8 things Meghan Markle can’t do after the #RoyalWedding

8 things Meghan Markle can’t do after the #RoyalWedding

The world’s attention was glued to the glamourous wedding ceremony of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry last Saturday, May 19, 2018.

An estimated 100,000 people turned out to see the couple as they sat in an open-top Ascot Landau for a carriage procession through Windsor.

The royal family expressed gratitude to all those who enjoyed the wedding, saying on the official Twitter account:

8 things Meghan Markle can’t do after the #RoyalWedding

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan

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"Thank you to everyone who came to Windsor and those who followed from around the UK, the Commonwealth, and the world today.

Congratulations once again to the newly-married Duke and Duchess of Sussex. #royalwedding."

But what next for the newest royal couple? Did you know that being part of the British Royal Family may be prestigious but has its challenges?

Meghan Markle is married to Prince Harry and thus there are so many things she is forbidden from doing?

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Below are 8 things Meghan can’t do as an official member of the royal family;

1. No more selfies!

Yes the crown does not allow Meghan to take selfies or photos with fans.

2. Go to bed before the Queen

When the royal family members are in the same house or castle, often it’ll be down to the Queen to determine when the night is over. Apparently, other members don’t “feel right” about excusing themselves to go to bed before the Queen is done for the night.

3. No more short skirts

The Queen favours hem lines that are no higher than one or two inches above the knee, so short skirts will be banished

4. No more social media

In the last few years, Meghan has racked up three million followers on Instagram and used to regularly post images from her day-to-day life. Meghan will now join Harry, Kate, and William on the Kensington Royal social media accounts that update the public with their charities. It was only on the official account that Meghan and Harry posted their engagement shots and revealed their wedding date.

5. The freedom to go out in public alone

Now that she has joined one of the most famous families in the world, she will have to get used to being surrounded by top security at all times. Heading out for a jog in the park by herself will have to be a memory of the past.

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6. No voting, no politics

Meghan applied for British citizenship ahead of the wedding, but that doesn’t mean she’ll get to vote in elections. According to the parliament website: “Although not prohibited by law, it is considered unconstitutional for the Monarch to vote in an election.”

This may apply directly to the Queen, but the royal family are said to all abide by this. A Buckingham Palace spokesperson told Newsweek in June 2017 that members of the royal family do not vote “by convention.”

7. No more acting!

Markle will have to give up her acting career. Apparently, Harry showed his family clips of Markle in Suits.

8. Signing autographs

No member of the royal family will give you an autograph as royal protocol bans them from scribbling their signature for other people. Just like the Queen, Duchess of Cambridge and Princes William and Harry, Meghan now has to politely tell people she won’t sign their autograph books or even body parts. However, they are allowed to sign visitors books when on official engagements as well as official documents.

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