Moringa health benefits and side effects

Moringa health benefits and side effects

Moringa plant has increasingly continued to gain tremendous popularity all over the world just because of its highly nutritious value and powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and tissue-protective features. These are just a few of the numerous moringa health benefits that are making the plant to be widely used across the world. Additionally, the moringa leaves can be dried to make moringa powder that can be used to make Moringa tea. Read through to understand the moringa benefits and side effects.

Moringa health benefits and side effects

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What is moringa plant?

Also known as Moringa oleifera, the drought resistant and evergreen plant originates from northwestern parts of India. The tree that has numerous names including drumstick plant, horseradish tree, and ben oil tree grow up to two meters tall and yields brown capsules with globular seeds. Almost all parts of the plant including moringa flowers, leaves, moringa capsules and seeds are consumed as vegetables. The plant is referred to as the miracle plant due to its wide range of health benefits of moringa leaves and other parts such as moringa bark, and moringa roots.

Health benefits of moringa plant

Protects your skin and nourishes your hair

Since the plant is rich in antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral qualities, moringa oil can help you keep protect your skin from various infections. It works by hydrating and detoxifying your skin to neutralize the effects of toxic substances brought by pollution, sweat and some chemical products. Furthermore, the moringa plant has a high protein content that helps in shielding dermal cells from damage brought by calcium and mercury and for this reason; moringa oil is used in many skin care products. Likewise, moringa benefits for hair include strengthening the hair and protecting it from harmful UV rays and pollutants. It stimulates the growth of your hair and prevents it from thinning.

Helps in promoting heart health

Bear in mind that high level of cholesterol in the body is life threatening since it increases the risk of several heart diseases. The moment the fats get into the blood vessels, they accumulate to form a blockage in the arteries and this will increase the risk of heart attack. Moringa plant consists of two bio-active components known as Isothiocyanates and niaziminin that plays a vital role in preventing the thinking of the arteries. Additionally, moringa herb can regulate the blood pressure and the level of cholesterol in your body and this reduces the effect of hypertension hence preventing other heart ailments.

Moringa health benefits and side effects

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Stabilizing mood and enhancing neurotransmitter function

Since the plant is a perfect source of protein, especially the amino acid and tryptophan, the moringa is an excellent medicine that is used to maintain proper neurotransmitter function. It also stimulates the production of serotonin, a hormone that provides vivacity and promotes wellbeing.

Moringa plant helps to fight diabetes

Consistently rise of blood sugar levels cause diabetes, and this is a dangerous disease since it comes with complications that can affect the eyes, liver, kidneys, the heart and other organs of the body. With the help of its hormonal balancing and glycemic controlling features, moringa has the prowess to fight type II diabetes. The plant comprises some acids and enzymes that assist in regulating blood glucose level, letting the cells use the available glucose as required.

Moringa plant can cure sexual dysfunction in men

Another important aspect is that moringa benefits to men in various ways. For instance, the plant will help destroy the hormones and other neurochemicals that cause sexual dysfunction in men. Additionally, intake of Moringa leaves as vegetables help to relieve the oxidative stress and help blood to flow appropriately to support men’s sexual function.

Moringa helps to cut weight

Moringa health benefits and side effects

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Moringa product is an excellent substance that can help to enhance body metabolism of individuals and this plays a vital role in burning down calories to reduce the amount of fats in the body. Therefore, for those suffering from obesity and those who want to cut excessive weight, you can get moringa flat tummy tea that is available in the market. This way, you will start your moringa weight loss journey and within no time, you will begin experiencing the changes.

Moringa leaves and fertility

Health benefits of moringa leaf and moringa powder is that they both help in increasing lactation and prevents nursing mothers from catching anemia. Additionally, the plant has numerous menopause benefits. During menopause stage, the woman’s body requires an extra amount of calcium and iron to recompense for the ones that are lost during excessive breading. Because of the frequent menstruation and hormonal changes, women will get fatigue and stress. Therefore, another moringa leaf health benefits are that the moringa leaf powder assists in alleviating the signs of menopause.

Enhances the health of the gut

Since Moringa plant consists of antibacterial properties, a single cup of moringa tea will help to balance the flora of the intestines. Note that this will help in improving the working efficacy of the gut as you get rid of excess gas from the body.

Moringa helps to increase the rate of healing

Moringa has vitamin C that is quite essential in improving the immune system as well as the creation of new cells in the body. Increased levels of ascorbic acid in the blood will increase the collagen in the blood, and this will lead to a reduction in the healing time if a cut. This eventually leads to a higher rate of recovery especially for people who have extended illnesses.

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Protects the liver

Moringa is helpful to the liver since it plays a vital role in fighting the liver damage instigated by some drugs and also speeds up the recovery process of the liver. Moringa works by restoring normal glutathione levels in the body to prevent hepatic lipid peroxidation with the help of phytochemical composition of minerals such as vitamin C, epicatechin, and catechin.

Moringa roots health benefits

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Moringa roots health benefits

Note that moringa roots have numerous positive impacts on the health of kids. For the kids who eat inadequate fruits and vegetable, they will have insufficient vitamins in their body. Additionally, those children who don’t get proper nutrition during their first few years of life, they will likely experience some problems throughout their lives. The problems can include, slow language, slow motor skills development and low IQ score. Therefore, moringa root is an excellent supplement for picky eaters since it has height content of vitamins and other minerals.

Side effects of moringa plant

While moringa benefits for health are numerous, too much intake of its seeds is not good for your health. Here are some of the side effects to look at:

Can cause allergic reactions

Frequent and moderate intake of moringa seeds is considered to be helpful to the lungs and it assists in curing different respiratory issues such as asthma and lungs inflammation. This is because the seeds have some anti-allergic properties. Even though the seeds are wonderful anti-allergen, they might cause some allergic reactions in some people; hence it is not good to consume the seeds in large quantities. Whether you are not allergic to the seeds, it is good to consume them in moderation to be free from other side effects.

Might cause hypertension

Even though the seeds are beneficial in regulating high blood pressure, it is advisable to take them in moderation since excessive intake of the seeds will lower the blood pressure to risky lower level, and this might lead to hypertension.

Moringa health benefits and side effects

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Excessive antioxidants in the body are not good

Note that Moringa seeds are a perfect source of different antioxidants such as vitamin C and other antioxidant elements such as phytonutrients and flavonoids. While antioxidants are beneficial to the human body, bear in mind that too much of the antioxidants are harmful to the health of a person. This is because the excess quantity of antioxidants can harm the healthy cells and hence increasing the risks of different types of cancer.

Not good for expectant mothers and nursing women

While the moringa leaves health benefits are many and the plant is a wonderful source of a myriad of nutrients such as vitamins, flavonoids, minerals, and antioxidants, it is good to avoid consuming them when pregnant. It is because the seeds might stimulate allergic reactions in some people and might even bring inconvenience to the foetus.

Not good for people with diabetes

While moringa plant is helpful to people suffering from diabetes, it is advisable to consume them moderately. Note that too much intake of the seeds will lower the level of blood sugar to dangerously lower level and this might lead to hypoglycemia. Additionally, if you are already on medication for regulating diabetes, taking too many seeds will interfere with the medication and this might reduce your blood sugar to the lower level. As a result, it is good to take moringa seeds moderately if you have been prescribed any medication. Additionally, make sure you consult with your doctor about the situation. Above all you need to know how to use moringa so that you can avoid all the side effects.


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