African dresses with modern influence

African dresses with modern influence

They say, new year new things. Well, this year African designers have taken creativity a notch higher. They have meticulously made cuts and patches to come up with exquisite styles. Consequently, being a center for fashion and unique prints, there are various African dresses modern designs that have attracted attention not only in the local market but international runways as well.

African dresses with modern influence

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Modern African dresses 2018-African dresses modern style revamped

The use of local fabrics is what makes our continent stand out in the world of fashion. They are usually unique, durable and adorable. They also represent our African heritage and therefore there is always history attached to them. For a very long time, they have been used to make traditional dresses in our various communities as part of the culture. However, the universe is rotating, tables are turned and designers have to be on toes to meet the new demands of the modern world.

African dresses with modern influence are what the general public wants. In as much as many of the people championing for change are mainly women, men have also not been left behind. They are no longer conservative and do not mind trying something new. Anyway, many of the designs popping up this year tend to be alterations of the previous versions, even though some of them are brand new.All in all, they are nothing short of perfection.

Kitenge, Ankara, Kente, Dashiki and Batakari are some of the main fabrics stylists play around with, to create something appealing to the eye and genuinely worthwhile. Indeed, their works so far have been remarkable. This article will highlight some of the best dresses trending this year in various African regions.

Modern short African dresses

For quite some time, long flowy dresses have been dominating the market. Well, it may be because they are often associated with high status since they are often sophisticated and ceremonial.

Nonetheless, short dresses have recently taken the spotlight and are now massively trending. Forget the ceremonial long outfits, people also want to be casual, free and relaxed. There are various short dresses made from different materials that are outstanding and simply marvelous.

Kente short dresses

Kente is one of the materials that do an incredible work in coming up with short dresses. Being one of Ghana’s national dresses, its demand never fades. Designers are therefore always competent and focused to satisfy peoples wishes. Fortunately, they are never disappointing. Here is a sample of some of the best designs for 2018.

African dresses with modern influence

This is an example of a dress so simple yet elegant. It’s slightly above the knee giving enough room for leg movement and above all, it provides a chance to show off your beautiful legs. The short sleeves also make this dress somehow unique. Even though it does not have straps along the shoulder, there is enough space for complementing the outfit with a beautiful and conspicuous accessory.

One good element about Kente fabric is that its color and patterns speak volume about the occasion and nature of the outfit. For instance, in this dress, the orange color depicts royalty and wealth. Talk of class!

African dresses with modern influence

There is no better way of showing up for graduation other than having this outfit on. Well, it does an impeccable work of magnifying the beauty of a real African woman. This is because it’s made to a comfortably fitting size that reveals the contours of the body yet still feeling casual and relaxed. The off-shoulder straps are also uniquely designed to cross over the arms, granting enough space at the neck region for jewelry.

How can we fail to talk about the cleavage! It is meticulously cut to show just a little bit of skin while leaving room for imagination. It's definitely for bold and daring women, who by the way are plenty in this modern era. But then again, it is mainly suitable for women with a figure 8 or simply hourglass shape.

Graduation may be ideal for such kind of a dress, but it is also appropriate for an evening date or any romantic event that you may have in mind. Purple is always a feminine color in Kente fabric and therefore a wedding occasion may also blend well with this dress.

Here are some of the other short dresses trending this year with a blend of modern and antique aspects.

African dresses with modern influence

Kitenge short dresses

Kente is not the only fabric used in making beautiful short dresses as Dashiki, Kitenge, Ankara and other unique African prints can also be used to create something amazing. Obviously, with help of well-trained stylists.

For instance, Kitenge, which is more popular across Africa, has been used by designers to come up with African modern traditional dresses. The skills that our stylists have is really far-fetched.

Here are some Kitenge short dresses in our markets this year.

The dark-print blend

African dresses with modern influence

Talk about glamour! This brightly colored kitenge dress with a ruffled shoulder strap is perfect for a weekend out and about. It's simple and does not require accessories to look beautiful. It is also loosely fitting and hence suitable for either a plus size or lean body shape. The contrast between the bright skirt and dark top enhances clarity in the outfit's layout.

The bubbly semi sleeveless dress

African modern traditional dresses

When we talk about creativity, this dress clearly explains it. This bubbly short dress which is semi sleeved easily sparks interest. This is not to mention the side pockets that it has. Its monochrome layout and general dimensions are simply fascinating.

The sleeveless Patterned Dress

African dresses with modern influence

Ever been in a dilemma of what to wear for a casual get-together family meeting? This dress serves just right. It is a sleeveless dress that frees the shoulders and holds the waistline appropriately. All in all, in order to bring out that fashion fascination, its suitable for lean hourglass shaped women. Complementing with a thin belt of distinctive color may also be ideal, in order to spice it up.

The traditional kitenge dress

It’s always believed that old is gold. This dress made out of one of the most vintage designs is still classy for a modern woman. It is short and has a pointed shoulder design and a well-fitting waistline as its lower end is just loosely free. The pattern in this African print has also enriched the chic definitive appearance. It does not require much of accessory but complementing it with shoes of the right color may also do the trick.

African attire modern designs

The gold print kitenge

This Gold Print is part of African attire modern designs that are highly suitable for a sassy, confident and bold African lady. The gold color and the dark ebony flare flawlessly complement the skin. It is sleeveless, short and conveniently cut for more comfort and showing a little bit of skin. Just like the other dresses, it is also suitable for a casual out and about during holidays or even a date. Having this modern and lovely masterpiece will certainly be doing justice to your wardrobe.

