New and trendy African print skirt and top styles

New and trendy African print skirt and top styles

A hypothesis has been put forward explaining that a girl is nurtured into becoming a woman by many things one of them being how she is dressed. This explains why some parents opt to dress their girls in dresses and skirts more often than they do with the pants. There is much weight to this theory because it is even backed up by another theological statement that goes, rise up a child in good ways and when they grow up they will not depart from it. This therefore explains that from the infancy stages all through to adulthood a woman should take their position of dressing. It should be unique, feminine and smart. This does not imply pants, short and what have you is bad but the African print skirt and top styles is something that should be in your wadrobe; it’s superb and girly.

african print skirt and top, african print dresses, lace tops and skirts

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Naturally, the female species is ingrained with an hourglass figure and curves that tell apart women from man. Then there is no better way to be proud of who you are as a woman than learn how to dress and dress appropriately. There are many way to wear as a woman but there is something more womanly with the African print skirts and tops styles. They are not only sexy but also are more ethnic based and give an unspoken bold statement of the pride you carry from being a member of the ethnic background you belong to.

Ideally, tops are worn with either pants or skirts but in this piece, we will focus primarily on the African print top styles and skirts. On the other hand we will also look at the African print skirt and how to wear then confidently with a good top and be a sight of envy among other women. Below are some of these trendy styles; I will begin with the African print skirt, African print ladies tops and finally go to how to wear them.

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African print skirt styles

In as much as the modern woman’s dressing has been influenced by the western culture there still remain some elements within them that refuse to go completely western. In the recent past, we have seen a new crop up of people with a deep desire to hold their cultural heritage including the traditional skirts and tops styles. However, even as the word traditional is used, this does not imply the skirts and tops designs are outdated, primitive and less stylish. No. Designers have made significant improvements in fashion and textile making and have some of the alluring styles we see women unapologetic rocking.

1. African print high waist skirts

african print skirt and top, african print dresses, lace tops and skirts


Just as the name suggests, this is a skirt that is not worn at the normal waist line level but its waist band is to be worn at a higher level ordinarily just below the bust or thereabout. It has a big waist band that perfectly fits the body holding the skirt into place and hence giving it its shape.

The African print high waist skirt can be of two makes; the body con pencil skirt and the free flowing skirts. In the body con skirts, the skirt has a fine fitting according to once body; a high waist then tight fitting from waist, hips and thighs areas and is not so broad going down as it has to take you body shape. It gives a woman and enticing look as it plainly figure hanging. The free flowing skirt on the other hand is not body hugging. It takes the ball designs and is worn high above the waist line.

This is one of the African prints skirts design one can never go wrong with. It brings out the best in a woman; a clear show of beauty and femininity women desire to be defined by. It is suitable for women of petite to plus size body and can be worn to a wide range of occasions including; religious functions, social events, cultural occasions, parties, evenings and dinner out among many other venues and occasions.

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2. African print pencil skirts

african print skirt and top, african print dresses, lace tops and skirts

Source: Pinterest

These refers to African print skirts with a clean and fine cut according to one's body. Ideally, the skirt will take the shape of your body because technically the body gives this kind of skirt its shape. The pencil skirts are common in the world today although the African print pencil skirts are still a unique element in the fashion industry.

The African motifs from floral, animal and patterns give a unique feature to the outfit making it stand out. It can be worn with a top that is tucked in or other top designs such as crop top, peplum, off shoulder among others that needs not to be tucked in. it is one of the trendy wear to the modern woman, a strong talk of elegance and style.

3. African print skirts in short flared designs

african print skirt and top, african print dresses, lace tops and skirts

Source: Pinterest

This African skirts design is very popular. It is worn by young girls, teenage girls, young adults and even the elderly fashionable woman. This is because it is easy to wear, charming and chic. Besides, it offers more versatility as one can play along with the style regardless of their stature and still be pretty beautiful.

The African print fabric is cut according to one’s body size so that it is fitting enough to cover everything but short to remain interesting. Ordinarily, it has a waist band that is worn at the waist line, then with either the plaits or the circular design the cloth is cut into a playful short skirt after knitting the fabrics together. The waist band gives this kind of skirt its shape and it is worthwhile mentioning that it has to be done flawlessly if the skirt is to give one the exquisite look although the body does similarly shape up an outfit.

It can be worn with a fancy top; off shoulder, crop top, strappy, caped sleeve, deep v neck among many other designs. Similarly, it can be worn with a cool blouse, turtle neck, high neck lace top, and chiffon top among other this. The fancy and cool dimensions on how to put on this style has made it possible for women of all walks of life find it wearable. This is one of the African print skirt styles that are up to the minute.

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4. African print long skirts

Who said that long skirts are never stylish? Those that hold such a notion are yet to explore their fashion sense. It is still beautiful to wear an African print long skirt for whatsoever occasion. Well, the length of the skirt may be very elaborate since it extends up to the ankle level or even floor sweeping but that does not deprive it off the pleasant aesthetic and the feminine beauty.

