5 worrying ways that masturbation shows on the face of addicts

5 worrying ways that masturbation shows on the face of addicts

If you have been following us closely you would have read about the effects masturbation has on young men in the country.

We are doing the second part of this interesting topic to look at the external signs that excessive masturbation has on the body of single male addicts.

1. Effect on the bones

Extreme masturbation (4 to 5 times a week) affects the bones. When an addict masturbates, he begins to lose some internal part of the bone muscle which includes phosphorous, carbon and other minerals which are extracted from bones. Excessive masturbation will make you feel your knees and elbow joints start to make a sound while walking just like an old person.

2. Effect on your face

By watching a person's face, you can tell how much of a masturbation addict he or she is. Those who masturbate a lot suffer from cheek shrinkage. Their cheeks become narrow like a huge dimple. Also, most persons addicted to this act also have weird cases of pimples and acne spreading all over their face.

3. The stroke effect

When you look at the face of most persons suffering from the stroke you realize there is a slight shift in their face. This unfortunate effect is reflected in most addicts of masturbation. This is an asymmetric effect which helps us know even the kind of hand they normally use in wanking. For example is a person masturbates a lot from his right hand then his face will be narrow and asymmetric from the right side.

4. Effects on buttocks

Psychologists have concluded that most addicts of masturbation have their butts gone inside from the sideways. This happens in habitual addicts who have been chained to the act for more than 4 years. Remember that your health can be seen through the size of your natural butts.

5. Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

OCD is very common among those who masturbate a lot. Because of the effects, this act has on the brains, addicts barely concentrate on their work. Mostly, they do every simple task repeatedly to satisfy their own OCD. An example is they wash their hands over and over again, check to see if the doors are locked...they generally suffer short-term memory.

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