Best 'Avengers: Infinity War memes on the internet

Best 'Avengers: Infinity War memes on the internet

The long awaited movie, Avengers’ infinity war shows the avengers coming together with their heros to fight their common, evil and most powerful enemy Thanos. Thanos is on a mission to collect all the six infinity stones which will in turn give him the power to control reality and twist everything to bend to his whims. The movie reveals that the fate of the planet lies in the avengers’ success on their mission as the situation has never been more dire. After all, everything that the avengers have been fighting for has led to this very moment.

Best 'Avengers: Infinity War memes on the internet


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Avengers Infinity War cast

The cast of the avengers make the movie even more interesting. Robert Downey Jr. acts as Tony Stark or Iron Man. Chris Hemsworth acts as Thor, Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner or Hulk, Chris Evans as Steve Rodgers or Captain America. The other casts include Scarlette Johansson as Natasha or Black Widow, Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange, Don Cheadle acted as avenger’s Infinity War release date James Rhodey or the war machine. This is one of the best Marvel movies which explains why there have been numerous Marvel comics in form of memes.

Best 'Avengers: Infinity War memes on the internet


With the Avengers cast a lot of memes have come up as fans have something to say about the new movie. While some feel that this is an all-time Avengers movie, some people think otherwise. The different opinions about the movie have come up through the memes that have hit the internet. These come in different types including funny and sad memes. The Avengers 2018 may have had a different effect on different people but one thing is for sure, it had people talking. Here are some of the best memes about this movie.

About Avengers movies- the infinity war

Avengers movies are some of the most watched movies especially for people that love war and action packed movies. This fiction movie is an American super hero movie produced by the marvel studios. The first series of the avengers started in 2012 . Although the part one of avengers infinity was announced in 2014, the biggest and most waited for 2018 movie was premiered in April 23rd. Avengers infinity war release date was on 27th April at IMAX. It showed in 3D and was the beginning of the buzz all over the world.

It is interesting and thrilling how the heroes of the world come together in this one movie as the only one way that the world can be saved. The idea of the world heroes combining forces against one strong enemy is thrilling to the fans. The combination of the characters is something to look forward to. The movie's release sent excitement all over the world as people could not wait for the movie to premier near them.

Marvel Infinity War Memes- Examples to watch out for

Most of the memes that have hit the internet after the release of the movie are hilarious and will have you laughing your heart out. It appears as though every fan has something to say about the characters or movie in general. From all the memes doing rounds on the internet it is easy to tell that the movie gathered mixed reactions. However to really get the true picture of what these are, the following examples will bring it all into perspective.

  • This meme shows it all. The confusion that is within the team. Some of the real names of the actors are used as character names for other actors in the movie. All this creates a humorous situation that makes it all the more fun. What better way to bring this out than fans pointing it out in a meme. It just goes to show that life can be fun in its confusion.
Best 'Avengers: Infinity War memes on the internet


They wear masks, everyone knows them.They don't wear masks nobody knows them. This is funny in the sense that people know the characters in Avengers when they are in their masks and hardly notice them without them.

Best 'Avengers: Infinity War memes on the internet

Source:Best Of Comic Books

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  • Blonde Widow", just because Black Widow in the movie is blonde.Get it!. This shows the irony in the character. She acts as the black widow spider but is a blonde in real life. That is what makes it fun.
  • Get This Man a Shield!

"T'Challa knows what everyone wants.The irony of the meme is that despite being a super hero , a shield is important.

  • I wonder why they call him Hawkeye. Forgot where i put Mjolnir, then it came to me.
Best 'Avengers: Infinity War memes on the internet


  • Men are fools. In this meme the ladies take lead. You get!
Best 'Avengers: Infinity War memes on the internet

Source:IGN Entertainment

  • Here i got the missile. You have any idea to take it? Justin Beiber house...This funny meme is an expression of how avengers characters are also funny and have a good sense of humor.
Best 'Avengers: Infinity War memes on the internet

Source:Meme Center

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  • No more false Gods. I'm here. There is only one God and am pretty sure he does not dress like you. This meme shows the exchange between characters of avengers.
Best 'Avengers: Infinity War memes on the internet


  • I had a date. I volunteer! This funny meme shows the avengers characters having fun as well.
Best 'Avengers: Infinity War memes on the internet

With the avengers infinity war characters in this new movie all the lovers of the action packed movie have a lot to talk and chat about online. This explains the numerous memes that have been blowing the internet.

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