Anita Erskine biography

Anita Erskine biography

Anita was born in Jerusalem in 1978 to former Ghanaian soldier and politician, Lieutenant General Emmanuel Erskine and Mrs. Rose Erskine who raised her in Ghana. In 2006 she joined TV and did her first host show in TV3s Mentor. She later became a presenter on DSTV studio 53 where she hosted TV shows like Making of a Mogul, Pamper Your Mum and Cooking with Anita. She is also a producer, writer and oral narrator. She is also the founder of the women empowerment organization called Brand Woman Africa. She was the first Ghanaian woman to host Vodafone Music Awards. This article gives you a sneak peak into the life of the star and what better way to learn about Anita than to go through Anita Erskine biography.

Anita Erskine is a TV host and a radio presenter, who host Talk shows on Viasat 1. She also hosts in +233 Discovery TV on a show featuring celebrities and inspirational stories from invited guests. Anita was born in 1978 in Jerusalem and raised in Ghana. Check out thisAnita Erskine biography to get to know her better.

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Anita Erskine profile

  • Born: 1978 in Jerusalem
  • Age: 40 years old
  • Origin: Jerusalem and raised in Ghana
  • Marital status: married
  • Occupation: TV and radio presenter and entrepreneur
  • Famous for: hosting various shows
  • Net worth: unknown
  • Facebook: Anita Erskine
  • Twitter: @TheAnitaErskine
  • Instagram: theanitaerskine

Biography of Anita Erskine

Anita Erskine is a TV and radio host. She has hosted three popular shows on the DSTV platform. These are The Making of a Mogul, Cooking With Anita and Pamper Your Mum. The talented presenter, producer, oral narrator and entrepreneur balances hosting live events for Multi nationals like Globacom, Ecobank Transnational Incorporated and Vlisco while taking the world of TV by storm. She is also the founder of Brand Woman Africa which is an association to empower women. She was born in 1978 to Mr. Emmanuel Erskine and Mrs. Rose Erskine in Jerusalem and raised in Ghana.The following is a detailed cover of Anita Erskine Ghana biography.

Anita’s education

Anita has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Studies from Trent University. At just 17 years old, she was a native of Northern Ghana and the first in her family to go to university. She is a WEF’s first scholarship recipient which enabled her to get started on her 4-year degree in Media Communications.

Anita’s career

In 2006 Anita followed her passion and joined TV where she did her first hosting gig in TV3s Mentor. Later she moved onto host three other shows namely Making of a Mogul, Cooking With Anita and Pamper Your Mum on DSTV platform championing the best of Africa brand. Her skill in presenting, oral narration and entrepreneurship has seen her lead a rather busy life which she perfectly balances. She has worked as a host in live events for Multi nationals including Ecobank, Globacom, Transnational Incorporated, and Vlisco . This has not interfered with her TV world where she still shines.

Anita’s first big break on TV happened at Metro TV in 1997. The very next year, she decided to take a long break to travel and study from 1998 till 2006. When she returned to Ghana in 2006 Anita realized it was time for her to go full force into her career, and in 2007 she joined MNET Africa Studio 53. Anita loves a good challenge hence her involvement in TV programs that educate, inform, entertain and ultimately change peoples’ perceptions of social norms in Africa

She later started a women’s empowerment program Brand Woman Africa as an organization that projects the advancement of women across all African societies and in the Diaspora through Television. With her natural desire to showcase the vision, determination and drive that almost every African woman is celebrated for, BWA develops TV formats and platforms which explore the lifestyle, fashion, social advancement and political ambitions of the modern African woman.

She worked with Original Public is on brands such as Nestlé (Nescafe, Maggi & Cerelac), Guinness Ghana Breweries (Guinness), Coca Cola, Ghana Breweries, Data bank and Cadbury. She later began her corporate career by working as the Corporate Communications Manager for Millicom Ltd, operators of Tigo.

As a producer and a writer, Anita joined Viasat 1 where her role would require her to build bespoke TV shows and content for the channel’s growing and demanding viewership. Her key responsibility included developing formats, recruiting and training on screen talent, sculpturing overall look and feel of each show from set design, to graphics, to soundtracks and treatment.

In 2015, she joined forces with Discovery Learning Alliance (DLA) to use the power and reach of television to showcase the positive influence on society when girls are provided their basic human right of education. Inspired by the girls in these clubs, she went to the grassroots level and championed girls to access education, launching the Women's Elevation Fund (WEF) and facilitated the realization of dreams, aspirations, and the ambitions of young African women.

She joined a panel discussion on the power of women and girls’ education in meeting the challenges of sustainable development, in July 2017. She spoke at UNESCO’S soft power today, fostering women's empowerment and leadership conference in Paris.

Anita Erskine family

Very little is known about Anita’s family, even though we know her father was a former soldier and a politician, we really don’t know so much about her siblings as well as that of her mother is Rose Erskine whom we know was born in Ghana. The following is an attempt at getting detailed information about Anita Erskine and family;

Anita Erskine parents

Anita was born in Jerusalem in the year 1978 to former Ghanaian soldier and politician, Lieutenant General Emmanuel Erskine and Mrs. Rose Erskine and raised in Ghana. And she was the first sibling to go to university in her family.

