5 times Anas showed Ghanaians are corrupt

5 times Anas showed Ghanaians are corrupt

There is a general perception out there that most Ghanaians are corrupt. And although there are still genuine men and women in the country, the corruption on display at all sectors can simply not be ignored.

That brings us to the work of undercover journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, who has made it his responsibility to expose the bad eggs in office with hardcore evidence.

For years, the popular investigative journalist has been churning out exposé upon exposé in a bid to flash out corruption in Ghana and beyond.

5 times Anas showed Ghanaians are corrupt

Undercover journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas

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In the last three years, he uncovered the biggest scandal to hit the nation when he exposed corrupt persons in Ghana’s judiciary service.

The latest is the case involving Ghana Football Association (GFA) Kwesi Nyantakyi, who is believed to have been captured in the yet-to-be released exposé titled “Number 12”.

It is a job that has seen him implicate many, going by his “name, shame and jail” mantra.

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We take a look at five different occasions where Anas’ investigations showed that Ghanaians are corrupt:

1. Exposing corrupt Police officers

It’s been almost 20 years since Anas Aremeyaw Anas ventured in investigative journalism, having completed his degree at the Ghana Institute of Journalism.

However, his first ever undercover assignment was on exposing corruption within the ranks of the Ghana Police Service.

Anas posed as a hawker – specifically a seller of local snack Nkatie Burger – and hit the streets in an attempt to find out why street hawking is an illegal act, yet the Police was doing nothing about it.

He eventually discovered that Police officers were taking monies, you can call it bribes, from the hustling hawkers in exchange for allowing them sell on the streets. Anas later revealed that this particular assignment lasted for seven days.

2. Discovering corruption on Ghana’s border

In 2010, Anas adopted a very skillful, yet weird way, of exposing that corruption that was going on at the Ghana-Cote d’Ivoire border.

The investigative journalist took his job to a whole new level by setting himself up at the border in the form of a huge rock, with two pointed eyes.

Eventually, he was able to expose the corrupt practices at the border, with evidence showing that smuggling of cocoa was a pervasive act across the borders.

3. Smuggling at Tema Ports

In another of Anas’ thrilling exposés, the award-winning investigative journalist decided to take a look into the dealings of officers at Ghana’s Port of Tema.

Dressed like a Policeman himself, he took aim at the actions of custom officers and how they were aiding in the smuggling of goods to and from the ports.

His investigation led to the nation recovering over $200million in lost state funds.

4. Eurofood scandal

In 2006, Anas premiered an intriguing piece on Eurofood, a biscuit and confectionery factory in Ghana.

He went in as a menial worker at the factory and ended up exposing the filthy dealings of the cookie company to the world.

Anas’ investigations uncovered that Eurofood was using expired and maggot-infested flour to produce biscuits for public consumption in Ghana and other parts of Africa.

The company was eventually closed down after this expose.

5. Passport scandal

Again in 2006, Anas went on a mission to expose all dirty deals that were transpiring at the various passport offices across the country.

He posed as a businessman and approached authorities at the passport office to test how they were going about their duties.

However, the outcome was damning, as it was discovered that Ghanaian passports were being provided to foreigners who were willing to pay for it, to the detriment of real citizens.

This undercover work, led to the introduction of the biometric passport registration.

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