How to last longer in bed naturally?

How to last longer in bed naturally?

How can a guy last longer in bed naturally? Honestly, how to last longer in bed naturally is a concern for most men. There is no way to quantify what good sex duration should be, but at least lasting at least 5 min per session, is considered good enough. Some guys will even go beyond that although they wouldn’t admit. There are some reasons that can cause you not to last longer in bed. Luckily, there are some beneficial health tips that can help. Most relationships are at risk due to immature release and of course no one would want to separate from their loved ones when there is something that can be done to improve the situation. Here are the answers to your question like how to last longer in bed naturally.

How to last longer in bed naturally

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Best way to last longer in bed naturally

Most guys start panicking the moment they are in bed and this will just make things worse. All you need to do is to relax and not to focus on the time limit. I know there are questions running in your head like how can I last longer in bed naturally, but you have no idea on how. Check out these suggestions and find what works for you.

1. Take turns

As a giver, your task is to lavish your partner with what they need in the best way possible. However as a receiver you get to relax and receive as much pleasure as you can. Think of this as necessary breaks that will make it easy to last longer in bed. Take turns and your performance will be more satisfying and last longer as expected. It is a win win situation for both partners. This however calls for some level of selflessness and proper communication is also necessary.

2. Playing with yourself

You may need to work yourself up. Take up to 15 min till you get to that point you desire. This will only work if you touch yourself while thinking of your partner as opposed to your own fulfillment.This way, the question of how to last longer in bed without pills will never come up.

3. Show a little courtesy

Think of you partner's satisfaction before your own at all times.It is important since your focus will be redirected from your own fears and in turn this will release you from the psychological anxiety which of course relieves the pressure to act on impulse. This is one of the last longer in bed remedies as it works like a trick. When you take care of your partner in full, chances are that she will not go asking for more since she is already satisfied after the first round no matter the duration.

4. Change roles - let the girl take lead

If you are concerned about how to make a guy last longer in bed naturally then consider doing the donkey work. You want him stimulated less and slow thus helping him maintain his endurance and in turn longevity. In the end, you get the time you want and he gets satisfied which was the aim from the beginning. You need to be willing to help out every once in a while. After all, it is about making each other happy and whatever it takes should be considered. Most importantly, you should communicate about your fears and listen without judging. This way the pressures that comes with the need to over perform and over please will die down. It will be a mutual understanding that leads to pleasurable moments.

Develop the right mindset for longer lasting sex

The many men that struggle to last do so not because they lack the physical skills but because they have some psychological problem. All you need is to do is switch your mind and focus on other things because your releases are always caused by involuntary muscular tension.

1. Massage and fondling

Physical contact is important for a satisfying session with your partner. Take turns exploring each other's bodies before getting physical. A great back massage and foot massage could prime your body for more comfort and pleasure. This way, you will encourage yourself and your partner as well to breathe deeply and relax well which then works to your advantage.

2. Control the surrounding

Avoid anything which is too exciting and get to a comfortable place where you and your partner will not feel overexcited. This will help you last longer. You should stick to the bedroom till you can take control of the emotions and passion. The moment you feel relaxed you can then get adventurous. However, make sure its a calming environment and you take it a step at a time.

3. Fruits

Fruits like bananas do play a role in that they also help improve the production of hormones, increase energy level and help spice up sexual desire. Fruits and vegetables as well as specific special foods have been used since ancient times to control and regulate matters in the bedroom. Invest in fruits such as water melon which are not only natural but also come packed with tons of benefits. Its seeds contain magnesium which have an aphrodisiac effect on the consumer. This increases libido and stamina thus solving the challenge of duration in men.Water melon is a natural enhancer for the much needed sex drive.

If you can get access to the avocado then you are also in luck. Avocado contains high folic acid which would help increase sperm count in men. A simple thing as eating the right type of fruits can make things so much better for you as a man that is out to impress his lady.Do not bother about learning tricks that sound too good to be true when you can almost do nothing and be so much better. It is not rocket science. Invest in proper diet packed with recommended fruits and you not have to learn the latest method to be like a pro.

