Anas is a member of a secret cult - 'Close friend' reveals

Anas is a member of a secret cult - 'Close friend' reveals

- A man has claimed that Anas Aremeyaw Anas is a member of the powerful 'Illuminati cult group

- The man who holds himself as Anas' friend claimed that Anas was initiated after he completed journalism school

- The man reportedly made the revelations while interacting with a group of people at the 40-day observance of the death of Anas' mother

A man claiming to be a close friend of Anas Aremeyaw Anas has stated that the renowned investigative journalist is into occultism and is a member of the powerful 'Illuminati' group.

According to the man who claims to have been friends with Anas during Hus days as a student of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), he and Anas were initiated into the cult on the same.

The supposed friend of Anas identified in various news reports as Michael Owoo is reported to have made these claims at the recent 40-day observance of the death of Anas' mother.

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There had been concerns as to why the ace investigative journalist failed to attend with some suggesting security reasons as the possible reason for Anas' absence.

But while interacting with some people at the venue, the reportedly tipsy Owoo let out the real reason that Anas did not attend because of his Illuminati obligations.

“We are not to be at the funerals of our relatives nor behold their corpses”, Owoo reportedly revealed.

When asked who were "we", he is said to have responded by smiling and asking “but are you, small boys?”

He reportedly told the group of young folks who were eager to see Anas that there was no way their idol was going to come because his presence will be flouting rules of the powerful cult.

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It was at this time that Owoo is reported to have gone ahead to recount how their journey into occultism started.

“We were initiated with some Ghanaian celebrities who are junior members on the same day. This is why you will never see Anas and some of them together on one platform. Just watch and see. It is one of the Illuminati rules that those who were initiated on one day do not collaborate.

“I clearly remember the day we were initiated. We were at the Institute of journalism then when a friend who was already initiated introduced the idea to us, inviting us to their next meeting. Anas who seemed interested in everything spiritual was eager to join. I was at first afraid as I was not sure what I really wanted. Yet Anas’ interest gingered me on so three of us went that Saturday evening to the meeting which was held in a home at Airport," he reportedly stated.

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Owoo went on to describe their first encounter with the Illuminati as scary as they were made to drink some concoctions which he found nauseating but Anas, he said, was very much willing to.face anything and did not flinch at any stage of the initiation process and drank all he was asked to.

“That guy is brave, “Mark stated. “ It was at the initiation that the name ‘Tiger’ was given to him. The Tiger Eye is an Illuminati name. Every Illuminati has a secret animal name. A Ghanaian musician was named Fox, another was named Dog and an actress, the peacock. This secret about Anas and the rest is known very well to the prophets Obinim, Owusu Bempah and Kumchacha.

“For instance, they are not to eat mudfish, he revealed. The day they eat mudfish even by mistake, they would be demoted just like their predecessors had been,” Owoo reportedly claimed.

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