NSS appointment letter 2019/2020: how to get and print?

NSS appointment letter 2019/2020: how to get and print?

The NSS appointment letter is one of the most vital documents given to an applicant to earn him or her slot in the NSS scheme. When printed, the document contains personal details of an applicant, the type of service he or she will take part in, the period and terms of the service and requirements that need to be fulfilled by the applicant. Additionally, prior to an applicant being accepted for service to a specific posting, the NSS appointment letter is supposed to be certified by the District NSS Secretariat and then availed to the region the candidate is being posted to. This said the significance of this document should not be underestimated.

How to get and print my nss appointment letter 2018-2019?


The other documents that should be accompanied by appointment letter include, the applicant’s school ID card and voter’s card, three passport photos and Ezwish card. This article is going to give more details on how to get and print your NSS appointment letter 2019-2020.

The NSS posting appointment letter

The NSS posting appointment letter shall be rolled out in two different phase for the sake of allowing persons who missed out on the first batch are in a position to check on the posting of appointment letters on the second batch. The NSS posting appointment letter is easily accessible at posting.nss.ghana.org.

The user is only required to key in his or her NSS number in the NSS box and to posting the information. The letter gives details of the place of posting and other important requirements for the posting. The candidate will therefore be able to know what is required of him or her when posted plus other important things affecting the NSS posting appointment letter.

How to get and print my nss appointment letter 2018-2019?


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The NSS appointment letter 2020

2020 is the year in which the NSS appointment letter will be available as compared to the previous year. It is important to note that all the NSS prospective candidates will be required to log into the NSS portal at posting. NSSghana.org for the sake of getting access and downloading the National Service Scheme appointment letters.

In order to download the NSS appointment letter for the year 2020, the prospective candidate is supposed to start by imputing his or her pin into the tab provided in the portal and then submit.

How to get and print my nss appointment letter 2018-2019?


The national service scheme posting appointing letter

The nss posting appointment letter is the NSS appointment letter that gives the right details on the appointment of a prospective NSS candidate and the region where he or she will be offering the service.

The NSS Ghana appointment letter

The nss Ghana appointment letter simply refers to a letter that prospective NSS candidates are given by the NSS which is a sign that they are allowed to start their services to the country at a specified region. You should take note of the fact that the National Service Scheme is the only institution allowed to issue NSS Ghana appointment letters and not any other person no matter the circumstances. The letter is normally made through a press declaration on the NSS website. With that said, candidates should not fall trap of scam dealers and should not pay any amount of money in terms of agent fees because the letters can only be obtained from the NSS website .Since no other services are allowed to issue the Ghana NSS appointment letters , prospective NSS candidates are requested to report any suspicious activities in regards to the issuing of the NSS appointment letters.

How to get and print my nss appointment letter 2018-2019?


Applicants from different parts of the country that had applied for registration are slotted in various placements based on a number of issues like geo location, suitability and much more. The chosen candidates are supposed to login to the NSS portal so as to get access s to the NSS Ghana appointment letters free of charge.

In order to access the Ghana NSS appointment letter, an applicant is required to go to the NSS portal and click on the tab “Get NSS appointment letter” which will redirect and open a new tab that will instantly start downloading the appointment letter. The applicant is then supposed to print the NSS Ghana appointment letter and accompany it with three other copies of the same document which is to be taken to the District/Metro/Municipal offices plus the candidates’ passport for certification and endorsing.

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Appointment letter for NSS

The National Service website is the only place whereby the appointment letter for NSS could be obtained plus any other avenue that warrants the issue of the NSS appointment letter are null and void. In the previous year, the NSS appointment letters that featured 2018/2019 were posted in the NSS website so that users could be able to download them easily or raise any claims in case there were any.

The NSS appointment letters for 2019/2020 are also available in the same portal which should be posted in the month of July, as it was the case in the year 2018/2019. Any prospective National Service Scheme candidate should be able to access his or her NS appointment letter by logging onto posting.nssghana.org.

Before any prospective National Service Scheme candidate is able to get access to his or her appointment letter, he or she is required to enter their respective NSS pin so as to gain access. Doing that automatically redirects the candidate to the national posting service column which will in turn lead the individual to the appointment letter for NSS.

Some of the information contained in the NSS appointment letter includes various postings, service requirements to the national service appointee and much more. It is important to note that if a candidate is not contented with the details in the letter, he or she should raise an alarm by giving feedback to the NSS appointment letter.

