Multi TV upgrade: New frequency and symbol rate

Multi TV upgrade: New frequency and symbol rate

The shift from analogue to digital has caused great changes in different aspects surrounding human life. In the communication industry, lots of people in Ghana and beyond have expressed their wish to migrate from analogue to digital. This would enable them to access world class entertainment and international content. This alarm made the multimedia company in Ghana to look for ways on how to create a digital multimedia system which will be capable of delivering higher definition pictures and access the international world for better life. A lot of people are now celebrating the success of the company on delivering these services to all its customers. Multi TV upgrade with high frequency has now come to the world. Today, people in Ghana can see the world from their sitting room. This article will guide you stepwise on how you can upgrade your Multi TV.

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Multi TV upgrade 2018

Multi TV upgrade in Ghana is complete and most people are now enjoying the service. Multi TV uses a simple principle where all the signals received by a decoder are disseminated by a satellite called Astra 2B. This principle can best be explained step-by-step to fully help you migrate to the digital world.

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Multi TV upgrade settings

The larger part of Africa is now connected to different TV frequencies due to the new upgrade system by Multi TV in Ghana which came to an end early this year. Unlike the previous version, viewers can now access different channels from their decoder. If you are still using the earlier signals, you better migrate now because you are missing out on important things. It’s simple to change to this digital lifestyle. The easiest approach is to delete all the previous channels before considering to install new upgrade channels. To delete old channels, follow the easy steps below.

  • Press the button menu to access all applications
  • Scroll to locate channels
  • Enter code 0000
  • Move down to the option delete channels
  • Hit the info key and again type the code 0000
  • Select ‘yes’ to confirm deleting the channels.

You should ensure that all old channels are deleted before scanning for upgrade channels.

multi tv upgrade 2018

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Scanning in search for new channels

This is the second crucial part in installing new channels in your decoder. Procedure followed to make this successful is as follows.

  1. Go to your decoder and press the menu button to access applications.
  2. Accept installation by pressing ok, type the code 0000 on the password box
  3. Move down to locate the option ‘manual installation. Press ok
  4. Then go to the satellite panel and press to red button on your remote. Choose the option satellite ASTRA 3A/2B or alternatively, you can select ASTRA 28.2E
  5. Move down to the frequency key and press on the green key. You should then type 12522 but appear like 12.522 GHz.
  6. Scroll down your curser to the rating symbol and type 27.000 Ms/s
  7. Move down to polarization key and ensure that it is vertical and not horizontal. Avoid pressing okay in all these last steps.

When you follow these procedures well, the two signal bars on the top right end are supposed to be green. If all is well and the green bars are there, press okay to start scanning. The scanning does not take long and once complete; you can immediately start enjoying your channels.

Try these simple steps for the installation of the new satellite channels to your decoder and start enjoying them.

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Multi TV channels update

Satellite digital box can only work effectively when updated time to time. Failing to update your decoder might cause all the multi TV channels on your decoder to stop working. The frequencies which always need this update include: SYNDICATED BOX, SMOMTEX BOX, STRONG BOX, QUALITY BOX DECODER. The steps followed in updating these components of a digit box include the following.

Syndicated box decoder

Updating syndicated box is a very simple stepwise exercise which is also short and precise. The steps involved are as follows;

  • Choose the menu key on your decoder
  • Press okay to accept installation
  • Choose manual search button
  • Select the green key and edit the current frequency
  • Choose to modify and press okay
  • Choose TP frequency and go ahead to say ok to that option
  • Type 12522 on the open box and press okay.
  • Choose polarization, on that same option press the right key to change it to vertical and then ok.
  • Choose the rate symbol and type 30000 on the empty space provided.
  • Command ok to enable it start scanning
  • Exit the system setting through to exit button. Your syndicated box will be full updated.

