Symptoms of diabetes in men

Symptoms of diabetes in men

One is said to have diabetes if their blood sugar make a high increase; that is a metabolic disorder. The food we eat is so very important as it has glucose. Fact remains that the insulin that is produced by pancreas is responsible for converting the glucose from the food we eat to energy. Every body needs energy to run their daily activities. Right? So what are the symptoms of diabetes in men?

Symptoms of diabetes in men

This means that this metabolic disorder can make you body to produce inadequate amounts of insulin, produce zero insulin, or even resist insulin making the glucose in the food you eat, not to be able to arrive at the cells to be converted into energy. This article presents to you diabetes symptoms in men, so that you can be able to detect the disease as soon as you can, treat or control it and avoid complications.

Types of diabetes mellitus

There are there types of diabetes mellitus:

Symptoms of diabetes in men

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  • Diabetes type 1

A person is said to have type 1 of diabetes if their body fail to produce adequate amounts of insulin. Nobody has ever discovered the cause of this disorder up to date, but at least insulin can treat it. This type of diabetes can also be referred to as IDDM (insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus) or ‘Juvenile diabetes’ as it is usually spotted during childhood.

  • Diabetes type 2

When cells resist insulin then one is said to have a disorder is known as ‘non-insulin-dependent mellitus’. Type 2 diabetes affects most men in the world and thus also referred to as ‘adult - onset diabetes.’ Most people that suffer from obesity get infected with this type 2 diabetes for having excessive fats and ignoring exercises.

  • Gestational diabetes

This kind of diabetes develops when a pregnant woman without any history of diabetes gets high sugar levels.

Symptoms diabetes in males

Symptoms of diabetes in Men that are unique to the them alone are a few in number and easy to detect. We will also share with you some of the symptoms that affect both the gender. Some of the early symptoms of diabetes in males include:

  • A man suffers from less sex drive, which is a sexual dysfunction.

Once you note lack of energy or often getting depressed don’t hesitate to contact your doctor. Having less libido is among the major early symptoms of diabetes in men.

  • You will have retrograde ejaculation

This is a condition that affects the flow of the semen in that instead of coming out of the body via the urethra it goes into the bladder. If left untreated, it cause damages in the blood vessels that will also affect the nerve to the muscles that are responsible in controlling the bladder as well s the urethra. This means that you should seek medication once you detect this one of the symptoms of diabetes to affect complications.

  • You find yourself having low –T (Testosterone).

This is a urological complication in men and it is very easy to detect. The sex drive will be low as well as muscle mass. It is on of the early symptoms of diabetes in adults.

  • A man gets impotence, which is an erectile dysfunction.

Once you note that you can maintain erection, then seek medication as soon as you can. You should not assume such inabilities for your own health.

Diabetes symptoms in adults

One suffers from a condition known as diabetes inspidus, which is characterized by producing high amounts of diluted urine as well as getting thirsty very fast. It is a serious disorder that one can produce an approximate of 20 liters of diluted urine in a day. This is a condition is an early symptom of diabetes in young males and adults as well.

  • You will also note excessive hunger.
  • Getting fatigue
  • Having a nausea feeling
  • Having blurred vision
  • Your skin having infections
  • Either gaining loads of weight or losing massive weight
  • Having irritably
  • Wounds having a slow healing
  • Getting numb in either your feet or hands.
  • Your body creases darkening

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Risk factors for diabetes in males

Here are some of factors that makes you be in risk of getting infected with diabetes. The bad thing is that others are unavoidable, though most of them are avoidable. For the avoidable risk factors, this article will provide you with diabetes prevention ways.

Symptoms of diabetes in men

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  • Family history

If some of your first-degree members of your family have had a strong diabetes infection history, you are likely to be a victim. In most cases, you can get infected with type 1 of diabetes, which we told you earlier that it starts during childhood. If your brother, dad, mother, or sister is a victim, then you should visit your doctor diagnose it.

  • Obesity

Excessive weight is the major risk of type 2 diabetes for all ages. If you are obese, don’t wait until you get infected, believe in yourself and start living a health life while working out for better results. It is not an easy task, but through determination, you can achieve a healthy body. Obesity also causes lack of proper distribution of fat, which is another risk of being a diabetes victim

  • Pancreas infections or diseases

If your pancreas is not in a good condition, then it will have slow insulin production. It is a rare factor though. It is a type 1 diabetes risk.

  • Lack of adequate sleep

Sleep is very essential as it controls the blood sugar in your body. This means that once you have inadequate sleep your blood sugar will definitely increase, which led to you risking your body.

  • Excessive taking of alcohol

Heavy intake of Alcohol can make you be at risk of getting infected with diabetes. This is because alcohol can led to inflammation of the pancreas thus making it be unable to produce insulin. Most males ignore the issue of Alcohol and diabetes, but it puts one at a higher risk.

  • Unhealthy diets

You should always try to avoid foods with high calorie concentration because they usually contain lots of sugar. foods such as beans, oats, dairy, salmon, berries, tuna, and barley are the best as they help your body to control as well as manage your blood sugar levels.

  • Living a sedentary lifestyle

It is not healthy to live your life without exercising. Working out your body in at least 3 times a week, will be very helpful to your body.

  • Ethnicity

A recent article, gives us the statistics of diabetes by ethnicity; making us aware of which race happens to have diabetes victims more often. The highest race has 15.1% and that is both the American Indians as well as the Alaskan natives. The non-Hispanic blacks have a 12.7% rating. The Hispanics have a 12.1% rating and finally the non-Hispanic whites have a 7.4% rate.

  • Gender

Men are at a higher risk of getting infected with diabetes type 2 than women. Why men? That is a question that is likely to linger in most of the readers. According to a 2015 article, it informs us that ladies have a more efficient protein PTEN processing, which definitely lowers their diabetes infection.

  • Smoking

Smoking makes a person to be at high risk of getting diabetes as it increases the levels of blood sugar in the body. Other complications that smoking cause include heart, kidney, as well as blood vessels infections.

  • High cholesterol

High Cholesterol causes the hardening of the arteries in your body. This makes it to be linked in causing diabetes.

  • Low testosterone

If you discover that you have this condition, it is time for you to visit your doctor so that it can be treated by replacing your testosterone; therapy. It is a major cause of type 2 diabetes to men.

  • High blood pressure

If you often suffer from high blood pressure, you should get tested because the major cause of the condition is diabetes.

Diabetes treatment in males

Diabetes can be treated as well as be controlled. Once you eat healthy foods (calculated diet), exercise often, get your doctor to prescribe oral insulin medication, and also have home blood glucose test, you will be treating and managing type 1 and 2 of diabetes. If you don’t treat diabetes, you can make your body have long-lasting complications such as heart diseases, nerve pain, stroke, yeast infections, blindness, skin infections, high blood pressure, and peripheral vascular disease.

Symptoms of diabetes in men

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Test to diagnose diabetes

There ways that the doctors can be able to test if you are infected with diabetes. Here are the blood tests to diagnose it.

  • When you fast for 12 hours, the doctors can be able to detect the glucose level in your blood.
  • The doctor can also use Hemoglobin A1C test, which tells him or her doctor the average blood glucose level in your body; though it only diagnose diabetes in victims who have been infected with it for about 2 to 3 months.
  • Once you contact your doctor, he/she can perform a random blood sugar test to detect the glucose levels at that particular moment; though it varies depending on the last time you ate.
  • An oral glucose tolerance test is a good test to make your doctor detect if your body is responsive to high amounts of glucose.


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