Ginger benefits for men

Ginger benefits for men

The ginger benefits for men are uncountable when you decide to get down to it. Ginger is an amazing herb that has many benefits to men. In this article, you will find cures, treatments and preventative measures that are derived solely from using ginger. From flu to cancer, ginger plays a major role in treating these ailments. In addition to that, you will find methods of preparing ginger i.e. ginger tea, ginger and lemon among other therapeutic methods. Ginger for men's health is the right course of action for preventative and curative methods.

ginger benefits to man
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About ginger

Ginger’s which is from the plant Zinzgiber Officinale has been extensively used in traditional Ayurvedic, Chinese and Indian medicines for 5000 years. Ginger is a perennial herb. Ginger is native to China and India. However it is found in many places in the world like West Africa and the Caribbean. Ginger is a greatly revered medicine in Ayurveda. People often refer to ginger as a root, but it is essentially an underground stem named rhizome. Ginger being used as a spice dates back 4000 years.

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Ginger benefits to man

1. Sexual strength

Ginger is also referred to as the perfect herb that bring new levels of passion. This explains why ginger features prominently in the Kamasutra, a reliable Indian sex guide. It is one dependable aphrodisiac. The warming effect of the herb resembles capsaicin in peppers. It contains gingerol chemical. The heat the body generates after ingesting the herbs is the same as the body heat released sexual arousal between lovers. This is the aspect of warmth makes a major contribution towards stimulating one sexually, all of which starts in the brain. As a result one becomes highly aroused.

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Ginger benefits to men is a great contributor to blood flow in the body including the genitals. This herb has properties similar to those found in green tea called Ginkgo Biloba which keeps all your blood vessels functioning optimally. As a result vessels widen and thus, are able to transfer more blood.

2. Erectile dysfunction & infertility

Ginger makes a great source of manganese potassium. This is the trace mineral found throughout the body which is vital to neural health. Ginger helps in forming and triggering the release of testosterone, the sex hormone. Manganese is vibrant to your sex energy and sperm production. Insufficient amounts of manganese potassium in your diet may lead to erectile disorders and infertility. Combined with some herbs, ginger can cures issues of erection.

3. Energy boost

Ginger helps in digestion which in turn increase your body energy. Food has to be digested properly before the body can start to make use of nutrients and food vitamins. The nutrients enter the blood stream where they are utilized throughout the body. Ginger benefits the digestive system by increasing digestive efficiency. Ginger causes nutrient capability of food intake to increase and in turn energy is produced.

4. Muscle aid

Ginger’s oil when it warms the body, improves circulation and blood flow. This acts as a major reliever of tired muscles. This is a recommendation by Leah Sherman, a naturopathic physician in Portland, Oregon.


Grate 4 tablespoons fresh ginger and seal it in a cotton bag; place the bag under flowing bathwater.

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5. Diabetes

This is a disease that is affecting a lot of men especially when they are older. Ginger if included as a good diet, it becomes instrumental in treating diabetes. This is because it is rich in manganese as well as magnesium. These minerals as useful in the regulation of blood sugar all men, diabetic or not. Ginger is hence important as it prevents all sorts of unwanted complications resulting from the same. Since diabetes and it’s medication affects man’s sexual performance, ginger counters the negative effects of diabetes.

Ginger health benefits for all genders

1. Respiratory well-being

The ginger herb is crucial in the promotion of one's respiratory wellness as it eliminates all sorts of pollutants including the likes of tobacco smoke as well as colognes from your lungs' air passageways .

Ginger relieves congestion and expands lungs blood circulation which in turn reduces the severity of many long-lasting lung-diseases. Ginger is usually prescribed and advised for asthma patients. Usually, the disease is characterized by the air passageways in the lungs getting inflamed. With the help of ginger, it is possible to regulate this inflammation thus making it easier to breathe.

2. Heartburn remedy

benefits of ginger tea
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Ginger has for a long time been utilized in natural treatment of heartburn as well as part of the therapy. It is mostly best taken as ginger tea for heartburn relief. To enjoy the full benefits of ginger tea it is advisable that you take it as your first drink during the day on an empty stomach.

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3. Heart disease

Heart disease is major cause of death among men. Ginger prevents heart disease, since it is a good source of vitamin B6, potassium and magnesium.

The high contents of vitamin B6 intake drops your risk of heart disease.

Potassium and magnesium help in lowering your blood pressure. High blood pressure is a risk factor for heart disease, all these components help ginger to decrease your danger of developing heart disease.

