African print styles for church

African print styles for church

African print styles for Church have to be decent to make you fit in with the congregation as well as to make you feel comfortable. We are no longer in the western dressing outfits as they have become a mainstream; it is an era of rocking with unique African church wear. For ladies you can imagine yourself rocking with an African maxi or knee-length dress, a beautiful skirt, or a trendy decent top; you will definitely have that look that you yarn for.

African print styles for church

The guys are not left out in this article, there are classic African shirts and trousers to inspire you to create a piece. Read on and we bet that you will find an appealing as well as appropriate latest African print styles in Ghana for church.

Dashiki African attire for church

Dashiki elegant styles this season have continued to rock the African queens and kings with their beautiful patterns that portray the true African beauty. This is not an era that dashiki was only a half body top, but new styles and designs will astonish you; keeping your judgments from the awesome photo collection below. There are dashiki styles of African print dresses and shirts that will fit best in a church service, as decency is the first priority.

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1. Dashiki African print shirt Styles for church

The dashiki shirts will forever give a man a fabulous unforgettable look that we believe that is what most are in looking for at the moment. To complete the awesome outfit, a plain colored pant will work magic on your look especially the polished cotton or your favorite pair of jeans. If you want to go for a full Dashiki African attire, then you can create a dashiki suit to give you that more to perfect look, classic shoes, a watch, and a bag to carry your bible. We bet that you will fit in well with the congregation.

African print styles for church

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2. Dashiki African styles for ladies for church

Thanks to the African designers who have been working tirelessly to make the ladies to fully utilize the beautiful African dashiki tunic. The dresses, the pants, the tops, the skirts, and the hats are giving a lady a feminine awesome look. The choice of the design and style, will give your outfit the occasion. Right? Therefore, if you want a church outfit, then you have to create dashiki pieces that are more to official. If it is a dress or a skirt, knee and maxi length will give you a comfortable as well as an outstanding look.

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3. Dashiki African straight print dress styles

Dashiki straight dresses come out perfectly for giving a lady a slender and a beautiful look. For a church service, you will definitely be going for a knee-length or a maxi dashiki dress and below are photos to give you inspirations. Classic Wedge, low/high heel, and flat shoes will give you an admirable, decent, focused, as well as a feminine look in church.

African print styles for church

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4. African print kaba styles

The West Africans especially the Ghanaians embrace Kaba styles. It is still unbelievable that the Kaba styles that people used to think are for the old women, are now embraced by the youths. It is so awesome that the stereotype are fading slowly by slowly making the designs to pop up. Kaba made out of the lace and the Kente fabric come out fabulous and we think that the photos below are enough to inspire you to create a new unique look.

African attires that best suit young ladies
African print styles for church


Kente African styles for church

Kente is a rich fabric that can never miss out of the Ghana fashion. It is so beautiful with amazing patterns that gives the true definition of African beauty. We decided to pick the best of the best elegant styles that fit well for a Sunday outfit from the Kente African church dress styles to the shirts for the males. This is because it is every ones wish to look fabulous as he or she goes to thank God for giving them life, protecting them, and His wonderful deeds in their life. A church is a holy place and as much as you are fully dressed with a trendy church outfit is best if you humble yourself before God as you pour your grievances unto the Lord.

5. Kente African print skirts and top styles

It is forever known that Ghanaians take the Kente fabric as best during their traditional engagements. This means for it to fall perfectly into a church wear outfit, it has to be combined with smooth polished cotton, lace, Kitenge, Ankara, or Dashiki. The skirts and the tops have caught our attention for making the ladies rock in church outfits.

Matching African print styles for couples to try in 2019
African print styles for church

Source: Fashionghana

If you go for a Kente top, then you have to complete the wear with a polished cotton skirts, beautiful accessories, and you will not have a moment of regret. If you go for a Kente skirt, it is best if it is knee-length or maxi for you to fit in well with the mood of the church. A chiffon blouse, an Ankara peplum top, will give you a perfect look. You can either tuck in your top or leave it airy. A belt if desired will not hurt the look.

6.Kente African church dresses

The Kente dresses rock the ladies for giving them a bright awesome look as they match to church. The Kente dress do not have to necessarily have the rich fabric alone as it combines elegantly with other fabrics. It is amazing to be unique and to give life to your dress code. Either Dashiki, lace, or Ankara details on your Kente dress will make you have that unique look. The features can be at the waistline, chest area, at the bottom line, or other part that you find appealing. Below are best pics to inspire you to create a piece, which will definitely revive your wardrobe.

African dresses with lace top
African print styles for church

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7. Kente African styles for men

The men are much ahead this season and they are rocking with the Kente fabric as never before. Kente having details of other fabrics makes us define it as a rich fabric. You can create a shirt, t-shirt, pant, a blazer, jacket, or even put Kente details on your favorite pair of leather or cottoned shoes and come out perfectly dressed for church. What you have to keep in mind is that the colors should blend. This means that if you go for a bright pant, it is awesome if you wear a dark-colored shirt or t-shirt and vice versa.

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African print styles for church

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Ankara African print Styles 2018 for church

Ankara texture and bright color qualify the fabric to be referred to as rich. You can create any wear with the fabric, shoes, and handbags inclusive. The Ghanaians embrace this fabric in massive numbers and therefore we decided to share with you some of the latest styles for both genders to give you inspirations. You can either buy a ready-made outfit or be patient and create a unique Ankara wear to rock with it this coming Sunday.