Somotex box decoder (sometimes referred to as black box)

To update somotex box on your decoder, follow the following easy steps below:

  • Press the menu key to access applications.
  • Move down to the option start installation
  • Choose TP list
  • Press the green key to change frequency, type 12522 on the empty box provided.
  • Press ok
  • Go to the symbol rate and right 30000 on the box provided
  • Choose polarity.
  • Click on the right key to change it to vertical
  • Save this and click ok
  • Double tap the ok button to enable scanning
  • Click exist to view your updated channels

Strong box decoder

To update the frequencies of your strong box, you are required to follow the following steps:

  • Click on the menu button on your decoder
  • Type four zeros on the box provided as your password (0000)
  • Move down to manual scanning and press ok on it
  • Click on the red button of your remote to choose name of the satellite as ASTRA 3A/3B.
  • Click on the red button to add a new TP list.
  • On the frequency box provided, type 12522.
  • Go to the symbol rate and type 30000 on the box provided
  • Choose the right key to change it to vertical
  • Move down and select scan and type ok
  • Exist the system update and start viewing your channels.

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Quality decoder

To update this decoder, follow the step below:

  • Press the menu button
  • Move down to DVB-s and click okay on it.
  • Type the password as 0000
  • Continue by choosing dish setting option
  • Press the yellow key on the remote to edit TP
  • Move down to symbol and right 27000 on the box provided
  • Move down to yes and click okay
  • Move further to service search and press okay on
  • Scroll down to locate ‘start scanning’. When the scan is complete, you can now view your channels.

Multi TV channels in Ghana

multi tv channels update

Source: techlector

The Ghana famous multi TV channel update has around 20 channels though experts argue that it has the capacity of running upto 200 channels. Some of its common channels include the following:

  1. Cine afrik –it’s a movie and series channels which mainly deals with, Ghana, Nigeria and other African countries.
  2. Joy TV –this is one of the oldest television stations in Ghana. It majorly deals with movies and series at international level. It offers all forms of general entertainment.
  3. Kids TV – this channel is meant for children. It awards all winning children in various programs which it offers.
  4. Hit TV –this channel is reserved for music and general good lifestyle. Its most preferred by the youth in Ghana and beyond. This has made hit TV to be the best among the multi TV channels.
  5. Joy sport-this station is reserved for sports. It offers all European football games, tournaments and other game categories like hockey, rugby among other. This is also a very popular station in Ghana.
  6. Joy news. An exclusive news channel which offer new from CNN, BBC and FRENCH 24 alongside domestic news. It’s an international channel which is viewed worldwide.
  7. Adom TV. This is a local language channel that air local content like music, news and advertisements. It also offers local movie services and sports.
  8. Jesus channel- offers Christian based program. It includes, gospels, preaching program and many more.
  9. Nhyria TV-this television channel offers exclusively gospel program but in Ghana local language.

Multi TV upgrade software

multi tv upgrade software download


Many multi TV customers have been constantly asking how they can upgrade their decoder software in case of a problem. It is important to upgrade your decoder software time to time in order to avoid inconveniences caused by things like, changes in broadcast, internet coding, technology and so on. When these changes are made, you first need to update for software to receive the updates. This software update can be acquired through downloading from the multi TV website. Multi TV upgrade software download provide the best solution for all your upgrade concerns.

When should you update your decoder software?

The best time for an Multi Tv decoder upgrade is when you are experiencing difficulties in loading. There are several approaches which can help solve this problem. Firstly, you can contact customer care or help desk at or 1800 820 030. Alternatively, you can choose to install new version of the update software. This might greatly help to solve the minor problem. However, it’s not advisable to upgrade when you don’t experience any issue with the running version.

Best software to use in upgrading

It’s advisable to use only software obtained from the website, or strong technician. Only software related to your model should be used. Using any other software may harm your device and might not be easy to repair.

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Reasons for doing software upgrade

  • To install new changes which might have been upgraded soon. This will enable your decoder to access all new updates.
  • For operational purpose especial when required in the system. Sometimes, decoder software may require update to access some information.
  • Upgraded software is always effective in working than old software. It also limited malfunction attacks
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