Long African dresses: Trends in 2020 (photos)

Long African dresses: Trends in 2020 (photos)

There is this line that I think it is too cliché - my dress my choice. Well, everybody is at liberty to choose what they put on or what is used to shield their nakedness. Even as we get so urbanized and westernized let us not forget our roots; our cultural values and morals. There is an unspoken elegance found in a woman who dresses in a feminine way. Sorry I had to put it boldly in black and white as it is because this is a reality that will never fade away from us. The long African dresses styles are one of these conventional designs that never gets out of fashion and one I would recommend any woman to have in their closet.

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This is not to say that the other modes of dressing are culturally not acceptable but I only want to point out that embracing all styles and especially those that are more feminine is a good thing all the same. Besides, designers have worked extra hard to ensure they make long African wear dresses for women of all ages; children to youths to elderly women. They come in flattery, complicated to simple elegant designs that will make you steal the show or even be easy to spot when in a crowd. I believe we can now unanimously agree on one thing, there is beauty in long African dresses designs.

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The good thing about the nice long African dresses is that one can rock them for different purposes and occasions. Yes, they offer that diversity; whether you are looking for an evening dress, a party wear, an everyday wear, a church outfit or let us just say a dress you can wear anywhere and the people around you will appreciate that indeed it brings out the best in you – this you will find in long African dresses.

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Long African wear dresses have become a favorite outfit for many, I included. This has made me dig a little deeper to understand why these designs have stood the test of time, in a highly dynamic world of fashion and the available designs as a result thereof. The outcome actually took me back; I even lost count of the many amazing and skillfully made nice long African dresses. I desire you come along with me as I help you explore the infinite options in the long African dresses;

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Learn about different long African dress designs

It is in your knowledge that most of these long African traditional dresses are made from a vintage fabric which ordinarily is ankara, kente or kitenge. They are African fabric of animal, floral or patterned designs customarily used to make cloth not only for women but also for men and children as well. Progression and sharpening of skills can be observed as in each day designers are striving higher and higher which makes innovation and creativity possible.

As mentioned above, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to long African dresses, the number of designs is infinite thanks to the brilliant ideas in the industry that makes it possible for designers to treat the world with new and fresh taste of attires each time they get behind the sewing machine. This is the reason why a fashion fanatic like I, will never leave Africa.

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The long African dress designs range from ankle length to long cloaked dresses, long sleeved to short sleeved, strapless to strapped long dresses, off shoulder dresses, flared to non-flared dresses just to mention but a few designs and even in the above mentioned be sure that a designer can make a dress that is completely different from the others although categorized in the same class. Here are some of these amazing long African dress styles of the day that are not only beautiful but also shows a strong persona of the African woman;

1. Ankara long African wear dresses

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Source: myweddingapp.co.uk

An ankara made cloth commonly has flower or pattern motifs spread all through although the cotton industry is making fabric on a monotone color or even animal print. That said and done, ankara long African wear dresses have been the classical occasional wear for women since time immemorial. In fact, this is closely associated with identity and sense of belonging. In some parts of Africa, precisely in Ghana, it is believed that putting on ankara fabric appeases the gods and helps bring good tidings to the people.

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There are different designs in this category of long African dresses that one can put on. First is the fabric diversity; there are over 300 fabric designs to choose from, then there is the cut made by the designers – of course this is subject to their own or the customer’s preference. Finally, the ankara long African dress designs are determined at length by the trends in the world of fashion and beauty, as they make clothes that are up to the minute. Women of all ages get to be covered therein and their tastes and preferences factored in.

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2. Long African maxi dresses

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Allow me to begin by giving you a descriptive analysis of what a long African maxi dress is. This is a dress that is fitting at the half upper part of the body but flares out like a long ball from waist downwards. This is one of the trendy feminine wear of today fit for slim to plus size women. They give a decent modern woman look which desires to be fashionable but at the same time maintain the ethnicity within them. The above design incorporates all these dynamics.

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Besides the fact that this long African dress is not only a ceremonial outfit but it is also an easy daily wear. As much as one would assume that this is a free size wear, well, it is not, it has to be tailor made for a specific body size and shape, so that it does not appear bulging out or oversize. There is one outstanding feature with long African maxi dresses that is different from all other wears; the designs. This brings about a unique and tasteful element in a woman that men and women in equal measures cannot get rid of.

