Tonto Dikeh husband biography

Tonto Dikeh husband biography

Tonto Dikeh is a renown Nollywood actress and she is married to one Olakunle Churchil who is a nephew to former Nigerian president, Olusegan Obasanjo. They are parents to a beautiful son. Read on to find out more about this beautiful lady and her beloved husband.

Tonto Dikeh husband biography
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Although their marriage never lasted as they are now divorced. Tonto Dikeh and husband recently ended a court case which was on a custody battle case and child support case. Despite them not being together, they took their time to celebrate their son’s birthday and the husband even took pictures with Tonto Dikeh.

Tonto Dikeh husband filed a suit recently to bar her from airing her widely expected reality TV show, King Tonto. In January this year, Tonto flaunted her body after she successfully underwent surgery. She even wished the doctors a happy new year and was satisfied with their work. Last year she was present at Uhuru Gardens, Nairobi for a peace concert. She was in the company of Kenneth Okonkwo, a Nollywood actor and Ibu, a Nigerian comedian who attended the same event.

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Tonto Dike wedding

In August 2015, Tonto Dikeh married Olakunle Churchill in a traditional wedding. She answered a question of why she did not do a church wedding by saying that the official wedding was never held because she was carrying a child. She added that she was pregnant when they were doing the traditional wedding. Before the wedding,there was an introduction ceremony where Tonto dike was given a yellow diamond ring which she flaunted on her social media site which cost sixty thousand dollars (11.6 million naira).

Tonto Dikeh husband biography
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Later, after 6 months, Tonto Dikeh baby bump photos were shared by her after she successfully gave birth. The baby boy was born in Houston, Texas and they named him, Andre Omodayo. During her pregnancy, she hid herself from public eye. She shared her photos on her Instagram timeline and wrote that on that day she experienced a great miracle known to man. She went ahead to say that her pregnancy was a beautiful one without stress. The photos were taken by American based photographer Lisa V.

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There have been news about the marital issues between Tonto Dikeh and her husband. She claimed that she was being abused. When she was granted an interview she could not hold back her tears while talking about her marriage. During the interview she was extremely shocked and upset and also had footage showing some bruises on her face.

Tonto Dikeh marriage Saga

She revealed that her ex-husband, Churchill Oladunni was married to another person when they were married. In 2017, there was a leaked chat between Tonto Dikeh and her mother-in-law where she shockingly said that she had paid for her own bride price, clothed and supported her husband with every sweat in her body.

In February, last year, she confirmed that there were cracks in her marriage and she said that she had moved out of the house with her son.

In June, 2017, Tonto’s husband, Olakunle Churchil , finally put his words to action of annulling the troubled marriage to her. He met with the wife’s father, Sunny Dikeh in the company of his uncle Bishop Dare to take back the bride price consequently annulling the marriage. This refuted the claims that he had not fulfilled the requirements of the paying the bride price and that Tonto paid for it.

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As that happened, Tonto took to her Instagram to celebrate the dissolution of their marriage by posting ‘The joy was incredible’.

The two had met in 2015 in Lagos at a club during a birthday party. Six months after they met she got pregnant and they had a traditional marriage at Dikeh’s hometown of Rumukani, River State.

Olakunle Churchill spoke about the assault video denying that he released a video showing violent confrontation with the wife. The wife Tonto threatened to sue any medium that was going to publish the edited version of the video that revealed how she assaulted Churchill.

Through his lawyer, Olatunji Salawu, he claimed that the said video was created by a third party and not from the CCTV footage as it was claimed by Tonto Dikeh. The marriage was annulied

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Tonto Dikeh biography

Tonto Dikeh biography shows that due to her high quality performance in film, she received many proposals to be featured in movies. Some of the movies that she has featured in up to date are; Tea or coffee in 2006, Pounds and dollars in 2006, Games fools play in 2007, Before the fall in 2008, Native son in 2009, Dirty secret in 2010 and Fatal Mistake.

Tonto Dikeh husband biography
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She rose to stardom after she ended up as the runners up for a contest of a reality TV show. From that time she forged ahead and started looking for contacts in the movie industry and she eventually got what she wanted.

One of the earliest movies that propelled her to stardom was called Holy Cross which she featured alongside Jim Iyke, Pete Edochie and Nonso Diobi.

She was born in Ikwerre in River State in 1985. she was left in the care of her father at three years after her mother passed on. She then proceeded to River State University of Science and Technology after having her primary and secondary education in Port Harcourt. She was studying Petrochemical Engineering at the University.

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She enjoyed parental love despite her mother being deceased. She had all she wanted when growing up since she was born into a wealthy family.

Tonto Dikeh son

Tonto Dikeh child turned two years old this year and she could not hide her excitement as she took to her Instagram page to celebrate him. She shared picture and wrote a sweet message for him.

During Tonto Dikeh son interhouse sports competition at the school, she came out first defeating other parents in the one hundred metres run. She took it to her Instagram posting the photos and videos of the event. In the video she had posted she captioned it with a quote where she appreciated other parents for coming out to have fun.

The love for her son also showed when she cleared the air about her son’s relationship with the former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo being the grandfather. She said that he is not the grandfather which settled the insinuation that he was.

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Tonto Dikeh latest news

Tonto Dikeh latest news is that she hosted the 2018 edition of the Niger Delta Peace for Development Youth Summit or Niger Delta Peace Heroes Award which was themed ‘Peace as a vehicle for national development and the restructuring agenda’.

In 2015, Tonto Dikeh boyfriend at that time, Olakunle Oladunni now the ex-husband photos were shared on her Instagram post. She revealed that they were dating. He is a popular Lagos socialite known as ‘Churchill’.

Last year Tonto Dikeh family returned bride price to Olakunle family after he had threatened to do away with the marriage. This came after claims that he did not fulfill all the requirements of the traditional marriage. Tonto Dikeh’s father also confirmed that he had fulfilled all the requirements of the traditional marriage.

Tonto Dikeh husband biography

Olakunle Churchil biography shows that he has a doctorate in communication Sociale from the ISCG University. He was born in December in Lagos and he is the nephew of the Former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

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Tonto Dikeh husband biography
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He is the Chief Executive Officer of Big Church Entertainment as well as the chairman of a tech firm named Big Churchill Haven Limited which its primary specialization is IT solutions. He is known for flourishing his wife with gifts and he bought the wife a Lexus Jeep which is said to cost over 45 million naira.

He bought the iPhone 7 for five hundred thousand Naira when it was launched and the wife was among the first Nigerian celebrities to have the iPhone 7.

He has a son with the actress and they named him King Andre Omodayo. The child was born in February in Houston, United States of America.

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He had his turning point at twenty three years when he had a rethink f how he was spending his money. He started his business in Ghana and built his first duplex and built other semi duplexes when he raised some more money and that was how he started making money.

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He went to military schools and when he left secondary school he had an option of joining Nigeria Defence Academy but he changed his mind to study Information technology. Since he was a kid he loved computers and that led to his love and passion for ICT. He is currently a computer scientist.


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