germany won the trophy in 1974 as well as in 1990.
  • Argentina won the trophy back in 1978 and in 1986.
  • Italy managed to emerge the winner of the trophy in 1982 and in 2006.
  • Brazil emerged the World Cup Trophy in 1994 as well as in 2002.
  • In 1998, France lifted up the trophy.
  • In 2010, Spain took the trophy home

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FIFA World Cup trophy 2018
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FIFA World Cup 2018 news

Russia is ready to host the World Cup 2018 and the many football fanatics are also prepared to book tickets as the game is forthcoming. Are you planning to go to Russia by bus or train? Well, don’t worry because Russia roads and railways are linked up making travelling to be ease for thousands of football admirers. Flocking to watch the tournament will not only give your support teams morale, but it will also make your summer awesome. Who will be the winner of FIFA 2018? Well, let us hope that our support teams will take the FIFA World Cup Trophy home.

FIFA World Cup trophy tours

The FIFA World Cup Trophy outshines all other football cups since it identifies the champion team in the world. In the trophy tour, fans can view the cup and take photos. The tour association is run by Coca-Cola and in 2006; Germany was the first country to have this experiences as the cup visited 29 countries.

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In 2010, 84 countries viewed the trophy and if you can recall that the worldly tournament took place in south Africa. This gave 50 countries in Africa out of the 84 to also have the legacy of viewing it.

In 2014, the World Cup host was Brazil and it managed to tour in about 90 countries in not less than 267 days. Posing with the historical accolade is what Coca-Cola tours tries to make the football lovers to do.

In 2018, the host of the tournament is in Russiaand the football fans as well as the 13 host cities in Russia will have the legacy of see the trophy image up-close. This journey will mark the longest journey that the trophy will make, it was approximated to be 26,000 KM as it was passing 24 cities in total.

The Coca-Cola company Russia should be appreciated for making others' fairy tale dream of seeing the World Cup trophy close possible. The trophy connects the football players with their fans and it makes people to celebrate the world footballing tournament for giving us champions.

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FIFA World Cup trophy 2018
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World Cup 2018 Trophy Tour dates and destinations

January 2018 Tour

  • Colombo, Sri Lanka - 23-24
  • Male, Maldives - 24-25
  • Phuket, Thailand- 26-27
  • Vientiane, Laos - 28
  • Macau, China P.R- 29
  • Nukualofa, Tonga- 31

February 2018 Tours

  • Honiara, Solomon Islands, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea - 1
  • Lahore, Pakistan - 3
  • Almaty, Kazakhstan- 4
  • Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic- 5
  • Dushanbe, Tajikistan- 5
  • Tashkent, Uzbekistan - 6
  • Ashgabat, Turkmenistan - 7
  • Yerevan, Armenia - 7
  • Tblisi, Georgia- 8
  • Baku, Azerbaijan - 9
  • Valetta, Malta - 10
  • Vienna, Austria - 11
  • Minsk, Belarus - 13
  • Sofia, Bulgaria- 14
  • Tel Aviv, Israel - 15
  • Larnaca, Cyprus - 16
  • Ramallah, Palestine- 17-19
  • Amman, Jordan- 20 February
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 21
  • Khartoum, Sudan - 22-23
  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia- 24-25
  • Nairobi, Kenya - 26-27
  • Maputo, Mozambique - 28
  • March 2018 Tour
  • Johannesburg, South Africa - 1-2
  • Cape Town, South Africa - 3
  • Kampala, Uganda - 5-6
  • Abuja, Nigeria - 7-8
  • Lagos, Nigeria - 9-10
  • Dakar, Senegal - 11-12
  • Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire - 13-14
  • Cairo, Egypt - 15-16
  • Naples, Italy - 17-19
  • Paris, France- 20-21
  • Cologne, Germany - 22-23
  • Oslo, Norway - 24
  • Torshavn, Faroe Islands - 24-25
  • Reykjavik, Iceland- 25
  • Tucuman, Argentina - 27-28
  • Berazategui, Argentina - 29
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina – 30 to 31

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FIFA World Cup trophy 2018
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April 2018 Tour

  • Rosario, Argentina - 1-2
  • Bogota, Colombia - 3-5
  • Panama City, Panama -6
  • San Jose, Costa Rica- 7-8
  • Guadalajara, Mexico - 9-10
  • Monterrey, Mexico - 11-12
  • Mexico City, Mexico- 13-15
  • New York, USA - 16
  • Miami, USA- 17
  • Los Angeles, USA- 18-20
  • Frankfurt, Germany - 22
  • Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - 23
  • Beijing, China P.R- 25
  • Shanghai, China P.R- 26
  • Tokyo, Japan- 27-28
  • Osaka, Japan - 29-30

May 2018 Tour

  • Vladivostok, Russia

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