Most popular Westlife songs

Most popular Westlife songs

Westlife, a renowned UK based band was formed in the year 1998. The male oriented band consisted of 5 young males whose passion for music was unexplainable. The members of the band included; Nick Byrne, Kian Egan, Shane Filan, Brian McFadden and Mark Feehily. It happened that by the time the band was being formed, a better part of its members were initially part of another part, the famous ‘Six as One’. By 1999, the band had already matured. In April the same year, they released a hit song that till date sounds so new. ‘Swear it Again’ became one of Westlife songs that earned them a name in the charts and among the established bands like Backstreet Boys’ and Boyzone.

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As stated, the Westlife band started as a small boy band with lots of potential. It was signed up by one Simon Cowell. The band was as a result of the split a previous band Six as One which comprised Michael Garrett, Graham Keighron, Derrick Lacey, Kian Egan, Markus Feehily and Shane Filan. By the time Six as One was splitting up, they had released a single ‘Together Girl Forever.’

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After the release of this hit song, the band was to get contracted to one Louis Walsh as its manager. He conducted auditions and in the process, three of the six male band members were dropped. These were; Derrick, Graham and Michael. Nick and Brian made it during the auditions and together with the three members who were spared, formed the new reborn band. This happened in 1998.

After the formation of the new band, the band members had to settle for a name for the band. At first they wanted to name it Westside. Apparently it happened that there already existed another band with the same name, they definitely had to think of another title. That is how they landed on the title ‘Westlife’. By then they were also working on their music and 1999 they released their first hit song which till date is one of the best Westlife songs.

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A few months later, they released another hit, ‘Flying without wings’. By then they were working with renowned producers, the likes of Steve Mac. Their music was so good that they were already pausing a threat to other bands that had been in existence before they made it to the industry. Flying without wings also got the chance to be soundtrack in the common, Pokémon, a film done by Warner Brothers. This was enough motivation and heads up on greater things to come.

To prove that they were determined to reach greater heights, topping the charts and become a household name.In November that year, their first album was out. It was named ‘Westlife’. This album was a pacesetter for them since it made it to the second position days after it had been released.

In December, the band worked extra hard and killed two birds with one stone when they released a Christmas hit. The ‘I Have a Dream/ Seasons in the Sun’ was more than an ordinary hit. The song earned them the UK Christmas number one single hit title that year. This was after it beat ‘Millennium prayer’ by Cliff Richards. That same year the last song in the Westlife fool again album also earned them the first position.

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By then they realized that their music would also receive good response in other states and continents. They, therefore, decided to spread their wings even wider by setting out on a tour to promote their first album, Swear It Again. By then, the album was making good sales in the UK. They, therefore, made America their first destination. This must have been the best decision made because Westlife songs made it to the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Actually, one of the songs made it to number 20! They later went to Asia.

In 2000, they embarked on working on their second album. This one was titled Coast to Coast.

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It again did the band magic since it was voted UK’s number four among the best-selling albums that year. It even managed to beat the popular Forever album by the well renowned Spice Girls. By the end of the year, it was ranked number four in the bestselling albums. That same year, they set a record when seven of their songs debuted in the UK charts. At the end of that year they released another three single hits:

  • What makes a man.
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  • I lay my love on you.
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  • When you’re looking like that.
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These ones did not top the charts, however. After this they embarked on a world tour, which they called ‘When Dreams Come True Tour’.

The following year in November, they released their third album which was entitled ‘World of our own’. The album had hits such as:

  • World of our own.
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  • Queen of my heart,
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  • Uptown girl.
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They topped the charts that year. They also released a hit entitled ‘Bop Bop Baby’ which secured the fifth position in the UK Singles chart. Later that year they went on a second world tour after realizing the good that the first tour had done them.

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In November 2002, westlife released on their greatest albums entitled ‘Unbreakable’. The album was ranked the greatest and earned them fans from all over the world. It was ranked at the first position in the UK charts that year. That same year they released a single hit ‘Tonight/Miss You Nights’. This hit earned the third position in the UK charts that year. The following year, the band went on their third world tour. This time round, the tour was entitled ‘The Greatest Hits Tour’.

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Late in September 2003, they released another hit, ‘Hey Whatever’. The hit managed a number 4 in the UK charts. By then the band was working on its fourth album which they named ‘Turn Around’ and was released in November that year. It was voted number one in the UK albums chart. The last hit in that album, entitled ‘Obvious’ was voted number 3 in the charts.

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The biggest and most unexpected blow happened the following year in March, just when the band was preparing to set out on their fourth world tour, McFadden made a decision to quite the band. Earlier on there were rumors on the band splitting but they came out and shrugged them off. Apparently, it seems that the break was foreseen. McFadden left the band on grounds of creating time for his family and also establish himself as a solo performer. His departure was made public in a press conference amidst his then band members. It was an emotional moment but they all agreed to support one another. In April, the remaining part of the band went on their fourth tour, (Turnaround Tour). That same year, they released another hit, ‘Flying without wings’ which was commonly termed as a live version. The hit earned them the first position in the UK Downloads chart.

