Funny memes about men

Funny memes about men

Funny memes is a popular trend in a time where social media dictates so much of the social life and data sharing. Funny memes about men range from funny macho man memes to hilarious memes about a man in love. There is literally no limit for funny memes for man. Creatives find this amusing and put their talents to the test. In most cases, the internet populace ends up celebrating their result, some even dabbing them ingenious.

Funny man up memes

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Development in communications and social network for the last decade has called for alternative ways to pass information. The business class, political class, and social media users, have put a lot of effort to drive their ideas home in the most creative and involving way to allow maximum reach of their target audience. Funny memes for men may be all that is required to make these ideas hit targets. Not even a single time-not one, can you leave your Facebook page without seeing several funny memes for men posted to address some weird situations. In fact, they fetch larger numbers of likes and comments than other posts. Funny memes for men revolve around all aspects of life and environment where man operate from.

Funny mailman memes

Funny man up memes

Most frequently, men tend to joke about their situations and issues, which make them outstanding as men. They love making fun of what demotes their current status in the society and comment on significant lessons from it. Funny memes for men tend to accuse men who are fond of retracting in life over their counterparts. Most interesting funny memes for men include:

  • Men need to make up very fast because sooner than later, women are going to transfer their biological roles to them. They are soon going to carry pregnancies, handle labor pain and breastfeed babies.
Funny memes about men

  • When all your age mates are married and you are still saying that you are enjoying bachelor life, you are losing before starting the race. You should wake up, stop that bullshit and look for someone to hang around with.
  • When you find out that, your wife is cheating on you, you should not start fighting and abusing her, wake up and look for another prettier woman and tell her to organize another wedding for you.
  • If your pregnant wife gets very lazy and doesn't want to perform any task, you should wake up and ask her how long have you carried some million kids with you and have never complained.

Funny old man memes

Old men are believed to be the most intelligent people and their thoughts are great. Rules being used right now as guidelines on doing certain things have all descended from our old grandparents. Their great ideas, articles of critics and proverbs is what forms the basis of wisdom today. Funny old man memes are now used to teach, correct and give guidance to people. Some of the important old man memes include the following:

Funny memes about men

Sending a happy birthday comment on Facebook to a 90 year old man, and you include his boyhood picture when he was 15.

  • I decided to marry again when I was 80 years so I decided to post on Facebook for a proposal. I, however, added pictures of my grandson who completely resembles me. The problem started when a very beautiful lady proposed to me and demanded to meet me with my father from their home.
  • During our times there was nothing like old man meme to refer to when seducing girls but we never went through troubles as you are going through, sorry young men.
  • Children born in 19s think that they are old enough to marry, we are born the 20s and still single arranging for big weddings. My best man can’t be any of these kids.
  • I found my 99 years old wife with another man, and she complained that nowadays I do entirely nothing to her. Am now thinking of divorce but what haunts me are my 3kids.
Funny whiteman memes

Funny mailman memes

It’s interesting to hear from mailman’s experiences and encounters in different places where he has been to deliver mails. Some funny mailman memes that will put your ribs in problem include the following:

  • Most mail men frequently get divorced via the famous
Funny old man memes

  • American mailman was sentenced 4256 years imprisonment following an occasional failure of delivering 4256 letters to US embassies in France; each letter was given its own year.
  • Its trouble to be married to a mailman because his girlfriends can always send him a letter to the post office.
  • It’s funny to collect a letter addressed to your wife in one sentence, come to our normal meeting place at the agreed date and time, we shall have humble time because am on leave.
Funny ladies man memes

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Funny memes for your man

Most interestingly, ladies love to compliment their men in some romantic words as a way of bringing joy and love to the couple. Compliments are always positive and have the capacity to make one feel okay. Some common funny memes for your man that can leave you laughing a whole night include the following:

  • Tell your man to shut up his smelled mouth otherwise I will make his day worse than yours.
  • When your man is stolen by another woman, don’t waste time blaming the other woman and saying that she is bad. Your man should be answerable to this because real men can’t be stolen from their women.
  • Take your man out for dinner, introduce him to the Jim, buy for him some handsome surprises, take your man to some club in town and have little wine together. Spoil him, you should not always wait for him to spoil you.
Funny memes about men

  • When your man likes drinking with some ladies before he is home from a job, tag someone who love drinking on your social media timeline. He may start drinking with you.
  • When your man tells you goodnight at 8 pm and it’s your birthday, know that man is cheating on you.
  • If your man demands to sleep at the guest room, you should also ask him if you can sleep at the neighbor’s house.

Funny memes most interesting man

Jonathan Goldsmith is believed to be the most interesting man in the world. He is on all existing source of information in the world. Lots of people have liked him due to his funny memes. He’s on television, on Facebook, radios, on shows, and every other places you can think of. Going through the list of funny memes for most interesting men can make your day more active. Macho man memes are also put in this category due to their exciting aspects. Take a look at the following:

  • I don’t always love laughing but when you see me on it, be aware that am laughing at you.
  • I don’t take juices and snacks and juices at a party, but if I do, some people must complain having left without putting a thing in their mouth.
Funny i'm the man memes

  • I don’t always remember experiences that I have had with my ex-wife but if remember, my wife is likely to divorce me.
  • In very rare cases, I do remember weird and funny moments when am drunk, when this happens, I know it is two.

Funny white man memes

White man prefers making fun out of his environment. White people are known for sharing very interesting situations which leave most of their audience laughing. Some of the common white man memes include:

  • The reason why I was late to civilized is because they like sleeping too much. Even time has passed over them, that’s why America is 8 hours ahead of Africa.
  • When a white finds his wife with another man in a bar, he goes forward hang his wife, and buy for them. What the hell does an African do?
Funny handyman memes

  • When white couples disagree with each other, they wait till morning and solve the issue at daylight, they go to social media and post a new status.

Funny man hating memes

Many people disagree on particular issues and they go forward to post hating memes on social media in order to hurt them. Common man hating memes include the following:

Funny memes for your man

  • All men are a product of the devil, and I will never trust any other man in my life. Not even one.
  • Moving out of my life does not mean that you put a full stop to my breath. Life will still move on and I will get a nicer one than you.
  • I have my business to care for, stop wasting your time collecting pieces which have not been broken.

Funny ladies man memes

The interaction between men and women often brings undesirable issues. They may result in disagreements or agreements at a particular point. Some of these ladies’ man memes include:

Funny ladies man memes

  • Don’t ask for an offer to marry me if you know that you’re not functioning because I promised my mother to raise her for another life.
  • Blacklisting me does not necessarily mean to avoid me, it only means running away from responsibilities.

Funny handyman memes

There are diverse interesting stories of handyman which can really make your day. Handyman refers to himself as funny I’m the man memes who give accounts to the bosses when they are tired. Some few funny handyman memes include:

Funny old man memes

Funny macho man memes

Am the house clock, I work all day,

Am a cook, am there to make food for all.

Am the security officer,

Am the teacher,

I don’t go for a holiday,

But they don’t give me hugs.


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