The African print collection has so many print designs one can choose from. Without an iota of doubt, I can affirmatively say that any design or pattern one can desire to have their cloth made of is in the market. The sole decision of which fabric to go with lies on the customer based on their tastes and preferences. Commonly, the long skirt are in a long ball design and an emergent trend has added a new tasteful element where the skirt has two pockets on the side, this is teasing. It unique because in the women cloth line hardly is cloth made with pockets when it is a skirt.

The above are some of the popular African print skirt styles in the world today. It is every encouraging that despite the fact that the African print skirts and tops designs emanated or can be traced back to Africa, the world has embraced it designs. This is phenomenal as we are conventionally used to the Western countries setting the pace in the fashion industry and we follow suit. The turn off even that its Africa in the lead is interesting and captivating.

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African print top styles

african print skirt and top, african print dresses, lace tops and skirts


The feminine features are profoundly the bust, waist, butt and hips. The top styles in case you do not know technically covers this region and hence it is very important to ensure it flatters the natural curves in a good way but ensure full coverage of nakedness. If the top fails to bring out the sexiness of the outfit, it does not matter how well the complimenting lower garment is, the outfit will be plain and boring. Below are some of the eyes catching African print tops 2018.

1. African print crop tops

african print skirt and top, african print dresses, lace tops and skirts


The crop top design is one of the popular African print top styles of the day among the young girls and young adult women. They find it easy to wear for casual events because it is a fancy and playful wear befitting for social joints they hang around with such as parties, clubs, picnic just to mention but a few. You must have observed that the crop top designs have a prevalent even among entertainment celebrity, in television commercial and even on the runways.

If I plainly try to explain how a crop top is artistically made, it is a top design which it length is anywhere below the bust and above the waist line. Ideally, a crop top is to be worn with a high waist skirt or pants. However, if you have a flat tummy and the hourglass figure in place and donot mind showing some skin, you can wear the crop top with low waist trousers and skirt

This is not just the ordinary crop top you see around. The African print crop top is unique in all dimensions first notably because it is from the Ankara or kente fabric. Second is because of the patterns therein which range from floral, to animal print to pattern. However, it should be noted that since the crop top is in a conspicuous color arrange and pattern, it should be toned down by rocking it in a monotone lower garment to avoid appearing too busy.

2. African print peplum tops

This is yet another African print tops for ladies. There are varied designs for the same for instance, we have a peplum top designs where the front has a high cut and behind is a low cut that trails behind. This can be worn with either a pair of pants or a skirt. Similarly, there is the equal cut of the peplum all around the waist line, yet still are other designs where the peplum is double or triple layers in a fluffy design that makes the top fancier and enticing.

The unlimited ability of the mind to grasp and try out on new ideas have propelled the many designs we find in the market today thank to people’s desire to be different even with same design of outfit. There are different ways to artistically make the collar designs for the African print peplum tops such as can be high necked, deep neckline, round neck and even the contemporary off shoulder which has hit the fashion industry by storm. Frankly speaking there are unique and show stopping styles of the peplum top style one can work with. They range from the cool collection onE can wear for the formal occasion and the fancy designs that are casual and party-like.

3. Off shoulder tops

african print skirt and top, african print dresses, lace tops and skirts

Source: Kahaari

It is unconventional for designers to artistically make flattering neck and bust designs which are why this style has been relevant in the market for a while now. It is one of the leading styles in the African print tops 2018 collection. The off shoulders tops in the African print fashion are worn by people of different statures and commonly bring a whole new definition of beauty and class.

Noteworthy, this style is a casual wear because it playfully shows much of the skin around the shoulders which may be viewed indecent in format setups. Just like in other design of the African print ladies top this one has several makes such as the off shoulder on arms, one arm, the high off shoulder design, and the elastic band off shoulder among many others. There are some with sleeves either full, three quarters or capped. This is a fancy way to dress in African print skirts and top styles of the day.

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How to wear the skirts and tops in African print

Here comes the big question. Just how well can I wear the African print skirt styles or the African print top styles? Well, this question can never be answered in a concise way since there are many ways one can wear an outfit giving a fresh taste each time it’s worn. For instance have you ever worn your favorite outfit and made a few modifications to the look or even accessorizing it differently and in each wear you felt satisfied with the look, or the people you interacted with that very day kept complimenting how good you look?

This then explains why it is practically hard to tell which particular style will work well with the Ankara tops and skirts. However, there are a few popular and trendy ways to rock the style, and you therefore need not to worry about how to wear the African print in your next big occasion. I would insist that simplicity is beauty, and one should not go for very extreme design although as I will explain the ways one can tone down the vibrant traditional skirts and tops designs. Below is how to wear the skirts and tops in African print.

1. Crop tops and pencil skirts

african print skirt and top, african print dresses, lace tops and skirts


This the most prevalent way to wear the crop tops and skirts. As I had mentioned here above the crop top has a cut that is above the waist. The easy and contemporary way to wear this kind of top is to match it up with a pencil skirt. The skirt can be on similar African print fabric or a matching plain color with the fabric. Either way this style is modest in all its spheres.