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After McFadden’s departure from the band, all eyes were on the band. Everyone wanted to know whether that was the end of the road for them. To everybody’s uttermost surprise, the then five male band released a new album entitled ‘Allow US To Be Frank’. The album made good sales in the UK and managed to be number 3 in the UK charts. They later embarked on a tour in Europe. The title of the tour was ‘The Number ones Tour’.

Later in October in 2005, the band made a debut with a new single hit, ‘You Raise Me Up’.

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The hit did not only earn them awards on the charts, it also made their territory bigger and gained them more fans. By November that year their sixth album, ‘Face to Face’ was out and for this one time the hit song and the album concurrently earned them the first position in the charts. In December that year they made a duet with the famous Diana Ross. The ‘When You Tell Me You Love Me’ duet earned them the second position in the charts.

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After one more hit that year, the band embarked on the ’Face To Face Tour’ and for the first they had a concert in China.

The following year, their hard work began to pay when they signed a fiver album contract with SONY BMG, a renowned company. Working with SONY BMG, the band managed to release their seventh album. ‘The Love Album’ was the title of the album and mainly contained love songs. The album got the best response from the public and so the band set out on a tour to market it. They went to Australia, South Africa and back to the UK. In late November they produced their eighth album, ‘Back Home’, a few months they released ‘Us Against The World’, a hit that till date is considered a disclaimer for the band.

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Early 2008, they went on the ‘Back Home Tour’ in New Zealand.

Since 2008, the band has been able to work on a few more albums among them; ‘Gravity’, ‘Greatest Hits’ and ‘The Karaoke collection’. These albums contain Westlife newest songs.

List of Westlife songs

Since they started their music career way back in 1999, Westlife band has produced a couple of songs and albums. Best of Westlife songs, include songs which have topped the charts;

  • My love
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  • Uptown girl
  • Flying without wings
  • If I let you go,
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  • You raise me up,
  • Seasons in the sun,
  • Swear it again,
  • Fool again,
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  • I lay my love on you,
  • What makes a man,
  • Queen of my heart,
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  • I have a dream,
  • When you’re looking like that,
  • What about now,
  • Against all odds,
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  • I wanna grow old with you,
  • Beautiful you,
  • The rose,
  • Somebody needs you,
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  • I’m ready there,
  • Something right,
  • Nothing’s gonna change,
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  • Soledad,
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  • Total eclipse of the heart,
  • All out of love,
  • Written in the stars,
  • More than words,
  • Open your heart,
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  • I’ll see you again,
  • Hey whatever,
  • Tonight,
  • Us against the world,
  • Forever,
  • Every little thing you do,
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  • No place that far,
  • Miss you nights,
  • You make me feel,
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  • World of your own,
  • When you tell me that you love me,
  • Home,
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  • Pictures in my head,
  • Puzzles of my heart,
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  • You light up my life,
  • Unbreakable,
  • If you’re heart’s not in it,
  • If,
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  • I cry,
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  • Mandy.
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If you’re looking for a hit to play, simply select any of these songs from this list of westlife songs and you surely will not be disappointed.

Westlife greatest hits

Released in late 2011, westlife greatest hits is the band’s albums that was produced after the departure of Cowell as the band’s manager. The album was a product of the SONY BMG contract. It, however, received a lot of criticism because of the different style of music style. As a result, westlife greatest hits managed number 4 in the charts, one the lowest ever registered.

Westlife my love

Released way back in 2000, westlife my love is the second single in the coast to coast album. With over 300,000 copies sold, the hit managed number 35 in the charts.

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Westlife you raise me up

Of all the old hits that the band has produced, Westlife you raise me up is one of the songs that has taken root for the past few generations and does not seem to reach a point of exhaustion. The emotional song has been sang in churches for over a decade now.

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Westlife flying without wings

Produced in 1999, Westlifeflying without wings is a single hit that was written by Wayne Hector and Steve Mac. To get the video of this song is available on the Westlifewebsite.

Westlife soledad

Produced by the very able Irish band, Westlife soledad is a pop hit in the Coast to Coast album. Ever since the song was sang in 2000, Westlifesoledad has managed over twenty one million views on YouTube.

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Westlife queen of my heart

Released from their third album, World of our own, which was out by 2001 Westlifequeen of my heart is a pop single hit which earned the band number nine in the charts that year. The hit managed over fourty three million views on YouTube.

Westlife fool again

Released in March 2000, Westlife fool again is a pop hit in the Westlife album. The hit was on the charts for over 12 weeks and sold over 200,000 copies. The song has managed over 57 million views YouTube.

Westlife wanna grow old with you

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This Westlife I wanna grow old with you hit was released in the world of our own album. Ever since it was uploaded, the hit has managed over 27 million views on YouTube.

Westlife band has made it easier for their fans to download their music by creating a website where all their music is uploaded.


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