3. Laced long African dresses

long african dresses, long african wear dresses, long african dresses styles
Source: canacopegdl.com

Conventionally, laces were used in small touches on a cloth which was more like accessorizing it. However, today you must have observed an increasing use of lace especially in summer dresses and some official wears. Lace gives an easy, relaxed and deluxe look on a woman which probably is the key reason why there is an increased preference for the same.

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Lace is commonly tailored at the bust area or around the arms. However, there is other off the hook designs where lace is throughout the dress and just makes it look more gorgeous and womanly too. It should be noted that laces long African dresses can be of either traditional print fabric or monotone colors. Any stylish woman of today should have a piece of these laced long African dresses in their wardrobe should any ceremonial function arise where they are to rock style and fashion.

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4. Long African dresses evening

long african dresses, long african wear dresses, long african dresses styles
Source: weddingdigestnaija.com

An evening wear can also be referred to as a dinner wear. Customarily, men dress in suits complete with a bow tie/ tie, lapel, matching shoes and any other accessories. Women are suppose to compliment the look in long African dresses evening designs that flatter their feminine curves and beauty. A little showing of skin is tasteful and overly doing it may be interpreted to be indecent.

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Ideally, a woman may go for monotone to printed fabric and have their cloth made according to their preference, tastes and needs. Nice long African dresses would do for an evening wear. Brightly colored or patterned fabrics can do, but in the case of a conservative person, the dull colors would do especially if there are light skinned. This kind of long African dresses evening can also be worn for a wedding among many other cultural and religious functions.

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5. Free size long African dresses

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Source: Fashionghana.com

In as much as women desire to show the world their naturally endowed assets, there are days one wakes up and just desires to have everything covered up or loosely hanging on your body. This is also another emerging trend in fashion, the free size long African dresses - the latest long African dresses designs of the day that are increasingly becoming popular among women of all ages.

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However, I would like to put a disclaimer here, not every cloth is cut for you. With this I mean, there are some designs which could perfectly fit you and those that do not. The free size long African dresses for instance look good on women in the plus size stature since as much as they are long flowing, they flatter their body. This is one of the best long African dresses plus size designs; it covers up the body and is perfect for wear to those whose natural curves sadly are not in a model stature. If the flowing designs bother you, then this can be toned down with a slim belt around the waist or just below the bust to make the look more elegant.

6. Flared long African dresses

long african dresses, long african wear dresses, long african dresses styles
Source: Pinterest

Well, you may have seen the celebrities on the runway- female walking in flared long African dresses. They look queenly and gorgeous, a look one would kill to have; on a lighter note though. This is the kind of a dress that is body con all through up to the knee length then spreads out and flares to a drag length like that in bridal dresses.

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In these long African dress styles, there is a prevalent incorporation of lace, in other cases the dress could be off should, open back, long slitted and high neck among other designs designers may choose to do. However, the underlying fact is that this is a commendable style for the modern woman. There is a new innovation where in this dress there is a cloaked sleeve long party veil, that flows from the shoulder all the way to the floor. I think this is something we should try out on.

7. Peplum long African traditional dresses

long african dresses, long african wear dresses, long african dresses styles
Source: etsy.com

I doubt you can call yourself stylish yet fail to have a peplum long African traditional dress. The peplum design is yet another fashion sense that will not wither away like other designs that come and go. This has been there and still remains very luxurious up to the minute, just what women like.

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The Peplum design in the long African dress styles has brought a lot of diversity. Women can rock an outfit, steal the show or be easy to tell apart in a crowd. This is always what I desire whenever I rock an outfit which makes me for a while be less mindful of the amount of money I am going to spend for the look. Ideally, the long African wear dresses with peplum are body con with fish like underneath design and a continuous flowing waist peplum which could either be cut asymmetrically or symmetrically. In some instances, I have observed the designer could go for a peplum of the same fabric or of another match or a contracting color or pattern of the latest long African dress designs.

8. Strapped/strapless long African dresses

long african dresses, long african wear dresses, long african dresses styles
Source: Pinterest

I have heard fashion bloggers and analysts say that when everyone goes for an outfit, skin also depletes some form of beauty. This is to say, as the bottom is totally covered, showing some skin on the upper part of the body is not bad and the vice versa is also true. Well, long African dresses cover up almost everything on a woman’s body; however, there are other blushy and flattering designs that show the femininity.

