Former MCE believes Ghanaian politicians are thieves and nothing will change that

Former MCE believes Ghanaian politicians are thieves and nothing will change that

- Yamoah Ponkoh did not exclude himself from the list, saying, "we're all thieves"

- He has asked Ghanaians to give up on looking for incorruptible leadership

Former Municipal Chief Executive of Ejisu under the NDC government, Afrifa Yamoah Ponkoh thinks all politicians are thieves. Interestingly, Mr Yamoah Ponkoh did not exclude himself from the category.

The controversial politician was speaking to Abusua FM’s Kwame Adinkrah on the issue of leadership in politics. Yamoah Ponkoh reiterated that it will be a mistake for any citizen to believe that politicians are above corruption.

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The former MCE went on:

“Ghanaians should stop thinking about honest and incorruptible political leadership…it does not exist in Ghana. Every Ghanaian politician is a potential thief; put the Ghanaian in a position of trust or political leadership and the next thing he or she will start thinking of is how to steal to enrich themselves.”

The former MCE says Ghanaians need to forget about uprooting corruption

Afrifa Yamoah Ponkoh

Yamoah Ponkoh, who is also a former board executive of Asante Kotoko Sporting Club, added himself to this list of thieves. He said if he were put in a position of power today, he will not hesitate to indulge in corrupt practices.

He asked Ghanaians to manage their expectations of people in power. By this, he meant it would be better to take corruption as a fact of leadership rather than asking for honesty and integrity.

He further stressed the need for Ghanaians to be vigilant and to look upon all politicians with suspicion. He added, “we politicians can simply not be trusted.”

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Most surprisingly, he did not speak of whether he was a corrupt MCE while heading local government at Ejisu. His comments seemed more of a message to citizens to be careful.

His comments will surprise many, although corruption is always suspected among Ghanaian politicans. The straightforward confirmation from one person who has had access to power is quite chilling.

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