Change of ownership document for vehicles

Change of ownership document for vehicles

A walk to the market to buy some groceries is an everyday thing, you meet a willing buyer and willing seller and agree on quality, quantity and price and yes the deal is done. However, you walk into a car showroom; get a vehicle you are very interested to buy and yes you are in for a lengthy legal procedure before you are given the ownership rights. This explains why some purchases are easy to make while others are not. It even gets cumbersome if the deal involves change of vehicle ownership document processing in Ghana.

change of vehicle ownership document, vehicle change of ownership documents

Ideally, purchases that involve significant amounts of money or one that call one to invest heavily on, cannot just happen. There is need to give both parties involve the surety and guarantee that this is a good contractual agreement they both are getting into. The buyer gets to sell something in good condition and is paid for the sale while the seller gets an investment worth in a safe trade off deal. This then involves the procedural change of ownership where one gets to have the change of car ownership form and the change of vehicle ownership documents.

They not only facilitate the sale but will also stand in time as a confirmation that indeed the vehicle you own truly belongs to you and not the other party. Such a deal is henceforth safe as the vehicle owner cannot maliciously come back after the deal is closed to call back the asset in question. The car registration document change of ownership will prove them wrong. This simply explain how vital this documents are and why it is wise to go through the process despite the length of time that may be consumed, resources lost, money spent or any other tussle one may go through because the subsequent peace is worth the turmoil.

The sad reality that even as this process is not only vital and relevant, it is long and tedious. This is not to discourage any person who wants to own a second hand car, but the plain truth must be said in black and white. Besides, what other way can one get ready for what is to come rather than being told what awaits them. I am glad that our country, Ghana has government ministry that facilitates such processes seamlessly.

Change of ownership vehicle documents

Buying a brand new car is safe yet very expensive deal one can get into. At times one has to scratch the back up to the point they are able to. To some people getting a brand new machine is easy but to others this only remains a dream they consistently work hard to achieve. However, despite the route one chooses to follow, the end is justified by the means. The means in this case involves car registration document and in case it is a resale the vehicle change of ownership documents to give one the affirmation that no one can claim back the vehicle as their own. This procedure to resell is common regardless of whether the vehicle is for personal or commercial purposes although the fees charged may vary significantly.

change of vehicle ownership document, vehicle change of ownership documents


This procedure begins from the application where there is the expression of interest to transfer vehicle ownership to another party all the way through processing until the transfer is successful and the new owner is given the documents to justify the ownership. In Ghana the transfer of ownership for valuable assets is done online (at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority – DVLA) although the assessment is done physically. The process requires some formal document to be presented at the DVLA offices for verification and data validation to give the buyer a satisfactory relief that whatever is being purchase is clean, Implying free from theft, mischief, damage or accident. There are some vital changes of vehicle ownership documents that are required to be submitted:

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1. Form C – customs document

change of vehicle ownership document, vehicle change of ownership documents

Form C

This is one of the downloadable documents at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority. It pertains particulars of custom inspection that show the vehicle documents are intact have the accreditation of the custom offices and that the custom duties are duly paid at the time of transfer.

In this change of car ownership document, it needs to be dully filled and submitted back to the DVLA offices near you for processing. The details regarding the vehicle owner need to be disclosed with all honest; full names of the applicant (present owner) postal address and residential address and the telephone numbers. Similarly, the authorized agent needs to have their names and addresses stated. This will help as one of the car ownership document change of address where the final documents need to reflect not the previous car owner but the present owner, their personal profile including their physical address and telephone numbers.

Additionally, there is information regarding the vehicle due for ownership transfer as per the customs office. The make of the car, color, model, type, chassis number, year of manufacture, country of importation, measurement of the vehicle in centimeters; width and height, number of axles, number of tyre and the extra tyre if any, number of person allowed on board, permissible loading capacity, axle load in kilograms for the front, middle and rear sections and the vehicle net weight. The powerful tool which is the engine similarly needs to be outline; the engine number, horse power, cubic capacity, fuel, number of cylinder, and the make.

The intended purpose need to be stated whether the vehicle is for commercial or personal use, the date of entry and the reference number for the letter of attorney or counsel from vehicle owner. Clearly the Form A as a vehicle change of ownership document is very detailed. However the information filled up should be in good faith lest the processing will not go through because sooner or later if the testing officer finds something contrary to what is provided may stop the care transfer of ownership.

However, this customs document is very important to all the parties involved; the buyer, seller and authorized agent since they all need to be in a clean deal or business. This document guides on the state of the vehicle and will help you know anything about the vehicle in question. One can by a large extent rely on it since this information has to tally with what is in the customs offices.

2. Form VRC – Vehicle registration certificate

Even at the moment of car purchase there are a few things that need to cross your mind, the car registration. There is a vehicle registration form that has to be filled up at the DVLA website and is easily accessible. Just to highlight but a few particulars therein – change of car ownership form;

First is the vehicle registration number in this case since the vehicle is not brand new, it should already have been registered and a registration number given. The name of the present owner among other personal details and the same goes for the new owner. The vehicle need to be at length and in detail described according to the Vehicle Registration Certificate issues there before.

The vehicle information similarly has to be filled up in this form just like in the latter; the model, color, year of manufacture, country of origin, and chassis number among other things. Still at the vehicle particulars there are certain thing that the licensing authority fills up such as the vehicle net weight, permissible axle load and the permissible load capacity among other engine characteristics.

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change of vehicle ownership document, vehicle change of ownership documents

Registration Form

Finally, there is a declaration part where the present owner reaffirms that they desire to forego the vehicle ownership and that all information is full and true to their account and as per the requirements of the law. He or she acknowledges that it is illegal and punishable to conceal material information about the car for the purposes of car ownership transfer application. The present and new owner then signs there below. This information has to be scrutinized to ascertain that it is indeed true and if the licensing official is satisfied with the information as true he or she then signs for the licensing authority and indicates the place of application- offices- to help facilitate the change of ownership form for vehicle.

