5 ways men can escape poverty

5 ways men can escape poverty

Almost every man in this generation dreams of that successful life, filled with joy and riches. However, very few can really boast of such a luxury.

This is due to a number of factors, which most often are very avoidable yet have succeeded in making them poor.

Certain decisions we take have a direct effect on whether we end up as rich or poor in life. But, unfortunately, most of our decisions lead to the latter.

5 ways men can escape poverty
5 ways men can escape poverty

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Here are five ways by which men can escape poverty:

1. Pick the right woman

There is a saying that behind every successful man is a good woman. Therefore, men, if you really want to escape poverty then you need to make sure you find the right woman. One who is ready to walk down difficult paths and is willing to suffer together with you.

2. Drop the laziness

Most men who find themselves in poor situations are lazy. In this generation most people want to get rich but are simply refusing to break their bones for it.

Nothing good comes easily, and if you do not drop that lazy attitude, then there is no way you can escape poverty. For the Bible even says: "Man ooh Man, why art thou Lazy?"

3. Engage in productive things

A time comes in a man’s life where you have to really grow up and behave like the man that you are. One of the key things in this regard is spending your time wisely.

Time, they say, is money, therefore, there is the need to spend your time and energy on productive things. It is normal to discuss football, politics and girls with friends, but limit the time and make sure you do more profitable things.

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4. Work hard

As a man, this is the best time to work really hard to achieve your goals in life. Your youthful years present you the opportunity to not just aim, but also work towards greatness.

That way you will grow old having escape poverty. If you cannot work hard in your youthful years, then it means you will definitely grow poor because you would be unable to right that in your old age.

5. Make the right connections

One top secret to success is that you need to acknowledge those who are better than you. Rather than be jealous of them, get closer to them, make contacts and try to learn from them on how to be successful.

It has been proven several times that staying connected to successful people gives you a very good chance of also becoming like them. Mentorship is very key, and you need to get the right people in your life to show you the way.

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