Job vacancies in Ghana for graduates 2018

Job vacancies in Ghana for graduates 2018

Thanks to the internet, finding job vacancies in Ghana for graduates has never been easier. Online job boards are filled with various posts from local as well as international companies seeking Ghana’s very best employees. This article will highlight the ‘hotspots’ for jobs, their requirements and where to apply.

Job vacancies in Ghana today

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Job opportunities in Ghana

There is nothing more disappointing in this world as working hard in school only to be stranded after graduation with no employment. For a very long time, graduates have been knocking on doors of various companies inquiring for posts, only for those doors to be slammed behind them with a rather sarcastic yet polite, ‘No’.

Fortunately, the world has transformed, and currently, with the various job boards websites on the internet, simple clicks of the mouse are all it takes to secure an interview. However, the number of these websites has been growing over the years and has now become a daunting task in pinpointing the best of them all. But then again, reputation, experience and customer review are some of the fundamental elements in conducting your scrutiny.

It helps to know that there are companies that are willing to take in new graduates without unnecessarily long years of experience expected. Some of these companies are:

  1. Total Ghana
  2. Vodafone Ghana
  3. IPMC, Software engineering instructor
  4. Axxend corporation
  5. Invest Africa consulting
  6. Pharmatech
  7. TDI Global
  8. Wellness lab Ghana
  9. Tema, GH
  10. Africa World Airlines Limited (AWA)
  11. Red sea maritime services limited
  12. M & G Pharmaceuticals limited
  13. Makedu consult
  14. Acess bank PLC
  15. Kencity Media

There is always hope for fresh graduates when they know that their efforts will be rewarded in due time. The fact that there are companies opened to gibing them new opportunities to start out is something that is encouraging. It is however important for young people to always consider the possibilities of interning or even volunteering before they can secure permanent places of employment. It helps to offer services ,sometimes without pay as a way of earning experience and placing yourself strategically for a valuable position. More often than not, volunteers and interns will be absorbed for positions that arise if they are already within the company. Nevertheless, there are certain career opportunities for young specialists. Some of the areas that young people need to consider and could overlooked include:

  • Teaching jobs from primary to tertiary levels
  • Forensic sciences. It is an opportunity to work in investigation and help law enforcement agencies
  • Environmental science and protection
  • Camera operations
  • Physical therapist

The secret is to find a career that is not too flooded unless it is an age old profession like teaching that continually needs new people. The best opportunities to entire into are those that seem unfamiliar.

Job sites in Ghana

When looking for jobs in Ghana, whether in government, Private Corporation or even Non-governmental organization, these sites help you through. Not only are they popular in the public eye but regarded as among the best by local companies. They include the following;


Very well organized with a systematic page layout, this site has been rated so far as the best website in job pursuit. It also has a Nigerian version of the site as well.

2. JobInGhana

This is yet another trendy job website in our region. It has a clean appearance by the texts may somehow appear smaller for some people. But whichever case, their job vacancies are well categorized according to various fields on the home page.

3. GhanaCurrentJobs

Aside from the two, Ghanacurrentjobs j providing crucial current updates to the job seekers. Anyway, there have been speculations that the site somehow looks similar to which may as well be a mere hearsay or just coincidental.

4. JobHouseGhana

With the jobs listed at, this site is ideal for people who are seeking specialized jobs in web design, HR, and Recruitment, Fleet management among others. According to the staff, JobHouseGhana is simply a business process out-sourcing company only in certain types of jobs. Aside from that, it also has a catchy design with very impressive big fonts.

5. Tonaton

This is among the job sites in Gh that have been popular mainly due to buying and selling of goods. Just like job vacancies in Ghana olx, it also provides opportunities for posting and locating goods on their sites. Which is somehow considered a good thing.

6. BusinnessGhanaJobs

Well, this site mainly offers business news to Ghanaians. But still, since you cannot talk about business news without mentioning a few current job posts in our country, they have proved to be very informative. All in all, even though the site is not as vibrant as the ones above, it still qualifies to be on the list.

7. Ghanajob

This site also caught the attention of the public mainly because of its easy navigation technique. You can easily search, locate jobs and apply. With also a very simple web design, you can never spend much time scrolling up and down.

8. JoblistGhana

Well, just like the other sites, its design is not bad, as jobs are well categorized and also has nice big fonts.

9. Ghanaweb jobs Portal

Through their portal, Ghanaweb seems to offer anything from their website. It has also proven to be very informative and up to date with job seekers.

10. Jobwebghana

This is a typical job board site which is also instructive in a job application, but still, its homepage is not too appealing.

11. LinkedIn Jobs

If you are into interest based jobs, then this site will surely be useful to you. It also brushes shoulders with the best websites in our country and is quite popular. All you need to do is to open an account or rather sign up with them, and then be enlightened afterward with the various job alerts that flow constantly. Worry not as the software automatically sends alerts in your appropriate region.

But then again, you ought to have selected your interests or specialty in your profile for the kind of jobs you need. This will make your experience rather easy.

Job vacancies in Ghana for Graduates 2018

Top companies to work for in Ghana

There are very many companies that offer job vacancies in Ghana for shs graduates, fresh graduates, or even individuals with concrete academic titles at the prefixes of their names. But then again, not very many firms offering job vacancies in Ghana today are fruitful, some of them are merely exploitative without offering any substantial paycheck.

Therefore, when scrolling up and down on job boards in Ghana, there are particular types of companies that you should pay close attention to. Their growth and profit margin is an equivalent heavy salary on the employees. Here are some of the best companies in our region to be associated with.

1. Regimanuel Gray Group

This is a group of companies that have established themselves in various sectors of the society from mining through Bessblock Concrete Products Limited, Hospitality as well as real estate. Under the leadership of Mr. Emmanuel KwasiBotchway, the company has really invested itself in the heart of the society, spreading their market base even into neighboring countries, particularly Sierra Leone.

2. Ashanti Goldfields

Ghana is well known as the leading exporter of cocoa and gold. Ashanti Goldfields is among the companies that have put our country on the map for being the leading producer not just in Africa but across the world. It was established in 1987 and has never turned back ever since.

3. Intercontinental Bank Ghana

The banking industry is one of the most competitive industries in the country. Nevertheless, despite the banks having been established, Intercontinental Bank Ghana has always been rising and staying ahead of the competition. It got its license in 2006 and gradually but steadily rose from consumer deposits of 120% to now over 300% per year.

In summary, other top companies include Rig Communications, Antrak Group of companies, Kencity media among others.

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