John Cena net worth 2019

John Cena net worth 2019

What comes to your mind when you think of John Cena? His muscular body , strength and wrestling right? But do you know how much the star is worth? If you are a John Cena fan like I am then you definitely want to find out about John Cena family, house and cars . This posts tells you exclusively about John Cena net worth.

John Cena biography

John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. was born on April 23rd, 1977 and is a professional wrestler, rapper and actor. He is of American decent and as at now, signed to WWE where he promotes both Raw and SmackDown as a free agent. He is considered as one of the most successful wrestlers in WWE history since he took part in 25 championships and won. He attended Cushing Academy which is a boarding school then later on joined Springfield College where he played college football. He has a degree in exercise physiology and body movement. Now let’s get to the big question,

How much is John Cena net worth?

He began his career under the ring name “Prototype” with his first debut in 1999 then joined WWE in the early 2000’s. John Cena net worth 2019 is estimated to be of around $55 million which is almost 35.4 million sterling pounds, according to the Celebrity Net Worth. According to Forbes, net worth of John Cena adds up to 8 million dollars and that makes him the second highest earning wrestler in the WWE. Forbes reported that he lost the top spot after he reduced his work schedule and it is for that reason that he ended up second best to Brock Lesnar who made a cool 12 million dollars. John Cena also earns money from taking part in TV shows where he features even as the executive producer in some of them including American Grit. His ethnicity is French, English, Italian and Albanian.

John Cena net worth 2019

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He lives in a beautiful mansion that is located in Tampa, Florida. John Cena’s house has an indoor pool, an ivy-themed kitchen, a huge luxurious gymnasium, a grand piano, a humongous balcony, just to mention but a few. John Cena house is a paradise on its own. This is where he resided with his former fiancée Nikki Bella with whom he parted ways just recently because of issues concerning having children.

The house has a value that is unknown but is said to be the second most expensive after Dwayne Johnson’s. His house is quite big with 13,153 square foot and belongs to the gated community of Nature’s Reserve in Land O’ Lakes. It has more than six bedrooms and bathrooms. It also surprising has a dock of boats of its own. The house is nothing short of exemplary as it has a guest house installed, a cigar room, a whole clothing room which is not a wardrobe and an elevator to his master bedroom. He has endorsements worth five million dollars and they are promoted by Capri Sun, Fruity Pebbles, Gillette, Gold’s Gym and Hefty.

Apart from John Cena wealth and endorsement deals, he actively participates in charity by donating to the American Cancer Society,, Kids Wish Network, Make-A-Wish Foundation and Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

John Cena’s car

John Cena net worth 2019


John Cena is also a fan of posh fast cars and his collection of these toys is mad amazing. He owns a prestigious Maserati which has a starting price of $73,050. He also owns a Lamborghini Countach whose price starts from $575,000. to add to John Cena car collection, he has a Honda Sports EV Concept, Laraki Epitome, Dodge Charger, Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Daytona, Rebel Machine, Mercury Cougar Eliminator and many others among his InCENArator.

John Cena movies

In his acting career, he made a debut in 2006 with the movie “The Marine” which made 22.2 million dollars. In accordance with reports from the box office, the movie grossed 7 million dollars during the first week of its release. It also received earnings worth 18.7 million dollars in ten weeks. Further, the movie made almost 30 million dollars from the sales done through the DVD’s in the first twelve weeks. His other movies managed to make good sales. “12 Rounds” made 29.672 million dollars, “Trainwreck” managed to gross a whooping 140.8 million dollars, “Sisters” made 105 million dollars, “Daddy’s Home” grossed 242.8 million dollars and “Daddy’s Home 2” grossed 180.4 million dollars. For those who ask how rich is John Cena, I guess you have the answers.

John Cena movies

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His latest movie release was on the movie “Blockers” and “Bumblebee: The Movie”. Apart from the movies he has worked on and the previously mentioned show, he has also appeared in other television shows. Some of these shows are Jimmy Kimmel Live, Late Night with Conan O’Brien and Saturday Night Live. As things stand right now, the estimated average grossing for his movies is 52,308,260 million dollars.