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long african dresses, long african wear dresses, long african dresses styles
Source: Pinterest

For instance, we have the strapped and strapless long African dresses that show skin at the neck and shoulder area. In some instances, some women would not mind showing a little cleavage or the open back. The same case applies to the long African traditional dress designs of a single strap commonly known as one hand. This is stylish and bold too, a teenage to a young adult woman can rock this. Designers know far too well what will entice and be suitable for women of all generations, in fact, the long slit design is also incorporated in this design mark you.

The above are some of the long African wear dresses that are just good for the eyes. I am sure by now there is one or two designs that have caught your eyes and attention and you are probably thinking about walking to the store someday and making a purchase. Well, this is what this piece was to do to you and if that is the feedback then I have achieved greatly. Below are some other additional long African dresses in the latest long African dress designs catalogue you similarly need to have a look at:

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The only constant thing in life is change and therefore it makes it possible to say that change is inevitable. Well, even in the fashion industry this change can both be felt and seen. The styles and designs that we thought were the in thing back them are nowhere on our stores today. There are new emerging trends that designers are bringing forth, some of which are admirable and eye catching. If you desire to be always caught up in fashion then you need to consider the following long African wear dresses;

1. High low long African dresses

The high low long African dress style is something that is on an extra level. Every woman is working on how to get the latest of these designs. Ideally, the low cut is made asymmetrically. With a high front and a low behind which looks like a tail – this makes the dress be referred to as a high low design.

In the long African wear dresses of high low nature, the cloth is cut from a monotone to patterned fabric then skillfully made into nice long African dresses that are feminine and beautiful. Innovations have pushed designers to devise new things that are not only off the hook but also outstanding. There is this design that recently caught my eyes on the high low where the long African dresses were layered into contrasting yet blending colors and fabrics. This made me believe that even if the high low dresses have been classically worn by women there still remains possibility of rocking the same outfit in a different way. You need to put this look on for an occasion somewhere then come back with a bucket of praises from your courtly look.

2. Off shoulder long African wear dresses

long african dresses, long african wear dresses, long african dresses styles
Source: Pinterest

A woman who knows far too well that dressing is not only for covering up nakedness but also for speaking of whom you are or what you would want the world to know you by means you understand fashion. Truth be told, even as we cover ourselves, this should reflect our distinct nature, character and personality.

The off shoulder long African wear dresses are the next thing in the world of fashion and beauty. Dresses have an upper cut that either has a pronounced shoulder length or has an elastic band to help it maintain the wide gap between the shoulders. The off shoulder dresses fall into either body con or free flowing and in some cases the dress could either have short or long sleeves. The part of the body left exposed from the off shoulder design can then be accessorized with a good piece of jewelery but even staying without any accessory would still do.

The good thing is that this long African dress can be worn by teenage girls, young adults, middle to elderly aged women and it would still give that wow effect. The demand of this design is taking the world of business by storm and designers are continuously behind the machine making a new and fresh kind of these dresses. The soft skin on the upper body of a woman is a big asset and showing it off from time to time is something men cannot their eyes of; compliments will come your way along with inherent contentment that you are looking good, some of the silly sweet things we want to hear.

3. Open back long African dresses

The modern woman would do anything just to look good and not just to look good but also different. If I find someone in an open back long African dresses I can then tell you that that is one of the tell tale signs of a strong, bold and confident woman. Not everybody would be comfortable in such an outfit hence for those that do it, it is a tap on the back for them. This is not to say that the open back designs are not good, no, there are not conventional and hence many people ordinarily would shy away from them

However, there is an increased popularity from the young generation of women who are not shaken an inch by showing skin. The beautiful designs are so welcoming and make this dress easy for casual events to party modes for the young girls and women. This is a must try.

4. Top bottom button long African traditional dresses

Well, anybody would assume anything buttoned is proverbial and should outright be dismissed as unfashionable; this is not the case with this modern look for the woman. Designers have made an easy top bottom button long African traditional dress that is easy to rock and is tasteful too. The buttons are used to ‘zip’ up the cloth into place. The dress could either be body con or flared, subject to the preference of the customer. In the fared out designs, the designer incorporates side pockets something that is not common in women wear but is equally sweet too.

5. Body con mermaid long African dresses

Finally, this list has to be forced into an untimely closure as I told you, long African dress designs are infinite without forgetting long African chiffon dresses. The body con mermaid long African dress is the most prevalent yet offer a lot of dynamics and brings out the best of the female human creature. It shapes out the natural hourglass curve leaving nothing to imagination as the men would say. It can be rocked on runways, evening, wedding ceremonies, dinner wear among other casual setups.

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