CAGD validation 2018

CAGD validation 2018

The cutting-edge electronic salary payment voucher (E-SPV) has not only cut the backlog of inefficiency that dogged the previous manual system but also instilled integrity into public wage payment plans It’s practically very hassle-free to validate the salary of employees and likewise access your payslip. The online payment voucher is available each month and there is no reason to miss out on the validation timeline. We are in a new era of technology, and that is not limited to our method of remuneration and payslip processing. Without further ado, let’s dig in into the CAGD validation process and how to accomplish it on the online system.

CAGD validation 2018
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CAGD salary validation

The bright and the ugly side of the Electronic Salary Payment Voucher is already being felt. In 2017 for instance, CAGD suspended monthly remuneration of 7,000 workers in the public sector. This hitch occurred at the backdrop of missing to validate their salary vouchers.

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In response, CAGD has put a pressure on all heads of department to be punctual at validating their worker's payrolls. Also, a spotlight on the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies payment records revealed the need for a clean up to weed out illegal staff.

Heads of government institutions are mandated under the system to validate pay vouchers submitted by the CAGD within 48-hours after being alerted to do so. Disregard for this requirement results in revocation of an employee monthly salary. Also, an officer found liable for forfeiting validation duties can be sanctioned or charged in court. E-SPV has been instrumental in aiding the state agencies and departments in justifying the award of salaries to their employees.

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Employees who their monthly remuneration suspended for non-validation of their wages by their Heads of Management Units or HR officers are typically paid the following month after their payment voucher is approved. To make the process transparent, CAGD publishes an online list of management departments whose employees had their monthly salary revoked.

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The Ghanaian government successfully launched Ghana Integrated Financial Management Information System (GIFMIS) in 2009. This master project is one of Public Financial Management Reform Programme that endeavors to bring sanity to the financial sector. This integrated computerized financial management system is the accounting benchmark on which harnessing of budget formulation, accounting programs and financial reporting and assets administration become a reality. The Controller and Accountant General’s Department and the Ministry of Finance will spearhead the implementation of the ambitious project.

The payment process

Payment of salary usually initiated at the employee’s station of work which can be either ministry, Departments, or Agencies (MDAs) or Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Assemblies (MMDAs). These government and local institutions will compile and send workers wage details to the Personnel Processing Sections of the relevant MDAs Headquarters. The employee salary information data will then be securitized and updated into the mechanized payroll. The MDA/MMDA will then submit the complete and compiled accurate data to CAGD for processing.

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The data includes the employees’ payroll figures. This raw data is what the CAGD utilizes to process the salaries concerning the information computed onto the mechanized payroll. The CAGD then forwards a test payroll to the heads of Management Units via the Electronic Salary Payment Voucher for monthly salary validation

Processing of salaries for new employees

If you been recently absorbed into by the government workforce, some conditions are pegged on the laid down CAGD salary procedures. The MDAs are obligated to seek financial Consent from the Ministry of Finance before enlisting a new staff. As soon as the clearance goes through, appointment letters and relevant files are compiled and sent to the Personnel Processing Sections (or IPPD offices) The PPS proceeds to include the new employee onto the payroll system.

Staff IDs will automatically be generated after the new employees’ information is updated onto the payroll system. The Submission of the introductory letter from their departmental heads and the staff ID to the Finance Ministry for Biometric cataloging follows. This biometric data is then forwarded to the CAGD for the final processing and payment of the salaries.

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How to go about salary validation with CAGD

Validators or SPV officers are required to have with them a staff ID to enable them log-in to E-SPV Return System. If you don’t have one, contact your head of department or HR officer.

  • Go to the E-SPV website
  • You will be prompted to include your username (usually their staff ID) and password. Also, input the CAPTCHA code as it appears and hit the ‘login’ button.
  • When a new page opens, click on “Validate.”
  • A list of staff will then pop up.
  • You will be required to select each employee at a time.
  • Check to confirm that the record contains the list of employees (of your management unit) that need to have their salary payment voucher validated plus the details of their salary is in order.
  • Once you select on a particular employee/worker you will be prompted to indicate his/her validation status: approved (green button), with issues (blue button) or unknown (red button).
  • In this case to validate the salary select the green tab
  • An alternative way to effect validation is to tick the circle in front of the employee’s name.
  • By validating as an SPV return officer or the head of the department, you merely approve the payment of salary to the employee for their monthly earnings.

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Conditions for E-SPV validation

Every month CAGD sends the test payroll automatically (via E-SPV system) to all management unit’s heads for validation. The validation is a prerequisite for monthly remuneration for all for Ghanaian unemployed by the state. The Heads of management units should complete the validation process and forwards the feedback to the CAGD using the same electronic platform within 48 hours for purposes of payroll run.

Failure for the head of the management unit to validate the payroll or salary (through the E-SPV) after the stipulated time of 48 hours, suspension of the un-validated worker's monthly payment is affected.

