National Service extension 2020/2021

National Service extension 2020/2021

NSS extension registration for 2020/2021 is undergoing but scheduled to end on June. It is therefore advisable for every Ghanaian youth to roll up their sleeves and register early enough. The extension basically acts as a grace period for people who may be late in applying for the national service. Taking into account that it is a compulsory course-having been well stipulated in the law-consequences may follow for skivers.

Nss extension registration 2018-2019

The National Service Scheme is not a new thing within our borders. It was established in the 1970s with the main goal of enriching our youth with knowledge and practical skills. Other than curbing the high rate of unemployment, this initiative was meant to foster unity and peace in Ghana.

Initially, it targeted all the citizens who are eighteen years and above. But with time, it narrowed down to the youth who are eighteen years and above and have also completed the tertiary level of learning. It is generally perceived as the last stage of learning after completing theory or rather classroom classes.

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NSS extension registration

The NSS extension application procedure is not usually as difficult as often thought. It only requires careful understanding of the rules and guidelines for a valid and fruitful process. The steps for the registration process are as follows;

PIN verification

Nss extension registration 2018-2019

You must have a PIN number for the whole process to work. The personal identification digits can be can be checked on the NSS portal through their official website;

Once on the website, click on ‘check and pay for pin code then enter your Index number or school identification number. Thereafter, click search.

Your pin code and personal information would now be displayed for your confirmation. The personal details simply comprise of your course of study, year of enrollment of service, institution, full name and index number.

However, for the whole enrollment process to be activated, you need to pay GHC 40.00 at any branch of Agricultural Development Bank throughout the country.

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Alternatively, you can also take advantage of the mobile means of payment using MTN mobile money. The guideline is as follows;

  1. Dial *170#
  2. Select option 2 for ‘Pay Bill’
  3. Select General Payments (option 6)
  4. Enter Payment code as- NSS PINCODE (Type NSS, put a space, then type your PINCODE). For confirmation purpose, the menu will automatically return to your name.
  5. Enter Deposit amount, which is GHC 40.00
  6. Enter NSS reference
  7. Enter PIN to confirm payment

You will receive a message to confirm the transaction before proceeding to NSS registration.

This is a new process that was introduced just recently and so far has proved to be effective and ideal.

Nss extension registration 2018-2019

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Completing NSS registration

Once you have your PIN code with you, the whole process becomes rather simple. But then again, you still need to have at least one valid national identification card. The ID card may be your voter’s card, Driver’s license, Passport, Social Security National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) card or even national ID card. Other than that, you are also required to have a scanned passport photograph that is not more than one megabyte in size. This photograph would be in your final certificate.

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With the requirements, the process for registration is as follows;

  • Go to the NSS Registration portal via then enter your user name and password to log in. The user name is usually your school index number or ID number while the password is your payment pin code. Once you have logged in, the NSS extension form simply surfaces on the screen.
  • You would be on the first page of the application form which basically ‘applicant info'. You are required to confirm that all details are correct and certainly yours. This process is crucial. If any of the details are not correct, you are required to contact live chat for assistance. Select the means of identification you intend to present then enter the number.
  • Normally, if it is the voter’s card, it is the ID number to be submitted exactly as printed. The same applies to the passport and social security number. In the driver’s license, on the other hand, certificate of competency number will do just fine and the name as presented exactly on the license.
  • However, if everything is fine, you will be proceeding to the next step. This third step is where the system compares the details of your ID and those presented by your institution and then sends you the Identity Match Score after its done with the analysis. The rating for ‘Identity Match’ ranges from Perfect, Good, Fair to Bad. Fair and Bad scores mean that your information needs more scrutiny and approval from the NSS before your final posting. Whichever way, you will still be able to fill the application form regardless of the score. Read the disclaimer message and then click on confirm and continue if everything is fine.
  • In the fourth step, you will be needed to complete the rest of the applicant details, which is rather personal information. This means you upload your passport photograph, keep in mind that it should not be more than one megabyte. Address and contact information are marked with stars which means that they are mandatory fields. The information should be active and current as this is the only way you can be located. Next of Kin information should also be submitted in case of an emergency. Click on ‘Save and Continue'.
  • Proceeding from personal information page, you will now be on the NSS Service information section. You are required to enter your employment history, in case you have been employed before clicking on ‘save and continue’. The details that you will be required to fill may circulate around your current employment and whether you have done any military training. This also includes confirming that you have not previously undertaken NSS training.
  • After you are done with Service information section, you will skip to Preference page. In this page is all about what which language and region you prefer. The information provided here is crucial as it determines where you will be posted and therefore genuine response is highly advised.
  • You need to select three preferred regions in order of preference, whereby region 1 becomes your most preferred choice while 3 is the least. You then select the languages you can read, speak and write. The languages comprise of both foreign and local dialect.
  • Finally, pick your industry of choice where you would like to be posted. Typically, personnel interested in entrepreneurship are encouraged to choose this service as the number one option. Once through, click on save and continue to proceed to the next level.
  • You will now be on the preview page. This is basically a summary of all of your details. You are required to read and review thoroughly before presenting it. In case there is any information worth correction, use the back button to make the necessary changes. Otherwise, if everything is accurate, you can click on Submit.

