BECE school selection 2018

BECE school selection 2018

Gaining admission to a secondary school or a vocational training institution in Ghana is not a walk in the park. The candidate has to go through the Basic Education Certificate Examination, which determines whether they can proceed to the next step or not. Candidates who have attended the three years of junior school are eligible for this exam. Since the exam is recognized and arranged for by the Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of Education, it is conducted throughout the nation, normally in the month of June. Since the exam is not offered in all schools, it is vital for the prospective candidates to be keen on the examination and BECE school selection process.

Bece school selection 2018
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The Basic Education Certificate Examination is administered to pupils in their third year of junior school. Being a special exam, not all subjects are examined. Here is a list of some of the subjects that are examined;

  • Mathematics,
  • English Language
  • Arts,
  • Integrated Science,
  • Social Studies,
  • Religious and Moral Education (R.M.E),
  • French,
  • Ghanaian Language (normally any Ghanaian language offered in the school where the candidate has been attending junior school),
  • Information Communication and Technology (I.C.T), and
  • Basic Design and Technology (B.D.T).
Bece school selection

The whole process begins with the registration process. Normally, the registration process begins in October and goes on for six weeks. Schools which have been approved by the Ghana Education Services are the only ones which are allowed to make advertisement on their participation in the exams. These schools are required to upload Statements of Entries as well as School Choice Files to be processed on the internet. For cases where Continuous Assessment Score results are available, they are copied on compact disks and forwarded to the Council.

In June, after the exams have been administered, the scripts are marked and grades awarded. The exams comprise a series of question with multiple-choice answers as well as written-type questions. The process of grading is based on how the pupil performs in the test. The Continuous Assessment Test results submitted in the compact disks equally contribute to the overall performance in the exam. Grading is done on a scale of 1 to 9, whereby Grade 1 represents the highest score while 9 represents the lowest.

Bece school selection 2018

After marking has been done and pupils’ capabilities summarized in the grades they score, those who do not feel certified with the grades that they have been awarded, they are allowed to have their examination scripts reviewed. This process is however available for a specified period of time, normally 3 months after results have been released. This process is done through the head of a school or a recognized personnel of the school. A fee is charged during the review process. After the three months, the scripts are destroyed. It is therefore very crucial to have this process done on time when there is the need.

After the results of the exams are released, certificates for the candidates who successfully underwent the examination process are produced. This is within one month after the release of the examination results. They are disbursed to candidates’ schools awaiting collection. Candidates are advised to take good care of their certificates because once lost or damaged after they have been collected, the council will not produce another copy, only one copy is produced. The qualified students can then proceed to the next step of selecting the senior high school as well as vocational institutes and technical institutes.

waec bece school selection

Technology has advanced and made life easier as well as solve some of the common problems we have had to go through over the years. The whole process of BECE school selection has been computerized and therefore made easier and fair. The system is responsible for the placement process. The Ghana Education Service uses the Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) to place candidates to their respective institution. Since the commencement of use of this system in 2005, the process has been made faster and convenient and BECE school selection 2018 is not any different.

BECE school selection 2018

After the results of the Basic Education Certificate Exams are out and certificates awarded to qualified candidates, the next procedure is the BECE school selection process. Before settling for specific schools and institutions, guardians and parents of the candidates are advised to take into consideration a few factors among them having a priority for day schools which are closer to their homes, considering the young age of these candidates. Unlike day schools, most of these boarding schools have very limited facilities to cater for these pupils who decide to go the boarding way.

Like the other ten plus years, candidates under the help of their parents and guardians are expected to select up to four schools or institutions. They are also expected to select the programmes they intend to study as well as the accommodation.

bece 2013 school selection

The BECE school selection 2018 process also involves selecting the name of the school using a stipulated criteria. The schools are listed in a specific chronological order. In the first option, the candidate is expected to only select one school from the list. On the second option, the candidate is supposed to select only two schools. On the third option, the candidate is expected to select all the schools of their choice. On the fourth option, those with the prospects of pursuing technical programmes can select all the possible four schools among with private schools too are enlisted. The arrangement used in this BECE school selection 208 process does not matter so much since the candidates can arrange the schools in any order regarding their preference.

BECE school selection and placement

The Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) is responsible for the BECE selection and placement process. As stated, the process is computerized hence no cases of bias are likely to be encountered during the process. The system uses the raw scores of the candidates to place the qualified candidates to their selected programmes and schools.

