Latest football transfer news and football betting tips

Latest football transfer news and football betting tips

With the premier league season almost winding up, football transfer news will be the talk of the day. In spite of all the attention being at the World Cup, coaches know strengthening their teams in a timely fashion is mandatory. However, the lingering question is when teams are expected to complete their business? Although not ranking top amongst the most visited sites globally, talksport seems to be in the know about all football news. Fanatics need to know about what is happening in the world of football. Unlike previously this summer’s window will open on the 17th May. It is because, at the beginning of the season, the clubs in the Premier Club voted for transfers to begin before the start of the season.

Latest football transfer news and football betting tips
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According to regulations set up by FIFA, every country needs to have at least one transfer window that lasts up to 12 weeks. After the 9th of August as from 5 pm clubs in the Premier Leagues will no longer buy any players as the transfer window will have closed.

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Manchester United transfer news

Known by the nickname as the Red Devils, Manchester United Football Club was founded 140 years ago with their home ground being at Old Trafford. Their field has a capacity of 74,994. As of now, their Manager is Jose Mourinho, and as of now they have won 20 league titles. Lately, there have been various football transfer news and Manchester United has also been on the forefront in making some reshuffles for the good of the team. Before a player is moved from one club to another club, their performance is analyzed. An earning of a player depends on their performance and goals scored in each season. Like in any competition, some players are good at what they do and transferring the less performing ones is always profitable to the team.

The 2017/2018 season has been tight with a lot of surprises during each game. For instance, Manchester United bought Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal because of the high expectation from their fans. The Chilean who is a winger might as well move to England because it seems he will be playing in EPL for a long time. Manchester football club managed to buy the sure-footed player in a swap deal that saw the movement of Henrikh Mkhitaryan move to the opposing side and play with his former team mate Pierre Emerick Aubamayeng. Until now, the fee used in the transfer of the player is still unknown. From Manchester Utd transfer news, it appears that they are preparing quite well for the next league.

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Manchester United also wanted to buy the prolific French player Antoinne Griezmann. The marksman who plays for Atletico Madrid had also been approached by Barcelona, and this was too bad for Manchester United since he chose Barcelona.

According to a recent source, Manchester United have also opened up talks with Paris Saint Germain (PSG) regarding the purchase of the Brazilian International Lucas Moura. In most of PSGs games, the winger rarely appeared on any of their matches and been considering a move to Beijing Guoan in China in early December 2017. Although Chelsea have also showed some interest in the 25 year old player, Manchester United failed to sign in him after Tottenham Hot spurs came and gave out a better deal for the player. For now am sure he will score many goals for the club.

Latest football transfer news and football betting tips
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Chelsea transfer news

Chelsea Football Club is one of the leading teams in England with their home at Stamford Bridge. The team is owned by Roman Abramovich is veteran Soviet soldier of Jewish decent. He built his billion dollar company although he never actualized it until later. Having worked as both a street trader and factory employee keeps him at the top of things. The business mogul knows the ins and outs of all businesses whether legal or illegal. After working for sometime he realized he could be better in other areas and this pushed him to venture into reselling goods that had already been manufactured. In spite of doing well, his big break has been in the aluminum and oil industries in Russia, being some of the most competitive businesses with a killing. By last year, he was ranked by Forbes Magazine of a net fortune worth $10.5 million.

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Other strong rumors are about the move by the club to buy international Ghanaian football player Richmond Boakye. The 24 year old striker has been in the headlines considering his good defending mechanisms and ball possessions. The move is scheduled to happen during the winter transfer period. As of now, he plays for Red Star Belgrade who are the giants of Serbia and it is without a doubt Chelsea will cough a lot of money for the player. Boakye has been capped 12 times by Ghana and this makes the Chelsea manager Antonio Conte to be one of his ken admirers.

Another rumor regarding buying of a new player is of signing in Kwadwo Asamoah by Chelsea because of his outstanding football performance. He is, by all means, one of the best players in the just-completed football season. However, in various interviews given by Asamoah, he plans to continue playing for Tottenham Hotspurs when the new season commences. Notably among his performance are the numerous goals he has scored for Tottenham to place them at the top five positions during the tactical Premier League games the whole of the season.

