Cheap flights from Accra to New York

Cheap flights from Accra to New York

Gone are the days when traveling overseas was difficult since cheap flights from Accra to New York make it convenient. The numerous airlines have made life so simple. You can make several trips to and from other countries or within Ghana within a couple of minutes, unlike fifty years ago where everyone would rely on ships that took ages to travel. Ghana boasts of a number of airlines that provide affordable travel packages. The airlines also offer the best services for both local and international flights.

Cheap flights from Accra to New York

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Here are examples of the major airlines in Ghana;

  • Delta Airlines
  • Emirates Airline
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • TAP Air Portugal
  • KLM Royal Dutch Airline

These airlines specifically deal with passengers. Others deal with both passengers and cargo. They include; Aerogem Aviation which started operation in 2000 and specifically deals with cargo. Another is Africa World Airlines which started operations in 2012. Others include Airlift International Ghana, Antrak Air, Goldstar Air and Solenta Aviation. These airlines deal with transporting people and cargo in and out of the country.

The travel charges on these airlines vary from one airline to the other. They also vary according to the time of the month and day of the week. The type of flight also has great impact on the airfare. Direct flights tend to be more costly as compared to connecting flights. However, direct flights are more convenient as compared to connecting flights. Therefore airfare from Accra to New York is not constant, it nevertheless ranges from $710-$898.

As stated, before settling for an airline, it is brilliant to consider a number of factors among them, the services that the airline has to offer, the convenience of the airline as well as the airfare, the time when bookings were made also have an impact. It is cheaper if you book a couple of months before the departure date. The travel time too has impact on the airfare. Morning flights are normally cheaper than evening flights. The day of the week also has impact on the airfare. Travelling on Wednesday would be cheaper than travelling on Sunday. Considering the airfare, here are some of the airlines that provide cheap flights from Ghana to New York. The airfare charges normally include all taxes imposed during travel.


klm flight from Ghana to USA

This is one of the largest airlines that offers flight services to the better part of the world. With over 141 destinations, Emirates has earned itself a name in the market and recognized as one of the most comfortable and best serving airline. It also has affordable airfare rates depending on the type of bookings made, be it first class, business class or economy class. The airline has won everyone’s heart because of the numerous offers that they give. The offers are frequent and as high as 80% off. Who wouldn’t give in to this? Emirates has cheap airfare from Accra to New York, which is approximately $835. With such cheap flights from Accra Ghana to New York, anyone can afford to travel comfortably. The airline operates from Accra Kotoka to John F Kennedy International Airport in New York. Direct emirates flight from Accra to New York covers a distance of 8215 Kilometers. The Ghana to New York flight time using this airline takes 12 hours on average.

Delta Airlines Ghana

Delta Airline is a major American based airline. Its headquarters are located in at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International airport, Atlanta. By 2016, the Delta Airline had a total of 319 destinations in more than 53 countries. The airline has a hub in La Guardia in New York. It also has a hub in John F Kennedy International Airport in New York. Delta Airline is also a well-established airline that has taken root in Ghana. Since 2006, Delta Airlines Ghana has given its best to deliver its services to four African countries. It started with only 22 departures per week, to Africa. The number increased to 42 by 2015 and since then has made gradual increase. Among the flight services that Delta Airline offers is that from Accra Ghana to New York. Delta Airlines Ghana operates from Kotoka international airport, Accra, to John F Kennedy for direct flights to New York. For indirect flight, the airline makes a stopover at LaGuardia.

The airline operates under a stipulated schedule. The departure time of these flights are normally stated too. An example of Delta Airlines-flights schedule Accra-New York for March 28th and 29th 2015 is tabulated below;

Cheap flights from Accra to New York

The services that Delta Airline offers are quality and get better depending on the type of package one has settled for. The seats allocated for premium economy are standard and comfortable seats with headrests that are adjustable. They also have enough legroom. Passengers can also enjoy the screens fitted on every seat and a USB port fitted on every seat. Basically, the services that Delta Airlines Ghana offers are worth the airfare that the airline charges.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM Royal Dutch Airline is also a popular airline that has been in the game since the year 1919. It is one of the largest and most equipped airlines. The airline has over 145 destinations around the world. With a fleet of 119, it is one of the greatest and well established airlines. For years the airline has had its share of awards for the services it offers. KLM offers cheap flight tickets from Accra to New York. On average, KLM flight from Ghana to USAcosts $831.

Royal Air Maroc

Royal Air Maroc is one of the best and well equipped airlines in Northern Africa. Since 1957, Royal Air Maroc has provided flight services both locally and internationally. The Moroccan based airlines has made colossal steps in the industry. With a fleet size of 55, the airline has established itself through the services it provides even beyond Africa. It is known for offering cheap flight tickets from Accra to New York. The airline just takes a total of 16 hours and 50 minutes to cover the Ghana to New York distance, which is a whole 9027 Kilometers. Return flights are longer because they are not direct flights and therefore take 25 hours and 30 minutes using this airline.

TAP Air Portugal

Tap Air Portugal is a Portugal based airline that operates from Lisbon Airport. From Lisbon Airport, the airline is able to serve its hubs. Started in 1946, the airline serves a total of 88 destinations. With a fleet of 91, the airline also offers subsidiary services such as TAP Express and TAP cargo. The award winning airline offers cheap flights from Accra to USA. The estimated cost charged by TAP Air Portugal, to travel from Accra to New York is $555. TAP Air Portugal is one of the cheapest airlines to consider while traveling from Accra to New York.

Cheap flights from Ghana to New York

Goldstar Air

Goldstar Air is the smallest and youngest airline in Ghana. With a fleet of only three planes, the airline has made progress for the past three years that it has been in the market. From the good services it offers at customer friendly prices, it is proving to be one of the most promising young airlines in Ghana.

The type of airline will determine whether your flight will be direct or indirect. Direct flights are those that do not involve stopping at a specific airport, then pursuing with the journey on another plane. On the other hand, indirect flights are those that you have to stop at specified airports and board another plane after a specified amount of time. Normally, direct flights take a shorter traveling time as compared to indirect flights. As compared to indirect flights, direct flights from Ghana to USA are cheaper too.

delta airlines Ghana

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Direct flights are those that leave one airport and their next stop over is your desired destination. Direct flights are cheaper as compared to indirect flights. Travelling from Ghana to New York using the direct flight option involves Kotoka airport in Accra and the John F Kennedy Airport in New York. Indirect flights involve stopover at LaGuardia Airport. For most cases, these flights normally take longer than expected.

Bookings for round trips are basically cheaper and it is therefore advisable to make these bookings at once. Most offers are awarded for round trips.

From the airlines highlighted above, you can weigh which one to settle for if you are looking for one that offers cheap airfare from Accra to New York. However, before settling for one, consider the services that come along with the package. Comfortability is a major factor for the approximately 16 hour journey.

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