The raw score are made up of the six subjects that the candidates are examined. The grades for this case do not matter so much. The subjects that make up the raw score are Mathematics, English Language, Integrated Science, Social Studies and another two best performed subjects.

Bece school selection 2018

There are candidates who do not get placed during the BECE school selection and placement process. For such cases, the secretariat of the Computerized School Selection and Placement System ensures that these cases are listed in a supplementary list.

For candidates who are not Ghanaian citizens, the process involves printing the BECE school selection form. The forms are normally sold in the month of January. After filling the forms, they are expected to submit them back by July accompanied by their academic records performance from their previous schools, copies of their passports. The filled BECE school selection form and the required documents are then required to be posted to the Secondary Education Division of GES using their address (P.O BOX M 45 Accra).These foreign students do not just gain entry to the secondary schools. They are made to sit an aptitude test which is administered by the Computerized School Selection and Placement System under the Ghana Education System.

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Candidates who did not manage to proceed with the BECE school selection and placement process despite passing the exam that they sat in the last three years too are not left out. These candidates apply in the re-entry category. Application forms for this category are normally available in April and the deadline for the submit ion is in July. The forms are expected to be submitted to the Secondary Education Division of the Ghana Education System. On submission, all the necessary copies of certificates should be attached.

Bece school selection 2018

After the whole procedure of BECE school selection and placement that is done by the Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS), the BECE school selection list is rolled out. The candidates receive details of their placement through telecommunication companies such as Vodafone, MTN, AIRTEL and Tigo. The process involves simply sending a short text message containing their index number, which contains the special code that was issued to the school for identification and the last two digits of the year they sat the exam. The text should be a continuous number. The continuous number is then sent to 1060.

In cases where the BECE school selection list is produced and the candidate’s school is not among the ones he or she had selected, the candidate is advised to immediately visit the Regional Education Directorate for corrections to be made as early as possible.

For candidates who do not get placed in any of the senior schools that they selected that does not mean it is the end of the road for them. The BECE second cycle school selection process got them covered. They are advised to redo the whole process of schools selection. However, they will have to use the ‘self-placement’ option then select the schools and programmes of their choice then submit the form. The BECE second cycle school selection procedure should be done as early as possible to avoid any forms of inconveniences likely to come up.

BECE 2013 school selection

According to the statistics that were made in 2013, more than 392,000 candidates sat the Basic Education Certificate Examination and out of this number, over 218,000 were placed during the BECE 2013 school selection. The remaining candidates were scheduled for the second cycle of placement since vacancies were still available. At the end of the placement, over 391,000 out of the possible 392,000 got placed to senior schools. However, the BECE 2013 school selection process had a few faults among them male students being placed in female schools and vice versa. The National Coordinator of the Computerized School Selection and Placement System promised to have these hitches cleared out in the next placement process.

BECE selection and placement

WAEC BECE school selection

Under the Ministry of Education is the West African Examination Council (WAEC), a body whose responsibility is to issue national and international examinations to candidates on the pre-tertiary level. The body is also responsible for placing candidates to both senior and tertiary schools. For candidates in Junior High School and in their ninth grade, sit their BECE exam in June every year. In the month of July the results of the exams are released by WAEC. The process of WAEC BECE school selection then commences. This process is done using the Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS). The selection process is only done for qualified students.

The BECE school selection list 2018 for the 2018/2019 academic year is out on the online portal and the candidates are advised to check the results by visiting BECE site.

Computerised school selection and placement system

Bece school selection 2018

The Ministry of Education in conjunction with the Ghana Education Service (GES) and the West African Examination Council (WAEC) worked so hard and so to it that using a computerized system for school placement would be the best option. This was after a series of problems at came up during the selection and placement of candidates. The computerized school selection and placement system was therefore developed to solve all these hitches. This system made use of the candidate’s raw score to place them in their respective senior schools.

Apart from checking the placement through the short text message, the candidate can also visit their website, where they will be required to feed the index number and the last two digits of the year they sat the exam. They will then be required to feed the serial number of a scratch card which is sold at post offices or the WAEC regional offices. The worth of this card is $3 and it contains a PIN. Once all these details are fed and submitted, the results of the placement process are displayed.

After the placement process, the candidates can visit their website, where the CSSPS placement forms are available. All they will be required to do is fill the serial number and PIN from the card, and boom, they CSSPS placement forms can be printed and posted to the schools the candidates are expected to join.

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