John at some point ventured into the music industry, which helped him increase his net worth. He made his debut with the release of the album “You Cant See Me” which was well received by fans all over. It was also featured during his fights in the WWE; this song was ranked number 15 on the US Billboard 200 chart. He also appeared in the famous Wiz Khalifa’s songs namely, All Day and Breaks back in the year 2014. For every main event appearance, John gets paid five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) and 5% for merchandise sale of almost as part of his bonuses and royalties from WWE.

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The contract is to last for three years along with his annual salary of eight million, five hundred thousand dollars ($8,500,000). He has played a total of 1226 matches and has made stunning records which include nineteen titles and twelve world titles in his career. Twice, he has won the World heavy weight and the WWE title ten times. He also won the US titles three times, the tag team, twice as well with Batista and Shawn Michaels on individual grounds.

John Cena net worth 2019

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Between 2013 and 2015, John took part in Hell in a Cell, pay-per-view and beat Alberto Del Rio which led to him winning his third World Heavy weight Championship. He also went on to successfully defend his championship against Damien Sandow in the Raw episode of October 28th. He beat Alberto again in a well heated rematch in the Survivor Series. After this match, he decided to fight against the then WWE champion, Randy Orton.

This led to The Authority agreeing to and arranging for a tables, ladders and chairs title unification match at the TLC which saw John lose. Further, in his involvement in television, while he was training in Ultimate Pro Wrestling, he became involved in the UPN reality show dubbed Manhunt. He played as the leader of the bounty hunters group that chased down the fugitive acting contestants.

He was also involved in an interview that was being run by CNN Special Investigations Unit documentary group. They were to focus on the use of drugs and steroids in the wrestling world. It is after this interview, there were some very serious allegations by CNN which they backed up with a clip expressing that he was into the usage of steroids and drugs. In 2008, on October 11th, John hosted a Nickelodeon event which was the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards with Natalie Bassingthwaighte. Cena also acted in one of the episodes of the comedy drama Psych as the guest star as Juliet O’Hara’s brother.

He also played in the Disney Channel of Hannah Montana Forever in the seventh episode. He also appeared on NBC when co-hosting Today in 2015, August 17th. His manager was Kenny Bolin; he is best known as the lead villainous manager in Ohio Valley Wrestling. His finishing moves in wrestling included the attitude adjustment and killswitch/protobomb/protoplex. The signature moves were DD, diving leg drop building, dropkick, tornado, just to mention but a few.

Apart from Prototype, other nicknames that he used are Big Match John, The Cenation Leader, The Chain Gang Soldier, The Champ, The Doctor of Thuganomics, The Face of WWE and The Face that Runs the Place. He is a fan of anime produced in Japan; plays video games and supports the Boston Bruins, Boston Celtics, New England Patriots and Tottenham Hotspurs FC. While singing, he was a part of two labels which are, Columbia Records and WWE Music Group. His associated acts are with Tha Trademarc, Jake One and MGK. However he has not been so vibrant in this industry because he only took part between 2004 and 2005 then after a long time came back in 2014 where he has not been heard from since.

When it comes to fashion, John Cena raw is rather not much praised, though during his WWE career his attire most times strived to reveal the most trending fashions and styling that were in the hip hop sector. This was so that he could show the kind of character he portrayed.

During John Cena WWE membership with the SmackDown brand, he produced some tee shirts which showed a very suggestive spoonerism “Ruck Fules”. These inscriptions were censored by WWE to imply that the tee shirts were too hot for TV and this in turn made their sales go up. Along with this style, he recapped it with a huge chain which had a padlock. It was later replaced with a chain gang spinner medallion, similar to those that were worn by the G-Unit group.

During the period which the movie, “The Marine” was released, he started putting on attire which was more military related. This attire included shorts, tags for dogs and shirts produced by WWE. It is only after Wrestle-mania 23 that the attire went to the wind since promotion for the Marine had ended. This however sparked up apparel that had his new slogan along with denim shorts; he also promoted Cenation with his shirts and his line “You Can’t See Me”. John Cena wrestler net worth is indeed great and fans keep on loving him.

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