Plus size modern African dresses 2019

Plus size modern African dresses 2019

Plus size modern African dresses have made the plus size ladies to fall in love with their bodies. This is because most make them have a slender, trendy, as well as a classic look. The modish plus size dresses also help in making the plus size ladies to appreciate themselves more by boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem. Are you a plus size lady? Well, as far as you might be trying to fight your weight, you can also dress in modish African dresses that will make you rock in that church service, in that wedding ceremony, or any other event. Read on and find elegant styles and designs of African print dresses for plus size.

Here are a couple of different plus size latest designs that are to go by

1. Lace plus size African dresses designs

The lace fabric has become a versatile fabric for maintaining its texture as well as its bright colors. It blends well with other African fabrics making it among the top embraced fabrics in Africa. What is your favorite color? Well, all those colors that crossed your mind are available and the ball is on your side to update your modish wardrobe. Did you know that you can create a wedding day gown with the African lace fabric? Well, it is very possible, go for the shiny laces and you will look fabulous your big day. To inspire you, below are admirable photos.

  • Laces plus size African print summer dresses

The lace summer dresses for the plus size will look great on you in that occasion or vacation. Brighten your summer with modish wears and you will not have a moment of regret. The many designers shop in Africa have ready-made pieces just for you and they can also create a unique piece for you as well. The fact will remain that the lace summer dress that you create will have more unique features and it will satisfy you more than the ready-made dress, but it is understandable for that impatient plus size ladies as well as those ladies with a busy schedule.

2. Kitenge plus size African dresses designs

Years back, some thought that the Kitenge fabric is for attending special occasions, but this new era all ages are rocking with it in all occasions. It is so beautiful and we bet that you admit that just by the glance of the photos below. Thanks to the designers for making efforts to modernize the fabric for it is now being fully utilized.

You can create any design with the fabric as far as it fits the occasion; it makes you comfortable, as well as it gives you the look that you have always admired. The Kitenge plus size African print maxi dresses look awesome on you in that occasion you want to attend. If you want to go for a knee-length dress you can create a piece from the rich fabric and complete your out-fit with trendy shoes that will make you feel comfortable.

3. Dashiki plus size African print dresses

It is a woman’s happiness to always have that African and feminine look that is attractive. Dashiki fabric patterns are amazing and a plus size will look awesome on them depending on the design and style as well as the designer.

Most prefer to go for an established or an international African designer because they will be more than sure that there will be no disappointments. The creativities of the designers owes people and the photos below act as a proof to that point. Below are the best collections that suit the plus size ladies and we hope you will fall in love with them.

  • Dashiki with lace detail dresses for plus size

The dashiki fabric patterns blends well with the African lace fabric and a piece is what you need to rock in that event. A little creativity s also required from you and your designer on the appropriate parts to put the lace details. You can put the details on the sleeves, at the chest, on the bottom-line of the dress, or any part that you will feel the laces fits. Before you create a piece of these 2 rich fabrics, you have to make sure that they are matching colors. The laces that fits well with the dashiki patterns is mostly black as well as white.

4.Ankara beautiful plus size African dresses

It is always a nice feeling being in a modish dress and getting overflowing compliment on how beautiful and elegant you look from friends who appreciate fashion. The Ankara dresses work magic on a plus size ladies by flattering their body figure. It has beautiful patterns, variety of colors, and therefore making a lady’s outfit to be full of life.

For the plus size ladies who are in love with a slender look should always go for straight Ankara dresses. Here are different designs and styles of Ankara dresses that will give a sweet glowing look that will brighten your day.

  • Ankara knee-length dresses for a plus size

The knee length for the plus ladies are so beautiful and there always give them a sweet young look. In simple words, they personalize their style. The African designers have increased in numbers and therefore they try to out do each other via ones creativity. This has contributed to the beautiful knee-length Ankara dress pieces that you see ladies rocking with.

Do not be left out, the photos below are there to give you inspirations. The knee-length dresses are multi-occasion as far as the design and style abide the fashion rules. Create a piece and we bet you will not have a moment of regret. To complete your classic wear, high or low heeled shoes will work magic on your look. Wedge and flat shoes that are modish will not harm your look. All you have to consider is that you are comfortable with your outfit.

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  • Lengthy or maxi ankara African dresses designs for plus size

You have to own a lengthy dress of the Ankara fabric in your modern wardrobe as a showcase of appreciating the African fashion as well as culture. The good bit about the lengthy or the maxi dresses is that they will always fit in different occasions from church, to funerals, to graduation, and the wedding ceremonies.