Validation of salary arrears and their payment

Withholding of salary arrears accrued from for promotions, new entrants, and reactivation is commonplace until after three months. After that, the CAGD authorizes their payments after auditing by the Auditor General. CAGD advises that those having outstanding arrears should get in touch with their validation team or human resource officers and fill salary arrears application forms before their journey to the Ministry of Finance. After the Auditor General confirms the arrears, the Ministry of Finance approves the payment to CAGD for reimbursement to the employee.

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Workers who have their monthly salary suspended will get paid their dues the following month. The individual employer relations desk will be prompted to submit the arrears’ information to validation team.

About CAGD Ghana

Controller and Accountant Generals Department (CAGD) responsibility is providing public financial management services to the Ghanaian government and citizens. After a new automated system, Electronic Salary Payment Voucher (E-SPV) came into place in 2013, CAGD ceased manual payslips and payroll processing.

All workers would henceforth be required to migrate to the new electronic platform to be receiving your salary and payslip. E-SPV has proven to be cost-efficient, fast and cost-saving. Consequently, it filters ghost names and anomalies. The heads of government department have a grace period of 48 hours to validate their employees’ Payment Vouchers after the notification. Failure to which, the validators and all the staff within that department get to have their salary withheld.

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A list of validation defaulters from government’s ministries, departments, agencies, organizations, and institutions get published on CAGD website every month.

The functions of Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) are well defined and subject to your remuneration terms. CAGB primary task is making payments on behalf of the state including payment of monthly salaries to government employees and pensioners or retirees. Generally, the department is responsible for paying of Government employees’ income, wages, and allowances. The Controller and Accountant General Department payroll reports are published and uploaded ion the CAGB website every year. The reports are available for download or viewing for free.

Some of the benefits of Electronic Salary Payment Voucher include:

  • Eradication of public payroll bloating triggered by ghost employees. Purging of ghost names emanating from the previous manual payment voucher has been successful.
  • The E-SPV has improved service delivery. Validation of payment voucher happens within 48 hours after an alert is made.
  • Enhanced security to employees payment voucher plus reduced incidents of manipulations while according you utmost safety to your personal financial information.
  • The government has been able to cut the cost of wage bill by the elimination of unauthorized payment. Furthermore, monitoring of the payroll by government officials is efficient and economical.
  • HR and heads of departments can retrieve payroll data in real time for purposes of policy formulation and assessment of system success.

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The Electronic Salary Payment Voucher validation is a strategic government project to bring sanity to chaotic public wage management. E-SPV is a virtue version of the manual voucher that seeks to rid of the unwarranted payment and ghost workers on the government payroll. Faithful to the calling, a bulk of the hitches of the older manual platform was related to payroll issues like termination, resignation, and transfers.

The rollout of the Electronic Salary Payment Voucher (E-SPV) is currently operational in over eight regions including, Greater Accra, Ashanti, Brong Ahafo, Upper East, Upper West, Central, Western and Northern Regions.

CAGD epayslip

As of 2017, the number of workers absorbed by the E-SPV was 542,181 and continue to rise as the government of Ghana make it mandatory rather than optional. More than 2000 are registering every year into the E-Payslip system.

The automated Ghana E-payslip has brought changes in the handling of employee payslips. The significant advantages in embracing GogPayslip (Government of Ghana payslip) automated system are:

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  • Timely and efficient salary information. With just a smartphone or a computer, you will be at liberty to access your payslip at the comfort of your living room.
  • Security of your electronic Payslip is guaranteed compared to the past manually printed payslips. The system assures Safety and back-up of your E-payslips though a password and ID protected electronic log-in portal.
  • You have the privilege and the ability to scrutinize previous payslips in case of future reference.
  • The flagship plan aids the CAGB to adequately meet its obligations as mandated by the law, as well as timely payslips processing to Ghanaians.

How to register for the CAGD payslip

Once you have validated your salary, and subsequently receive your pay, you will, of course, be in need of a payslip as a confirmation of payment. Here is a process on how to register for E-payslip as a new user.

  • A registration code or pin sourced from your Head of Department or working station.
  • Log on to the official CAGD E-Payslip system main website
  • Click on the option ‘REGISTER FOR E-PAYSLIP’
  • A new page with an E-Payslip registration form will appear.
  • Fill in with the details required including your employee number, registration code, e-mail and cell phone number. Enter the CAPTCHA code once you have entered all the details correctly and complete by select ‘Register.’
  • A prompt message will appear notifying you of a successful registration.

After full registration head back to the main page. Take notice that in future you will need your employee number, password and the provided security code to scrutinize your payslip. Log in with these credentials. The page that pop-up will display your online E-payslip integrated with several functionalities. Your E-payslip account should afford you the ability to view, print and download your payslip. The E-payslip will be available once complete processing of your salary has been exhausted.An email or a text message will be sent to notify the readiness of your payslip.


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