4. Cold and flu treatment

Ginger is naturally used to cure colds as well as flu. Ginger is also helpful in case of stomach flu and food poisoning. Ginger tea can be given to patients with chronic sinus headaches and sinusitis. They attest it to be very useful since it heats the body and then eradicates the condition in a day or two.


Use water and mix in it some ginger root. Boil for an extended duration. Drink this mixture 3 times daily as tea.

5. Colon cancer

Colorectal or colon cancer causes as it is referred to is a major cause of death in men. Colon cancer affects men more. Ginger's potential to prevent colon cancer is crucial to a man's health. Gingerol is the composite that gives ginger its spicy flavor. It helps in preventing and treating cancer.

6. Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer affects millions of men annually. The older you get the higher the risk to be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Ginger extract prevents the growth of prostate cancer cells and triggered existing cells commit cell suicide. Ginger does not cause any damage to non-cancerous cells. Ginger also helps with the nausea associated with cancer treatments and also stimulates appetite.

7. Motion sickness therapy

Ginger is an effective medicine for nausea associated with motion sickness. If you are about to take a long trip and want to avoid motion sickness, then ginger is the cure for you.

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Ginger mental health benefits

1. Stress and anxiety relief

Ginger tea assists in improving your mood. Ginger has a refreshing and calming feeling. Ginger tea is an amazing stress reliever because it has a relaxing scent. Ginger binds to some serotonin receptors, which helps in relieving general anxiety. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter which affects complete mood and anxiety levels.

2. Insomnia

People use ginger as a remedy for insomnia however the cause is unknown. Ginger-based tea and ginger seasoning are all popular remedies. Ginger tea may help people relax before sleeping.

3. Migraine cure

Ginger offers migraine relief. This is due to ginger’s capable of preventing prostaglandins which causes serious aches as well as inflamed blood vessels.

Ginger benefits for skin

ginger importance
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Gingerol helps in the fighting the free radicals that damages the skin while at the same time promoting the softness and uniformity of your skin giving you a perfect tone. The ginger herb is cable of fading away age spots thus making it clear. Since ginger is stimulating, it is generally thought to improve blood circulation. This explains why it features in most treatments that aim at reducing cellulite. Ginger passes as a good anti-inflammatory meaning that it’s a passes as a good natural acne treatment.Its other anticeptic property makes it even more useful in the killing of acne causing bacteria.

Hair treatment

In most cases the ginger oil from ginger root has been known to have countless benefits to the hair. It passes as one of the hair loss medication that actually work. Making use of ginger root extracts will cause the hair stronger as well as giving the hair a pleasant-smell. In case you are the kind with hard hair that keeps drying, the useful components in ginger that include zinc and phosphorus will go a long way in helping you bring back that shine the hair needs.

Dandruff in the hair is one of scalp's difficulties for men as well as.This can be easily rectified by using ginger oil giving you dandruff free hair naturally.


Mix ginger oil and olive oil then use the application on the scalp overnight. If used regularly, ginger oil is among the best natural dandruff therapies.

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Ginger dosage and combos

If you like the taste of ginger, you can use fresh ginger root or powder for cooking, ginger tea, and ginger and honey drinks.

Ginger supplements products require standardized dose of 20 percent about 200 mg gingerol.

Suggested dose is 2 grams of powdered ginger, which is the equal of 10 grams that is 1 tablespoon of fresh ginger, 2 teaspoons of ginger syrup, or 2 ml of ginger extract.

You can also prepare ginger caramel with fried bananas which will result in a tasty and nutritious meal.

Ginger and honey make a tasty and nutritious tea. Mixing the two health and energy boosters will definitely make life better. The combination of ginger and honey also helps in indigestion, joint pain, cancer management, preventing dental problems and preventing cancer.

Ginger combined with lemons is a perfect remedy for weight loss. Ginger gastric properties combined with the Vitamin C that eliminate waste from the body act as a perfectly healthy combination for weight loss.

Ginger side effects

Ginger is commonly a very safe herb. Some people may develop a rash on the skin if ginger is applied topically or if pregnant women take it in excess.

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In powdered form, ginger is powerful and ingesting too much powdered ginger may cause:

  • Heartburn
  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Belching
  • Nausea

Ginger may also adversely affect individuals with gallstones.

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Clearly ginger for men's health cannot be neglected. Ginger benefits for men are manifold and depending on how or what you combine ginger with, the end result will be a nutritious and healthy one.

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