Nana Wan cars and house

Nana Wan cars and house

Nana Wan cars have gotten the attention of most Ghanaians, thus the need to learn more about him. Nana Kwame Wiafe, popularly referred to as Mr. Wealth aka Nana Wan. The Money god is a Ghanaian media personality, CEO and owner of Wiafe Group of Companies and the President of 2Hype Music. Nana Wan's date of birth is unknown but speculations place him in his early 30’s judging from his flashy and wealthy life style, to his assertive form of living. Apart from the business side of life, Nana Wan’s name hit the tabloids for all the good and wrong reasons with the good being his flashy living style occasioned by the high end cars dubbed ‘Nana Wan cars’ as well as his house, to the most recent shocking story of his confession to killing relatives and babies to acquire wealth. Though the story got out, the self-proclaimed Money god was not happy about the story and made indications that he was in the US, Mary Land at the time of the year.

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Nana Wan cars and house

From driving top of the range SUV’s to estate cars and posing for shiny photos in different homes, Nana Wan is a typical rich kid in the block. Many Ghanaian fans keep tabs on him and follow him keenly. Judging from the many different photos shared by Nana Wan in different parts of the country as well as outside the country, it is apparent that Nana Wan is a lover of state of the art cars as well as posh houses. Speculations exists about the numerous types of Nana Wan cars and house. These include a Range Rover, BMW X6, Chrysler, Bentley and Lamborghini which all form the larger part of his large collection of vehicles in his garage. As it is the case, Nana Wan has in the past always stayed silent only sharing photos of his new ride or house which has led to different rumors.

Nana Wan cars and house


Nana Wan Ghana

If you want to talk about success, focus, hype, motivation and relate it to a young and energetic youth in Ghana, then Nana Wan Ghana will fit your description quite well. From driving state of the art machines to visiting high end places overseas and living the life, their is no doubt that Nana Wan is highly successful. With a large following among many youths in Ghana, Nana Wan has a great influence among the Ghanaian youths. They attribute his success to his hard work, motivation, focus, great planning among many other things that make him popular. When you search his name on the internet, you will get results which are mainly associated to his high end living; spending his time in different regions such as Dubai, the US and many other parts of the world. Common among the search results of Nana Wan searches on the internet is his love for flashy living in most of his pictures. Common results are those casting shade of the different cars that he drives, the great home that he lives with his wife as well as the great places he has visited. Some of these cars include the range rover, Bentley, and the Lamborghini.

Nana Wan cars and house

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Nana Wan Lamborghini

Nana Wan is no doubt a lover of cars which is depicted in his garage full of different cars which include a Range Rover, BMW X6, Chrysler and even a Lamborghini. One peculiar car in his garage is the Lamborghini Gallardo. Nana Wan Lamborghini is one of the rarest of the Italian Gallardo model. Production of the Lamborghini Gallardo cars ran from the year 2003 to 2013. The production of the car was stopped by the manufacturer making Nana Wan's one of the few Gallardo owner's around the world.

Just to get a glimpse of how the car looks like, the car is black in color with quite a low body to chassis ratio signifying the car was not probably made for the rugged Ghanaian roads, but the city life that it enjoys with its owner. Information of the interior of the car is not available. However, anyone who knows Nana Wan would be sure that the car is fitted with top of the art sound system as well as good seats which may be custom made from different colors. One common attribute that is prevalent in all Nana Wan's cars including his Lamborghini is the Nana Wan tag custom plates.This is his statement signature for the entire world to know and appreciate his presence.

Nana Wan cars and house


Nana Wan residence

Just like an ordinary person, owning a home and especially a personal residence is a great life milestone. It is where one can run back to seek solitude after a hard day’s work. Media personalities such as Nana Wan attach even greater importance on owning a home and personal residence. This is more so important for the case of their capacities as media personalities where they will need to have business deals far from towns. In the case of Nana Wan, he uses his residence to host friends, business acquaintances, hold rendezvous meetings and carry out interviews.

Not much information is available about Nana Wan residence but it is expected that the home is superb, furnished with every other expensive item that one would expect such a personality to hold. It is also my expectation that Nana Wan residence has a private office, swimming pool, a good parking lot for a number of his great machines and a marvelous playground for kids and family. Nana Wan residence is shared by Nana Wan himself and his wife. It is in the area of Trassaco. Information about ownership of other Nana Wan residence is not in the public domain as the business mogul has been seen to share photos from different countries and different regions of the country but we have no proof he owns them.

Nana Wan houses

Judging from the different houses that Nana Wan has had photos taken in on Instagram, the number of Nana Wan houses may not be wholesomely determined. This is even harder to determine as his wealth domain in terms of ownership of homes cannot be ascertained due to the fact that he has not come out to give details pertaining to his homes. Compared to the normal case where Nana Wan has had his name signature tagged on the different vehicles that he owns, the different houses that he has taken pictures in have not had such details. This only leaves the viewer speculating on whether in real sense the home is owned by him. However, it is a common fact that all the houses that Nana Wan has tagged photos of in social media and the internet are great. One of Nana Wan houses is in Trassaco where he resides with his wife.

Nana Wan Bentley

When it comes to differentiating between having money and a life of immense prestige, Bentley's have always cut a clear difference between the two. The cars are hand-crafted and specifically made for the elites and the who is who in the society with their number on the roads globally being very low. Nana Wan Bentley is a one of a kind. It is rare to find such a car especially in a region as Ghana due to the car cost and also due to the rough terrain of roads in the country. Nana Wan has been seen taking photos of himself with the machine in various places he has visited. This is a spectacular way of standing out of the crowd. Nana Wan Bentley is white in color and its model is the continental GT model which is not only beautiful and powerful but also exquisitely crafted to meet the needs of its users.

Nana Wan cars and houses

Nana Wan has over 11 Range Rovers which he uses for different purposes. Though the cars have not been fully ascertained, many claims have been made which are almost proof of possession of the alleged cars. The Range Rovers differ in their colors, year of manufacture; customization and many other attributes which make them stand out. Also in his entourage is a continental GT Bentley a one of a kind machine in Ghana. The car is a limited edition with only of its kind being in the region of Ghana as well as around the world. Nana Wan’s garage also houses a Chrysler (US make) which is a high end mid-level SUV silver in color. The Chrysler is a hatch back version with a 5 seater capacity judging from the photos share by its owner.Not to forget about his Lamborghini which would be a shame as it is also in his collection. Nana Wan also owns a silver BMW X6, German made machine that finalizes his list of prestige cars that he has been able to share online. Common in the cars that Nana Wan owns is his Nana Wan signature plate that is affixed on all his vehicles. This brings the list of Nana Wan cars and houses to an end.

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Nana Wan net worth

Nana Wan net worth cannot be fully ascertained as only speculations have been made about his net worth. One of the cases is where a ‘Nana One’ impostor made claims of being the real Nana Wan and being able to possess the Posh lifestyle that the real Nana Wan lives. The Nana Wan imposter made claims that Nana Wan had killed 114 babies and 2 of his sister’s sons in order to acquire immense wealth which the impostor valued himself to earn 500 billion a week. This was, however, short lived as the claims were affirmed to be false and the fake Nana Wan impostor set to be charged for defamation. The real Nana Wan however, has a net worth in millions which can be clearly seen in his posh lifestyle.

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