Anita Erskine father

Emmanuel A. Erskine, a general lieutenant, was born on 19th January 1937 at Kumasi, Ashanti in Ghana. He is now retired as well as politician. Got married to Rose Erskine


In 1956 he schooled locally attaining a West African school certificate. He later joined the army in the year 1958 in March 17. Erskine was trained in a number military schools in the UK. This include the prestigious Royal Military Academy. He majored in telecommunications, a training that came to an end in 1960. Apart from this, he attended the Staff College of Camberley back then in the year 1968. Finally he had part of his training done at Royal College of Defense Studies where he was from 1968 to 1972. For his further studies,he advanced in military courses including two signals courses at Catterick, Britain and an associate officer’s course in the USA.


By December of 1960, his commissioning at Royal military Academy was to join Signal Corps of Ghana . His service has been in diverse capacities especially within the Ghana army. At some point he served as the commander of the Ghana Signals Regiment.Some time later he served as the Director of Communications within the Ghana Ministry of Defense. He did not leave the ministry as he became director from 1971 to 1972 when he served in the operations and planning department. Between January and February 1972 Erskine served as Chief of Staff in the Army for a short period.


Erskine was also vibrant in the politics of the country for some time.He was appointed member of national reconciliation commission together with other nine members by the president John Kufoor. In 1992, he ran for president with the PHP party of which he was a founding member. His 5th position in the elections goes to show that he was popular in the country as 1.7% of the citizens voted for him.

It is clear now where Anita gets her ambition and drive. Her father was a driven man and it is only natural that she too would follow suit. It is not surprising that she keeps going and aiming higher with a role model such as her own father, it would be disappointing to be anything less. This said, Anita remains one of the models to watch out for.

Anita Erskine husband

While not much is said about Anita Erskine and husband it is clear from her conversations that he is her rock. She talks very fondly of him every chance she gets. In fact she is the only one she can count on to stick with her through the good times and bad considering that she has had to lose a lot of her friends the many times she chose to prioritize her work. She adores her supportive husband who steps in where she can. She is especially glad that he takes care of their two children every time she can’t be there to do it herself.

Anita kids

One of the things that count in Anita Erskine married life is not only the fact that she has a caring husband but also the joy of being a mother. With her busy schedule due to her career and successful businesses, Anita takes pride in her marriage and motherhood.

Anita Erskine net worth

By ordinary standards one would probably rank Anita as one of the super-rich women in Ghana and probably in Africa. However, for the ambitious and focused Anita, her current records are yet to make her rich. In her own words she feels that in 5 years she may be able to call herself very rich woman which gives you an idea of how wealthy she could be right now. It is quite clear that with hard work and determination, Anita’s name will be an obvious mention when Africa’s richest women are ranked in the near future. Her entrepreneur and presentation skills have been sharpened by the various media roles which have brought her into close contact with highly successful people. From her hard work and focus Anita has received various awards and worked with different companies;

Awards she has won

  • In April 2017, Anita took home the Protector of Women and Girl Child Rights Award by the Africa Media Network
  • On January 4, 2018, she won yet another Award for her work with Women and Girls, from the Neesim Organization
  • Later last year, she also won the Award for Outstanding Commitment to Women Empowerment at the 40 under 40 Excellence Awards held in Accra
  • Radio and TV Personality (RTP) Radio Female Presenter of the Year 2017
  • She also was the first Ghana woman to host Vodafone Music Awards in Ghana
  • Apart from her being the TV presenter in DSTV Studios she also once was a Corporate Communications Director of Tigo owned by Millicom.

Companies she has worked with

She worked with Origina8 Publicis on brands such as

  • Nestlé (Nescafe, Maggi & Cerelac)
  • Guinness Ghana Breweries (Guinness)
  • Coca Cola,
  • Ghana Breweries,
  • Databank and
  • Cadbury.
  • She later began her corporate career by working as the Corporate Communications Manager for Millicom Ltd, operators of Tigo

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She is also the managing director of Anita Erskine Media which was born out of its founder’s innate desire to use every possible tool available, to enhance change and support the creation of Socio – economic opportunities for Africans everywhere. The company is a multi-faceted consultancy, designed to develop and execute a very specific strategy called the “Africa Will Rise and Tell Her Story” Strategy like motivational events, business and entrepreneurship training sessions, uniquely blending audio – visual content, interactive social media programs and specialized and specific public relations projects.

From the above awards and activities as well as companies that Anita has worked with, it is quite obvious that her net worth is not bad even though she has not given the figure yet, it is easy to guess that she could be among the richest women in Ghana. Till the time she is ready to quote her net worth, we have to wait as we speculate.

Anita Erskine Starr FM

Anita personally agreed to join Starr Drive because Bola Ray told her that he needed her support. She stated that she was convinced and simply agreed to come on board because she was going to be Bola Ray’s Co-host. This was in order to form a strong force on the drive time show and it would be an honor to work with Ghana’s finest. This led her to working for the station for a while before she exited.

The outspoken Media Personality was a Guest on Bola Ray’s Starr Chat and the two air Marshalls had an open discussion which saw Anita clearly stating that EIB Boss broke her heart and that forced her out.

After Anita Erskine UN appointment, Berlinda Addardey replaced her for she is also experienced in broad casting. Starr Drive co-host Anita Erskine had relinquished her post at the EIB station.

Anita Erskine best photos

Anita Erskine photos


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