African dresses with modern influence

The two piece illusion dress

Designers are also known to play around with styles. That is definitely their work. This masterpiece is one crazy yet creative ways of blending a formal shirt in a kitenge print. It’s also simple and uniquely fascinating. It is highly applicable in a formal setup. For instance, having this outfit in a boardroom meeting will not only make you stand out but look beautiful as well. The skirt also slightly covers the knees and is generally conservative and modest. It has such elements that make this outfit an irresistible masterpiece.

African dresses with modern influence

The monochrome print short dress

Monochrome designs are always not as simple as they may appear. Not so many people feel comfortable in one theme from top to bottom. This dress however, is professionally designed and looks splendid in one layout. The butterfly style is as attractive as the length of the dress. It is also comfortably fitting with a well-cut collar outline for a simple neckline jewelry. Being sleeveless makes it even more free and comfy. This is the kind of dress ideal for meeting your in-laws or any family meeting since its basically modest.

African dresses with modern influence

The mini-shirt kitenge dress

There were times in history when there used to be a clear line between shirts and dresses. Well, that line seems to have been crossed, all thanks to our creative designers. This mini-shirt with kitenge print is clearly for this modern generation.

It is edgy yet at the same time has a classic print. Its short length makes it appropriate for a romantic night date especially if complemented with a distinctive thin red belt and matching shoes.

For a daring Africa woman who feels like creating a lasting fashion impression, this is precisely the kind of dress to make a statement with. Hourglass shaped women would make a nicer influence.

African dresses with modern influence

The colorful-pleat dress

It’s not always about a fitting outfit that makes a lady stand out. This pleated dress with an appealing pattern matched with very conspicuous colors, make it casual and beautiful. It's also comfortably short for leg movement and obviously showing off your beautiful legs. I mean, there is no need to hide what is already natural!

The pleats make it very ideal for plus size women as the overlaying materials provide extra space. Anyway, it has an in-depth beauty feature that simply makes it dazzling.

modern african print dresses

The pointed shoulder design

There are very many ways of experimenting with Kitenge fabrics and the pointed shoulder design is just one of them. It’s also a monochrome outfit, with a fitting waistline made to bring out the contours, as well as a very wide V-line neckline. Being short and simple with a vintage kitenge theme makes it one of the fashionable pieces to have in your collection.

African dresses with modern influence

The palette dress

Ever thought of wearing a kitenge dress with more than ten different prints? The designers found a way doing of it. They simply incorporated so many pieces of kitenge prints in one single color dress. They are organized beautifully on the lower side of the dress in some sort of collage. The dress being short and sleeveless makes it even more stylish.

African modern traditional dresses

The floral blend kitenge

This is the kind of outfit that screams perfection and elegance. The dark-colored top makes the print even more spectacular. It is well designed to bring out the real African beauty, especially with the short length of the dress that shows the legs as well as the well-cut cleavage that reveals just enough to spark imagination. Complementing it with a simple accessory and porch will do just fine.

African dresses with modern influence

The all white polka-kitenge

To wind up the list of Kitenge short dresses is this all white polka kitenge. It is casual and free-flowing and hence mostly ideal for the beach. Due to its outstanding design, it's perfect for a sassy African lady ready to have fun on sunny weekends or holidays.

African dresses with modern influence

Generally, when it comes to African designs for short dresses, the list is endless. This is because many styles are launched on a regular basis. Here are some of the designs trending this year from popular prints.

modern short african dresses

modern short African dresses

African dresses with modern influence

modern short african dresses

African dresses with modern influence

Modern long African dresses

Long African dresses usually portray royalty and elegance. In as much as sassy ladies would rush for short dresses, long flowy outfits are here to stay. The African prints enhance their uniqueness as well as flavor. Irregardless of the fabric used, be it Ankara, Kente or Kitenge, a professional stylist would still come up with something appealing to the general public. Here are pictures of some of the latest designs currently trending in town.

African dresses with modern influence

By the look of things, African designers will never run out of ideas in creating something unique and eye-catching. This dress, for instance, made from Ankara fabric flawlessly blends with the lady's body. It is appropriately fitting to bring out the contours. The off-shoulder straps are carefully designed to wrap around the arms leaving the neck region for any sort of accessory. Not only is the dress stylish but also classy. That is why it may be suitable for any evening corporate event or even a royalty kind of wedding.

African dresses with modern influence

Aside from the fitting dress, here is yet another uniquely designed outfit. It’s clearly ceremonial and somehow complex. The mermaid shape brings out the feminine look needed in enhancing beauty. The pattern and blend of colors not to mention the well-designed purple fringes running across the chest region make it one of the modern African print dresses that are high in demand.

modern short African dresses

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This couple's classic Ankara style is yet another revelation of what our very own designers can do. They have utilized the antique fabric to create something wonderful. Even though the man’s fitting trouser is well tailored, it’s the dress that has stolen the show. It is simply dashing. It is long and loose on the lower end with an overlaying piece that may as well be used as a slit.

Indeed, Africa is not only rich in culture, wildlife and natural resources as depicted by the media, but also creativity and uniqueness in our dressing influenced by modern aspects.

African dresses with modern influence

modern African dresses 2018


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