4 reasons Anas never sleeps at night

4 reasons Anas never sleeps at night

Anas Aremeyaw Anas has been respected as the most feared investigative journalist in Africa. Having used deep investigative skills to uncover grave cases of corruption in Ghana and across the African continent.

The investigative journalist uncovered so many corrupt practices from the Tema Ports, Judiciary, Police department and now the Ghana Football Association.

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So many public officials are not happy at Anas especially when they believe he is not just encroaching on the privacy of people but also using unauthorized means to retrieve information.

There is no doubt that Anas feels unsafe. Just the fact that he covers his face with masks and beads and even visits places and conferences in heavy security is enough proof that the Tiger Eye journo is always unsafe. These 4 reasons help us understand why Anas could always have sleepless nights.

1. The outburst by powerful people in society

So many powerful officials have stood against what Anas Aremeyaw has been doing. Just recently, maverick MP, Kennedy Agyapong even called for the journalist to be stopped or risk breaching the privacy of Ghanaians. In fact, some members of parliament even fear the move by the Anas could spark fear and panic in public institutions.

2. On the wanted list of his preys

There is no denying the fact that so many people want to clear Anas off their path. He is an investigative journalist and would do everything possible to get in his way and if possible annihilate him. It is for this reason that Anas would always have to watch his steps just so he does not risk losing everything he spent years building.

3. Legal battles

Looking at the intense investigations he always embarks on, there is no denying the fact that Anas has a pile of legal suits he is yet to deal with. Even with the case with the Ghana Football Association (GFA), there are suspicions of severe legal implications.

4. The addiction to killing corruption

The core for all that Anas is doing is to expose and fight corruption in his own way. Unfortunately, corruption remains rooted in the systems of government and private institutions. What this means is that Anas will have to double or even triple his speed in uncovering most of these corrupt practices.

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In the midst of all 'troubles', Anas still remains focused on seeing his fight against corruption stronger. In fact, these are his own words:

In our part of the world, sometimes simply gathering information is not enough, you need to back it up with hardcore evidence and this is what I do. I remain eternally grateful to my fans all over the world for the many words of encouragement that I receive every day. Your encouragement and acknowledgment of my work make it easier for me to wake up every day and continue with this crusade.

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