Candidates could also get access to their NSS appointment letters by physically visiting the national service scheme registration offices which are found at the respective NSS regional head office that is near the place of posting. Additionally, the appointment letter should be taken to the national service scheme registration offices at the place a candidate is posted prior to accepting the place of posting and also send an endorsement copy of the letter to the District level office of the National Service Scheme.

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NSS appointment letter 2019/2020

The NSS appointment letter 2019-2020 will be announced through the NSS website under press release. It could also be retrieved in the tab for get NSS appointment letter once you login the user details.

How to print NSS appointment letter

How to print nss appointment letter is a walk in the park. Immediately the NSS appointment letter has been posted to the National Service Scheme website, applicants with pending applications are called upon to find out the validity of their respective applications. This simply means that the candidates are required to find out whether the details on their NSS appointment letters are correct or not. After the candidates have confirmed that the information o the letters are perfect, they could go ahead and print their letters only if the NSS has updated and authorized the printing of the appointment letters.

How to get and print my nss appointment letter 2018-2019?


The National Service Scheme is quite considerate in that, it gives the prospective candidates a reasonable time gap between the final printing date of the appointment letters and the time the letters were availed to the public at the NSS portal where the candidates are able to ask questions regarding any changes that are acceptable within the National Service Scheme requirements and guidelines.

Some of those changes may include correcting errors like misspellings, wrongly placed or left out names and much more. After the place of posting and all details are filed properly, the NSS avails the appointment letters for final printing which could be easily accessed by going to get NSS appointment letter. The candidate should then click on this tab so that a new tab opens which will then redirect to the final download and printing of the appointment letter.

Once all that is done; the NSS appointment letter will be available in PDF form. The user will be therefore required to save it or just go ahead to print the letter. The user only needs to press on print and the document will be printed. In the case whereby a user does not know how to print his or her appointment letter, it is advised that they seek help from other candidates or simply go to the District or Regional office so that they get help as soon as possible.

Show NSS appointment letter

In order to show nss appointment letter, applicants should go to the browser on a personal computer, Smartphone, tablet or any other hand held device that could easily get access to the internet. It s required that the prospective NSS candidates type the name NSS and then search. Additionally, the candidates could include the word NSS Ghana or NSS appointment letter on the browser which will as a result give several search results related to what the applicants or other interested parties could be looking for.

Once that is done, the next step involves clicking on the search result which could include the NSS website address. It is advised that you click on the NSS main website address as it will direct you to what you are looking for. On the other hand, if the candidate decides to go to the other search results whereby the key search words tend to have high similarity index, the candidate could be redirected to a non NSS website which simply means that he or she will not be able to get what they are looking for.

How to get and print my nss appointment letter 2018-2019?


The greatest advantage of logging into the right website is that the candidate will be able to get adequate information on how to show the NSS appointment letter, a detailed procedure on how to search the NSS login, how to input the NSS login details that includes entering the password and finally being able to be redirected to the main tab that will show the NSS appointment letter.

In the case where the user goes directly to the NSS website, the press release tab will let them know whether there has been news regarding the release of the NSS appointment letters. If the NSS appointment letters have been released, the next step involves going direct to the NSS portal tab which will bring you closer to checking of the National Service Scheme Appointment letter.

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The sign in tab will then give the user the tab for entering his or her user name and password and then redirect you to user profile that has the entire user’s personal information. At the same point, the user is also able to go direct to the inbox tab where he or she should be able to get the NSS appointment letter. At this point, the user is required to click for the document to be previewed. If the documents are fit for downloading, the user will be able to print them out directly.

Why is My NSS appointment letter not showing?

This is one question that most prospective NSS candidates’ ask when they encounter a hitch. The best explanation to this matter is that there are times whereby the NSS website might not be updated with the appointment letters. However in some cases, that could happen when the NSS has not yet released the appointment letters.

The NSS letters are normally entered into the NSS website so that users are give an easy time to get their letters by just logging into the website. It is therefore crystal clear that this is a database that requires to be fed with relevant data so that the users could easily get access. Therefore, if you seem to experience difficulties when trying to get access to your NSS appointment letter you should take note of the fact that the NSS appointment letter database might not have been updated.

The other reason that could lead to your appointment letter not showing is when the website is under maintenance. When this is the case; it will not be possible for you to get your letter. The good thing is that the maintenance period does not take long and after some time you will be able to get your letter without experiencing difficulties of any kind as long as you use the right procedure.

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