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Nss extension registration 2018-2019

Now you are fully registered and in the NSS radar. A congratulatory message will pop up confirming that you have filled everything as required. You will now have an NSS dashboard where you can review any details regarding registration or even request for services for the NSS. To get into access with the dashboard, click on Go to Personnel Dashboard button and simply click on it. The same applies to printing where you can also click on Print at the lower section of the page.

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NSS extension posting checking

The NSS extension 2020 posting checking can now be done easily on the online platform. The process is faster and very much efficient. Nevertheless, you will be required to follow the following guidelines to get your posting status;

  • Visit the National Service Posting via
  • Enter your NSS number (Example: NSSGCC100105) in the stipulated box.
  • Finally, click on the submit button then wait for only a couple of seconds for the pop-up window to reveal your posting information.

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Well, ideally you are required to print two copies of the posting information in case you have received it-then take them to the regional office. A copy is left behind at the regional offices as the other one is sent to the regional director. This is the final step in getting approval for an assignment.

The process is usually simple but in the event where you have an issue, you are encouraged to visit the NSS offices near you or better still you can reach them via their contacts or official NSS website.

The exercise runs for one year after which the service personnel is issued with a certificate of merit from the National Service. Anyway, this comes after their assessment forms have been commented and signed by them as well as their employers and submitted to the Regional Coordinator by the end of May of every year.

The advantages and contributions of this initiative have been visibly noted across the country. Even though there are still some contemporary issues that need to be ironed out, there is an immense impact both on the economy as well as social welfare attributed to this organization.

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Nss extension registration 2018-2019

Exemptions of national service scheme

Well, it's a fact that this programme is for every citizen irrespective of where they undertook their tertiary learning. But then again, there are certain circumstances that require lenience and exemption. For instance, an elderly person who has just completed his tertiary level may be known to be above eighteen but not strong enough. That is why the organization set an age limit of forty.

Therefore, people who are forty years and above are officially excused from this programme. This is because the exercise undertaken may be rigorous and requires fresh and sharp minds that are always alert and focused. The elderly may not be up to the task.

The elderly persons are not the only ones excused. People who may have already undergone through the system are equally exempted. They are required to give room for their freshly graduated counterparts to have a feel of the real world experience. But still, valid and credible credentials need to be shown before they are pardoned.

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Offenses of the National Service Scheme Act.

The reason for the extension is to ensure every potential candidate is on board. There are certain acts such as defaulting that are considered capital offenses and hence there are always repercussions that follow suit. Being governed by the Act 426, the following are some of the behaviors that are considered offensive.

  • Evasion

Not unless you are forty years and above or have previously undertaken the programme, no one is expected to evade the training. There is always a three-month space to make you change your mind after which appropriate actions are carried out.

  • Desertion

Desertion is also not taken lightly by the management. No one is allowed to leave training halfway without proper channels or explanations. Similarly, people who have deserted the programme are also given a three-month window of leniency after which proper sanctions become applicable. In a scenario where people who had absconded happen to go back to their posting, they are expected to start afresh while what they had previously served is scrapped off.

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  • Self-posting

Self-posting is when service personnel allocate themselves to areas not assigned to them, either with or without the knowledge of their managers or rather supervisors. Even if they report on time and do work effectively according to the requirement, they will still not be recognized by the board. They will have to commence the whole process once again to the relevant posting acknowledged by the director and officers.

There are also other minor offenses such as reporting late to work that may fall under the jurisdiction of the supervisors. They may, therefore, issue their own form of penalty.

But then again, the organization is not always based on strict rules. There are privileges that personnel get to enjoy. For instance, expectant mothers are always given three-month break for maternity leave. This is not to mention the allowances paid on monthly basis for all the personnel on public parastatals as well as the annual leave that is imposed for one month. Above all, it fosters useful practical skills through exposure in the real world.

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