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According to the Independent, Chelsea had an eye for Ross Barkley of Everton during the January transfer window. Although the midfielder turned down the offer to move to Stamford Bridge, the persistent manager Antonio Conte is still look for better avenues to convince the player to join his team in the upcoming season. Another big move targeted by Chelsea was that of the Brazilian Alex Sandro from Juventus. The move was slated to happen in the January transfer window but things did not go as planned. Chelsea's manager has put some people to task to keenly follow up on the footballers tactics before he makes a move in the upcoming transfer window.

Latest football transfer news and football betting tips
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Arsenal transfer news

With so much zeal and dedication, Arsene Wenger finally retired from Arsenal and many of the fans had nothing much to do but support his decision. The French manager has coached the team for several years before making the big decision to leave. As of now with Arsenal, what is significant is they require several signings from them to match the big premiership championship.

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Real Madrid transfer news and Liverpool transfer news are underway and it could involve the swiping of Gareth Bale and Mohamed Saleh. Bale has struggled with numerous injuries in the last season and it seems the giants from Spain have run out of patience. The president for Real Madrid says Liverpool would possibly sell Saleh. With such a deal, Perez will have killed two birds with one stone.

Barselona transfer news

One of the best PSG football players Angel Di Maria is keen on moving to Barcelona in the coming season. Last season they were keen on buying him after selling off Neymar for a whooping 198 million Euros before the deal went haywire. They instead opted for Ousmane Dembele, but it seems Di Maria was destined to play for the team. In an interview early this Di Maria openly said that he was bound to play in Barcelona but things did not go as planned.

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Latest football transfer news and football betting tips
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Football betting tips

Gambling is by far the riskiest way to make money and while away, but it should be done sensibly especially when watching football. Though when making a bet, what is the best way to go about it to ensure you gain more from the money spent and get the tricks to get around the book markers. The most significant thing is to ensure you get the value for your money and the most favorable markets. Although not from the most reliable sources, below are the best ways about winning out of each bet.

Avoid the odds-on prices especially for latest transfer news

Putting odds on prices is a sure way of losing out on all the bets especially on weekend’s afternoon hence all you want is a long-shot bet. It is in the middle of the season and you feel that you have it all figured out since most teams have their points out. The most sensible thing to do is getting the right betting platforms as they will help you choose the winning teams.

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Select fewer teams

The fewer bets the better the chances of you winning all your betting predictions because there is something about punters not keeping up with time. If you are focused on earning money, think small because going big will lead you to dig much deeper into your pocket. Doing enough research is vital as it gives you the confidence to make the most out of the choices presented. If you really want a higher payout, ensure your trebles provide decent return.

Shop around, don’t rely to one bookmakers only

In the betting business, there is an excellent emphasis on brand loyalty because of being a highly acclaimed industry. With hundreds of companies, each will lure bettors into using their platform. Be it through special in-shop discounts or loyalty schemes; their aim is similar. Don’t let it be a hindrance from looking around for what suits you best. To know the bookmarker with the best odds, use the odds checker. Have an idea of the particular bets and place them to get the best price.

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Best Scorers aren't the apparent winners during transfer news

Point out the winner is pretty simple but ignoring what has been provided by bookmarkers is another thing. A good example being the best players for Manchester United Football Club on the pitch playing for a team in relegation doesn't give them a sure win. They could relax and defeated by the smaller side with a landslide.

Know football at your fingertips

The primary objective is not about the club that has won the first six matches continuously; rather it is about the team that has been consistent in playing both defensively and offensively. Were they only lucky or good at ball possession? These are the kind of information necessary that will keep you at bay with what teams are likely to win.

Always decide on the moment

Choosing on the winning team is not a walk in the park but doing it on the very day of the match can be much more rewarding. This is because the bookies will be focusing on the day’s games and the best outcome is guaranteed.

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Don’t use your heart

As much as you might want your team to win and get better points, be objective when betting.

