Joe Mettle songs: Top 10 + Poll

Joe Mettle songs: Top 10 + Poll

Just like the majority of other Africa countries, Ghana is a music-loving country. You don’t need to ask why because the list of Ghanaian songs and artists answer that question. Although this has come to cement the legacy left by our forefathers, we cannot fail to recognize the revolution that has taken place in the music industry. Joe Mettle songs are a perfect example of the revolutionary effects in the music industry.

Joe Mettle my everything
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Joseph Oscar Nii Armah Mettle, popularly known by his stage name Joe is a renowned gospel musician and songwriter from Ghana. Apart from becoming the first musician to take home the award of the Artist of the Year on the 8th of April 2017, he is a passionate worshipper. Well, his powerful lyrics talk a lot about his passion for uniting the people of God in addition to winning more souls to the kingdom.

The best Joe Mettle songs

Although Joe is a marketer by profession, his calling to worship the Lord is seen and heard through the soul-touching music that he has been releasing over the years. Here is a list of his ten best songs that you should make a point of listening too.

1. Joe Mettle Bo Noo Ni

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This is one of Joe’s best live worship songs that took the Ghanaian music industry as well as the entire world by storm. The song is a soulful masterpiece made through the combination of Ga and English, not forgetting the powerful vocal abilities of the singer.

The jam is a narration of the great deeds the Lord has done in Joe's life, which a majority of the believers can relate to. The jam is so touching that it will get you on your feet worshiping the Lord.

2. Joe Mettle My Everything

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Anyone who loves gospel music could go on and on talking about Joe Mettle songs without getting tired, and his entire collection leaves the listener hungering for more. The song is adoration to the Lord for the great things he has done in Joe’s life.

The singer is short of words to express his gratitude; hence the only thing he can say is that the Lord is his everything. It is an encouragement to people that the Lord can do everything in your life because he is Jirer, the provider, Nissi, the banner, Rapha, the healer, and thus he is everything.

3. Joe Mettle Onwanwani

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Even after acquiring lots of money and great fame, Joe Mettle has remained steadfast in his belief and passion for worshiping and leading others to the Lord. The melody dubbed Onwanwani means God of wonders, and Joe uses it to narrate and describe the incredible things the Lord has done and continues to do to those who genuinely believe in him.

It is a great encouragement to the people of God by assuring them that once they remain faithful, they will experience the beautiful deeds from God. This jam was a live recording that took place at the Reverb Studios, and it won him all the Grove House Studios in the entire of Accra.

4. Joe Mettle Akokyem Nyame

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The jam Akokyem Nyame is another excellent work by Joe released under the album dubbed Encounter in 2015. Just like all his other hits, Akokyem Nyame has been carefully written and choreographed to speak to and to touch the heart of the listeners. In this jam, Joe says he will neither be afraid nor fear anything in this life because the Lord is his refuge. It is an encouragement to individuals who are going through hard situations in life by telling them that rather than staying in fear, they should put their trust in God.

5. Joe Mettle Worship Medley

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Although gospel artists come and go, Joe Mettle is one of the chosen few who have been able to stand the test of time and firmly stand his ground. He aims at not only promoting what is right but also making sure that he brings more individuals nearer to God.

Worship Medley is one of Joe Mettle songs that you will never tire of listening to. The powerful message and strong vocals will make you put the song on repeat on your playlist.

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6. Joe Mettle Mensuro

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Mensuro, by Joe Mettle, was released in 2015 under the Encounter album. The jam, which is sung with undeniably strong affection towards the Lord, was endorsed by his fans. The song talks about who the Lord is in Joe’s life.

He is the light and savior; therefore, the singer will fear no evil. It is an assurance and an encouragement to the believers that with the Lord as their light and savior, there is no need to be afraid. If you are feeling uncertain about life, listen to this jam as it will uplift your spirits.

7. Joe Mettle Nhyira

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Over the years, Joe has been keen to not only produce any music but one that touches people's hearts by being the best song of worship. As a gospel artist, he dramatically emphasizes the need to offer music that helps in drawing people nearer to God.

The jam, Nhyira, means that the Lord is good, and his goodness can be seen in Joe’s bettered place in life. Mettle's career in music, as well as his passion for ministry, is at the peak, thus making him a household name in his country and the entire continent.

8. Joe Mettle God Of Miracles

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Joe Mettle songs will forever remain in the hearts of people since the message found in each one of them is so strong thus able to touch their hearts. Besides, they still act as great words of encouragement to the believers.

Just like the title suggests, the tune talks about the miracles only God can do. The message of the song, God of Miracles, is that nothing is too hard for the Lord, and he works in signs and wonders. If you think that what you want is too hard for the Lord, rest assured that he works in miracles.

9. Joe Mettle Yesu Adi Nkunim

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It is without a single doubt that Joe Mettle's songs will remain on the airwaves for a long time. Joe uses the song Yesu Adi Nkunim, to express the power of God and his victory that he was able to conquer death.

It is such an uplifting song for the believers, with the message that they trust in a Lord who has power over everything, including death. The song also talks about the sacrifice that God made by giving his son Jesus Christ to lay his life for the sinners.

10. Joe Mettle Turning Around

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Joe’s tune dubbed Turning Around was released through the Reverb Studios label on the 13th of November 2014. The melody talks about the great things that happen when a person forsakes his way and chooses to believe in God. When a man opts to walk in the Lord, the old goes away, and he becomes a new creation that is set free.

After all these, all things in the life of the believer will take a positive turn. The tune encourages people that it is not in vain to trust in God as he will make all things to turn around and work for good.

A majority of Joe Mettle songs continue to hit the airwaves even after years of release. He is known to offer beautiful and touching lyrics that people will always opt to listen to despite the style of singing or the language used in them.

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