How having too many girlfriends can cause you spiritual threats

How having too many girlfriends can cause you spiritual threats

Are there any reasons why we must restrain from having sexual encounters with others? Well, as young people, we always keep hearing of some strange spiritual effects of engaging in sexual engagements with other persons.

Let us face it, having multiple sex encounters with so many other persons have the potential of exposing us to many dangers including diseases and infections.

This article explores some of the shocking things we hear about having sex with so many persons or even others we barely know about.

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One of the scary warnings we hear about having random sex is the issue of opening our souls to the bonds of many others.

Some spiritualists say that we never have sex for fun. According to them, sexual engagements are more of a spiritual thing than physical. Persons who engage in this act, as a matter of fact, combine their souls with the other person.

In fact, there has been this story of a lady with so many companions who’s souls were seen to be filled with so many skulls in her.

We can’t confirm this folklore but it is enough for us to know that sex with so many persons has the potential of attaching us to the souls of other persons.

Beyond this folklore, do we also gather that having encounters with other persons has the potential of exchanging our good or bad sides (in the spirit realm) with the person we engage with?

In fact, some persons have claimed that before meeting a partner, they were jobless but after making love to their partner, things changed.

This is not to say that there is no bad side to the story because there have been instances where persons during an encounter with the other, transfer their good side for the bad side.

It is enough to say there is an effect regarding have casual sex with unknown persons even when you go using a condom.

In the physical, it is highly possible for one to be exposed to sexually transmitted infections and many other diseases.

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There always will be a simple decision for us all to take - sticking to just one partner and also making sure to cut down on the number of persons we fall in love with.

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