Latest football transfer news and football betting tips
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How to go about wrong betting tips

Betting provides football enthusiasts with plenty of chances to make some killing out of every game while enjoying themselves at the same. Placing regular football bets gives you a better opportunity to have multiple wins depending on your betting frequency. Although during the time you should also brace yourself to experience losing money because not all the teams will win. Betting in the premier league is quite a challenge because the clubs are good and have managed to hold the first position at the end of each season. Unless you get the chance to utilize the free bets offered by different platforms, you will lose at some point. Below are some steps that will benefit those who lose streaks after betting.

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Take a break

When you start losing streak continuously, it is advisable to take a break from the betting predictions. Continuity of betting after losing several trials to gain back the lost money is very risky. Gambling with money is a vicious circle since the more you lose, the higher the urge to continue betting causing more significant fails in the long run. When you get the slightest ideas of getting more losses than the money spent on betting, stay off bookmarkers for at least two weeks. It gives you the chance to clear your head and come back refreshed. Furthermore, you will be saved the turmoil of getting into financial debts.

Come to terms with the fact that not all betting sites give accurate results

With football betting, losing streaks is part and parcel of the process, and it could be continuous throughout the whole season. Preparing yourself for possible loss will keep you ahead in making the right placements and avoiding heartaches associated with poor results. Each person betting on the football matches experiences losing streaks, and with the appropriate tips, you prevent yourself from betting your entire bankroll.

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When gambling, be disciplined about matters to do with money

Whether you are indulging in online betting in Ghana or any other place in the world, making football predictions can drain your bank account. A significant number of responsible and reputable online bookmakers give you the opportunity to bet freely, and if not careful, you can go overboard with the bets in the hope of making a killing, and getting more money than used to place a bet.

Anything that involves gambling requires one to have a separate bank account to avoid getting into financial crisis. Having a different account enables a person to have a budget for betting and be strict about the money that is put for important purposes.

Betting companies in Ghana

As years go by, betting is becoming abuzz among both the elderly and the youth. Many people have taken it as a form of earning money and they have even attributed their success to betting. As a result, the betting business in Ghana has become reliable. Below are some of the known betting companies:


With this company one is allowed to place bets either against the punters or the company giving you the best premier betting in Ghana. They have gone a notch higher with their services as they also have poker rooms and casinos where other gamblers can make some extra money. All new registered members are given a 30% discount with the chance to use little money and win a lot more.

Latest football transfer news and football betting tips
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Betway Ghana

Established in 2006, it is by far one of the most successful betting companies in Ghana. They also offer a 30% discount to all new members and to those people who join the site directly. Each withdrawal being made after winning undergoes an elaborated system. They also give one to place bets of the games that are still ongoing.


They have emerged as the best betting platform in this highly acclaimed industry. Right from roulettes, live betting, virtual games, and bets, they always have something for everyone. Hey also have around 40 types of disciplines where their clients can choose from. Every time members deposit into their accounts, they should be sure of free bonuses.


They are well advanced and one of the best betting sites in Ghana with customers placing their bets even when teams are still playing. You can place a bet during the last and first whistle of the game and still earn money. They have a wide range of games right from champions to Premier League in all the continents. With such a wide variety, winning cannot be a problem. Their options are way attractive and any clients coming across them will opt for this site.

Premier bet Ghana

One of the most highly acclaimed sports betting platform in Ghana that is beyond compare. They provid clients with over 20 disciplines to choose from and reward loyal customers with gifts worth thousands of Shillings. With Premier bet Ghana one can never go wrong in their predictions as they are thinking of better services like bonuses and free bets.


Apart from offering competitive betting options of up to 100,000 options, they are also one of the biggest betting sites in Ghana. They boast of having over 1 million registered members and they can afford to provide bonuses and compelling deals. Apart from virtual games, one can enjoy betting for football and tennis matches.

More and more football betting sites are growing by the day, so are the fanatics. Betting companies are dominating the matches and with the close of the season, the big catch is on the upcoming World Cup in Russia.

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