Create yourself a casual or an official dress and you will definitely have that expensive, modish, and classy look that you have always wanted. Beautiful accessories such as earrings, sunglasses, bangles, watch, necklace, and a perfect applied make up if desired will complete your modish look. Do not limit the Ankara fabric because it can create any design or style as long as you create a piece from a designer who creates beautiful pieces to avoid disappointments.

  • Long-sleeved ankara plus size dresses

In most cases, plus size ladies prefer the long-sleeved dresses as they make them have a slender look. During winter seasons, it is also good to dress on a long-sleeved Ankara dress to avoid putting on a jacket or a sweater. The Ankara long-sleeved dresses are so beautiful even on summers and it is up to you to choose your appealing length. There so many beautiful pattern of Ankara fabrics to create a piece from such as Ankara with stones and Ankara with sequins. It is your body and you should dress it in trendy dresses to give yourself a high social class; you are a queen, let your looks describe you. Modish fat sandals, wedge, or high heels will make have an amazing look.

  • Short-sleeved ankara dress for plus size

Short-sleeved dresses are among the most versatile dresses in Africa. You should also embrace them and you will look awesome in that cocktail date, wedding ceremony, and any other event you are about to attend. The good bit about the short-sleeved dresses is that they are awesome especially on a hot day. To complete you out-fit a blazer will not harm. The blazer don’t have to necessary be created from the Ankara fabric, but you can go for the smooth polished fabric that blends well with your choice of Ankara patterns dress. Have in mind that if you decide to go for a flourish dress, then the blazer should have plain colors to brighten the look.

  • Off-shoulder ankara plus size dresses African

Who is not in love with a feminine look? Well, most if not all ladies would love to have that look and that is what the Ankara off-shoulder dresses will offer you. All you have to do is to do is to walk into a designer shop after getting inspirations from the photos below and create a beautiful piece to revive your modish wardrobe. The good thing is that the African designers both international and established have very fair prices. The western dresses have become a mainstream and it is always wise to go the African way.

To get more comfortable with an Ankara off-shoulder dress, go for a lengthy dress to avoid too much attention from people. The choice of bras should also be a ‘pay attention’ to you. The best bras for an off-shoulder dress should either be strapless or have the colorless strapless. Make sure that the bra is also not too tight to show off tightened skin. A necklace will work magic on your look as well as beautiful accessories. If you do not feel comfortable a smooth polished cotton or a chiffon blazer will give you a perfect look.

  • An ankara high low dress for a plus size

The high low Ankara dresses tend to rock the plus ladies. Some even go for a belt to complete their trendy outfit. If you are a plus size lady missing out this trendy wear in your wardrobe then you are completely left behind. It is one of the design that is considered as versatile in all the whole of Africa. It is also fit to rock with it in almost all the casual and official occasions. You need to embrace the Ankara high low dress and flatter your shape and size. A length high low dress will always look perfect on you and you have the tendency of choosing the design and styles. Create a piece and boost that feminine confidence in you.

5. Kente African dresses for plus size

Kente is one of the African print fabric that is so beautiful and it truly defines the beauty of the queens in Africa. Are you a plus size in need of a Kente dress to attend a traditional engagement? Well, that should not worry because we have photos to inspire you. The photos are also helpful to that Ghanaian bride. It is a social gathering and human will never stop putting judgments on your dressings. This means that you have to rock and be the attention to detail.

  • Kente dress for a wedding ceremony

You don’t have to wait until you lose weight in order to look beautiful on your wedding day. Who said you have to be slender for you to rock? Well, it sounds great to try to keep fit, but how long will you wait until you get that ‘figure 8’ look. The plus size ladies are working out as well as rocking with trendy wears on their big day. Below are photos to inspire you, create a piece and you look outstanding on your traditional wedding day.

  • Kente with polished cotton dresses for a plus size

The Kente blends well with other fabrics making it a multi-wear. The smooth polished cotton details on your Kente dress will give you a unique look. You can create a high low dress, off-shoulder dress, a knee-length dress, a maxi dress, a flared or a straight Kente dress and look amazing. The polished cotton features on the Kente dress will be perfect if placed on the top area, on the sleeves, the skirt part, or even on the sides. The good bit is the 2 rich fabrics will never give you limits. Create a piece no matter the cost and fall in love with being trendy.

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