Men attending weddings in African wear

8. Ankara African print dress styles for church

African dresses coming up year by year continue to give the African ladies in love with fashion solutions to their modern wardrobes. Some ladies prefer the knee-length dresses for church while others will always go for a lengthy or maxi dresses. For you to rock with a dress, you have to pay attention to the choice of bra especially if you are dressing on a pencil Ankara dress. You should make sure it fits you well and it does not show tightened skin at the shoulder or at the back. The photos below will prove to you that Ankara African dresses for church are full of elegant styles as well as combinations.

African print styles for church

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9. Ankara knee-length African dresses for church

The ankara short dresses for Church will always give you an unforgettable look. Some people always refer to their Sunday wears as ‘Sunday Best’; it is awesome to look impressive in the house of God. If you are in love with a bright look, you can go for Ankara dresses with floral ornaments. Plain bright colors such as white, pink, blue, and brown will also work magic on your look. Dark colors will also blend perfectly with bright accessories. If you can walk comfortably with high heels, go for them, but flat shoes or low-heeled shoes will complete your fabulous look.

African wear designs for kids 2019. They are so beautiful!
African print styles for church

source: Fashionghana

10. Ankara African prints skirts styles for church

Have you ever tried to dress on a high waist skirt to church? If no, then you are missing out the latest fashion this season. 2018 is a year packed with modern designs especially when the rich Ankara fabric is used to style the skirts. This is because it has a captivating fabric full of brightness. Before we go a step further, let us share with you some of the advantages of dressing on a high waist skirt to church.

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African print styles for church

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The high waist skirts will forever give you a proportional appearance, which will create a more slimmer look on you. They are also the best for giving you a feminine as well as an attractive look. To complete your trendy Ankara skirt, you can go for a classic chiffon blouse, a tucked shirt, a polish cotton airy blouse, or a dark turtle neck. Modish low or high heels, classic wedge, or beautiful flat shoes will satisfy the look of that knee-length or mini skirt.

Amazing African dresses for ladies with photos

11.Ankara church African tops with peplum Shape

There so many hot Ankara tops styles and designs this season that we think they will fall into beautiful decent church wear. This is because they don’t only give a classic look, but also they add shape and form to your body.

African print styles for church

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Create apiece today and complete the awesome outfit with a polished cotton skirt, a skinny jean, a polished pant, or a skater skirt. Blend your look with beautiful accessories, unique hairstyle, and shoes inclusive. It won’t hurt if you add lace details on your top to make it more out-standing. The details or features can be at the sleeves, the neckline, waistline, or at the chest. It does not mean that you have to buy the whole lace fabric; if your designer is kind enough, he or she can use any the laces left-over.

12. Ankara blazers for ladies

Ankara blazers are awesome and they will always give a fresh look full of life in whatever occasion you rock with them, church inclusive. Most people say that a church is an official place and therefore you need to dress in official wears. The good thing with Ankara blazers is that they give you an unforgettable slim look and they fit in with either pants, skirts, or dresses.

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They go hand in hand with Ankara bomber jackets. Ankara blazers are super awesome for having varying beautiful patterns as well as colors. Below are photos of different blazers including the wax-print ones that will never disappoint your look in that church service. Combining the look with a belt will give you a fabulous look if desired.

13. Ankara church pants for ladies

When it comes to ladies pants, It is more safer to always go for natural materials such as Ankara with cotton and wool. Other materials with lacy fabric, chiffon, jeans, satin or the polyester are also perfect for creating ladies pants. Ankara pants for ladies have always given them a special charm appearance as they show 0ff the love they have for African creations. To blend the African look, you can go for a chiffon blouse or polished cotton top that you can either tuck it in or leave it airy. An Ankara blazer will not hurt if completes the look, the pant and the blazer can have matching colors to give you a perfect look in the house of God. Have in mind that you should feel comfortable with your shoes to ease your church movements.

15 top modest and elegant dresses to wear to church
African print styles for church

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Source: UGC

14. Ankara African print Styles for guys

It not an era of forgetting about our African men look and focusing more on the ladies wear pieces. This is because there more designers that are dealing with creating men pieces from the shirts to the pants. The good thing is that the more the designers, the more the creative styles and designs come up, the main reason being that the designers will try to out do each other through their creativity.

African print styles for church

Source: Fashionghana

The African church clothes for men have proved to always give men a masculine, decent, expensive as well as a fabulous look. The main benefits of dressing a man is that a watch is the main if not only accessories that complete their look. Men love trendy shoes and we bet those in love with fashion can prove our point. Now that it is a church service, you carry with you a beautiful bag to carry your bible.

15. Ankara church trousers for guys

Ankara pants for men are full of life and they are getting embraced in almost every corner of Africa. It is so sad that many of the authors give fashion inspirations to ladies and forgetting that men need to get inspired as well. Do not stress anymore because below are hottest images to give you a new look this coming Sunday.

What are your taste preference? Well, most will go for the skinny trousers for giving them a slender figure. The good thing with the skinny trousers is that they will give you a perfect look regardless of your height. If you are blessed with a big body, it is beautiful when go for a trouser that narrow towards the bottom or wide pants. If you are truly in love with bright and colorful colors, you can go for the turquoise, sand, marsala/wine, or red colors. Monochrome Ankara trousers are not a bad choice too, it all depends with your taste in fashion.

16. Ankara jackets for men

Ankara jackets for men are so amazing this season and they will truly give you a perfect look if you combine them properly with the trouser. The cut as well as the color scheme of the jacket will always depend with the cut and colors of the trouser. We advice you that you match a bright jacket with a dark-colored trouser or vice versa and you will not regret your church look. Jeans or polished cotton trousers will never disappoint with an Ankara shirt or t-shirt. A watch will give you a desired look and a perfect as well as trendy bag to carry your bible.

African print style is a must have for any body who would like to look classy.

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