Exercises to last longer in bed naturally

Men who cannot last for long in the bed tend to have low self esteem and get this mentality of their women cheating or looking for other ways to satisfy themselves when it could all just be in their heads.It is unfortunate that such assumptions lead to breaking of otherwise great relationships when there are a few things a man can do to better his odds and eliminate the doubts once and for all. The following is a highlight of natural supplements for lasting longer in bed which when combined with right exercises can turn things around easily;

1. Planks

Planks is considered a super exercise because of its ability to strengthen your lower back muscles and your abdominal area.Men need a strong core to please their ladies. In addition, doing regular plank exercises will help boost one's endurance and help create a strength that is inbuilt. If your aim is to have your woman screaming your name then this is the workout for you.

2. Bicep curl into shoulder press

Being strong enough to pick a woman up, hold her against the wall, or carry her into the bedroom will likely add to the excitement and playfulness. This will boost the amount of time you want to be together and therefore counts a lot. With this type of exercise, you will get to this point with a lot of ease.

3. Overhead squat

Strong arms, shoulders and legs will let you hold your partner and have her cherish you in new ways. Strong legs will allow you to go from horizontal to vertical postures. Even if you choose to stand, it will be easy to achieve your goal either way. The over head squat is most beneficial because it puts the weight in front of you compared to most squats that put the weight behind you. This will be of help to both you and your partner to take as long as you guys want.

4. Yoga

Your partner will sometimes want a nice, slow and sensual session and yoga will help in that. Yoga opens up your limbs, joints and muscles, provides relaxation and calm and reduces stress. Yoga provides the perfect balance for relaxing your body while also bringing mindfulness to it. This enhances duration when you get intimate and makes it more enjoyable for both parties.

5. High intensity interval training (HIIT)

If you don’t have the stamina and endurance to keep up with your partner's going, you are short charging them. To avoid that, give 100 percent of your energy and focus to your partner. Invest in building endurance and saving yourself time. HIIT will help you prevent the scenario of boring your partner to death.

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Organic supplements to help you last longer in bed


Sometimes your lady may need extra help for maximum pleasure. This is when the use of some little lubricant may be necessary. Check out available, organic and botanic blends as well as dual purpose lubricant and massage oil.

Reishi mushrooms

This supplement improves blood circulation and purifies the kidney. It is believed that the kidneys are integral to passion and sex drive. Keeping your kidneys functional is therefore instrumental for your success in the bedroom.

Surthrival pine pollen

Pine pollen can be taken daily to promote healthy androgen and estrogen levels. It contains nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that help unlock peak physical and mental health. It also helps regulate prostate function, increase free testosterone levels in blood and improve vitality and stamina.


If you follow all these exercises, you will enjoy your bedroom life with your partner. They are available as a means that will work as a remedy to last longer in bed for males. These exercises can be performed anywhere inconspicuously. Start off in a seated position, preferable on a hard surface to add slight resistance. The actual intimate positions require use of your lower back muscles, so if you don’t take the time to strengthen them, pain and discomfort will lead to poor performance and shorter duration. Also take those supplements. It doesn’t mean you have any health problems only that they contain some vitamins which promote estrogen and this helps in increasing testosterone levels.

Both men and women want longer lasting sex, but guys lack the sexual stamina to make it happen. The suggested exercises can help you a lot. Sexual confidence comes from sexual competence and sex is integral to a thriving relationship. Good sex bonds you and it keeps you connected. By building up your skill set and your sexual life, you will enter the bedroom with a new sense of pride and conviction in your abilities. From the above lists on how to last longer in bed naturally, you have more than enough info to get you started in the right direction. Follow those methods/ remedies if you want to give the kind of sexual performance that has you hoping she will brag about it to her friends.

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