If the crop top and pencil skirt wear is for the formal environment then, the top cut should not reveal so much skin. In fact it should be made such that where the top end is the exact spot the skirt begins. The top should be cool and not very fancy. However, if this design is to be worn in casual environment, then there is not much limitation to it. Any style or design of the top can go well with it.

2. Crop tops and long skirt designs

african print skirt and top, african print dresses, lace tops and skirts


Something notable that has come of age is how the African print long skirt is worn. There are different ways to put in one in a gracious and glamorous way however, the crop top is one that is outstanding. Ideally the African print skirt style for the long design takes the maxi form meaning it’s wide or circular. To compliment this, the upper wear should be body fitting and not again loosely hanging as this will give a confused look.

For this among other reasons put forward by fashion experts the African print long skirt should be completed in a body fitting top. The classical and best top style is the crop top. The long skirt has a broad waist band that ordinarily is worn in a high waist design. A decent look should be that no skin is revealed. However, for the womAn who is comfortable in their skin and body size and shape and knows far too well they are endowed with the killer body can playful rock a crop top whose length is just below the bust area.

3. Crop tops and flared skirts

african print skirt and top, african print dresses, lace tops and skirts


Just like in the latter case the flared African print skirts can be worn with a crop top. The flared skirt closely resembles the long skirt designs although in some instead of having the ball design may have the circular or Cinderella designs with varying length of the skirts of course. The cut of the crop top just like with the long African print skirt is subject to the occasion, age and comfort ability of the wearer. The emergent trend is that older women prefer to wear the crop tops and flared skirts that are very decent at least for their age and the younger generation of women is more adventurous with style.

If the crop top is African in print, then a monotone skirt would work well and the vice versa is also true. However, there are daring customer who would rather with a compete outfit in African skin and hence both the crop top and skirt are made of the same fabrics. Of course the accessories break down the color monotony.

4. African print peplum tops and pencil skirt

african print skirt and top, african print dresses, lace tops and skirts


This is better still another spectacular and artistic African skirts and tops designs in the modern world. I would say affirmatively that the peplum tops are eye catching and since there is a design that should clearly be visible. A plain but body con pencil skirt of a single color should be the appropriate accompaniments for these tops. This is because they allow the peplum design to be as pronounced as should be for its beauty and style to be seen and is equally modern too. Every woman who regards themselves as fashionable and stylish should have this design of the Ankara tops and skirt in their wardrobe.

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5. Chiffon tops and skirts

african print skirt and top, african print dresses, lace tops and skirts

Sources: Afrofrocks

As I started by saying there are many ways to rock the African print and top style as there are many ways to kill a rat. The chiffon tops and skirt is yet another way to confidently play with the girly stylish image from the African skirts and tops designs 2018. Chiffon ideally is a popular fabric in the world today, it is easy to wear, fashionable, and offers you with the needed flexibility for you can wear it different with different outfit and still be in check. This is one style anybody will never go wrong with.

The chiffon top is commonly worn with a skirt which can either be flared, long skirt or the African prints pencil skirt. However, the top should be of a color that matches or blends in well with the fabric used to make the skirt. The tuck in fashion is trendy and if the lower garment can be worn that way, suitable this should be the style.

A contemporary way to wear this design I have noticed in the world today is the incorporation of patchwork. For instance, a skirt with patterns in black, red and green color is paired up with let us say a black chiffon top.

6. Laced tops and skirts

african print skirt and top, african print dresses, lace tops and skirts

Source: Pinterest

Lace fabrics notably are fast gaining dominance in the market not only with the African traditional wear but also with the western styles. There is some unspoken beauty about the lace that the world has just found out. In the African print skirt style the lace top is a perfect pair that not only enhances the beauty of the woman by blends in the western style with our native styles.

The common way the lace top is made is where lace is used on another fabric to bring a stylish look, or where it is incorporated in for instance the bust or arms. The lace is kind of playful because it tactical attempts to reveal skin but a closer look will prove that that is far from the case. A new trend with the lace top is where the top is in high neck design closely resembling the conventional pull over pull neck, an appropriate wear if the top is to be tucked in a skirt.

7. African print skirt styles and denim top

african print skirt and top, african print dresses, lace tops and skirts


The fashion industry keep coming up with distinctive designs that are not only smart but phenomenal. The thrill is majorly with blending in various outfits that ordinarily looked like they can never go along well. The perfect example of a no go zone style is the jeans with the African prints fabric. However, look at the world today, this is the in rogue thing anybody want to have for the fancy to casual wear.

The denim tops is all dimensions is the jeans blouse although the fabric is soft. The blouse is worn with and African prints long skirt or even a flared one and tucked in so that the beauty of the skirt is not concealed even as that of the blouse should. The denim top can also be worn with a monotone color skirt. It is very comfortable and can be worn to the office and even in informal environments. This is a common thing in the world today as we have seen seasoned personality and entertainment celebrities wear it confidently. Besides, the runway has served a big part in popularizing this style one of the trendy style in the world today.

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