Just like in all vehicle change of ownership document you will soon realize that each plays a very significant role. Besides, if one desire to get into a clean deal, there is no better way than this. The walk may be long but it leaves all parties free from manipulation, lies or being conned.

It is worth mentioning that the above forms are not freely accessible at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority website. There is a certain fee that needs to be paid to the offices before one can download the forms. The customs form for instance goes for 2.50 GHS while the Vehicle Registration Certificate similarly goes for 2.50 GHS. A valid change of car ownership form should have the crown of services portal of the Government of Ghana and the Drivers and Vehicle Licensing logo in the forms as a watermark.

However, there are other applicable charges such as the transfer fees, service fees, amendment of register fee and the road worthiness fee, these sums up to 29 GHS which the applicant is expected to pay for a commercial vehicle. Nonetheless, in a personal use vehicle the fees may go higher because the certificates expire after one year while in the latter expires every six months.

3. Transfer letter from owner

change of vehicle ownership document, vehicle change of ownership documents

Source: CNN

Ideally there are only three ways in which a car transfer can be effected; at the owners request, by a court order and by the owner’s authorization. In the transfer through owner’s authorization, there is a transfer letter that should be written which among other change of vehicle ownership documents should be submitted for transfer processing.

The transfer letter from owner is an expression of intention to change ownership from themselves to somebody else. The purpose of this transfer of ownership should then be stated and explained clearly. He or she should then request the concerned body, offices or ministry to provide the necessary assistance required in the car ownership transfer process. There should be a mention of names for both the present and intended new car owner, personal details regarding the two including their address, the vehicle due for transfer, and a clear expression of transfer with the purpose clearly stated. In some case, when the car ownership is a cash transaction, the money for the purchase needs again to be stated.

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4. Two passport size photographs of the present owner

It is notable that all the change of ownership vehicle document has a provision for the passport photographs at the upper left and right side of the form. The two needs to be attached. In the customs form the recent passport size picture of the vehicle present owner needs to be stuck at the upper left side of the form while the right upper size is for the recent passport photograph for the authorized agent.

Other than the personal details the present owner has penned down, the authority also need to know them physically. For this reason they are asked to present the passport photographs. These helps and matters a lot because they can stand as evidence of ownership in there are claims and counter claims.

5. Two passport size photographs of the new owner

Similarly, the new owner, who is expected to be given the ownership right once the process is done needs to present two recent passport sized photographs. This is because since this is a transfer process, everything in the end needs to reflect not the present owner but the new owner. The owner passport picture on the Vehicle Registration Certificate will have the new owner photographs and hence it is very necessary to submit the two copies. Besides, the offices need to have your picture in their service portal to help them deliver efficient services to the public.

The car ownership transfer does not necessarily mean the vehicle has to be a resale. There are certain circumstances where one can give out a vehicle or more commonly a sale of a second hand vehicle. Since this is an asset passed down to someone else there is need for the change of vehicle ownership documents to act as prove. There are some evil people who one can pass down car ownership to, then they go ahead a commit grisly crime and the registered owner is at the helm of the long Ghanaian government’s arm.

To avoid such mishappening where proving that indeed you were not the person in question may be difficult, as the government knows you as the car owner. The transfers process for any vehicle then is very necessary as it passes liability to the new owner should anything happen or the vehicle cause an accident. These among many other reasons explain why it is necessary to ensure the transfer of car ownership goes through the legal provisions. The benefits flow to all the parties involved and hence it is mutually benefitting.

How to download the Form C and VRC – change of vehicle ownership documents

The above car ownership document change of ownership are available at the DVL offices, however, they recently developed a more convenient portal that will help the citizen in remote location comfortably have the services. Here is how one can assess, download and submit the forms for the ownership transfer processing, mark you the application involves both the present owner and the intended new owner:

1. Get to the E-services government of Ghana service portal

change of vehicle ownership document, vehicle change of ownership documents

Source: Slideshare

There are prompts for the citizens, non – citizens, businesses and government, choose what suits you in this case is the citizen although non citizen also can be given these licensing services.

2. Select the Diver and Vehicle Licensing

This will direct you to the online services and even some links to the guidelines for filling up forms and the downloadable forms

3. Click on the downloadable forms

This takes you to a page with seven listed downloadable form s among them the form A and C which as our focus in the change of ownership vehicle documents.

4. Pay up the service charge

Pay a charge of of 2.50 GHS each for the form via the e-payment portal the government recently introduced to avoid corruption of money getting into wrong hands.

5. Generate your invoice

This will give you assess to the forms.

6. Download and fill up the requested details and submit to the DVL offices for processing

However, the transfer does not just happen because someone applied for car ownership transfer. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Offices with their due diligence will conduct thorough scrutiny of the information provides. It they are satisfied that it tallies with the document presented to the owner there before. A testing official is sent to do the custom inspection and the garage inspection.

If the car is found to be in good condition then the ownership transfer process goes to the next stage. However, if there is something wrong found the process ordinarily will be thwarted. This is the reason why it is important for the present owner to disclose all the material facts about the car in question. This physical examination is what attracts a charge since the testing officer fully examines the vehicle and his report will give the road worthiness rating of the vehicle.

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Standard requirements for the change of ownership Ghana

change of vehicle ownership document, vehicle change of ownership documents


The government of Ghana has clear provisions in their transfer of ownership policy in matter of automobiles. There are laid down thresholds which must be met before the transfer processing commences. First are the change of ownership form for vehicle which I just mentioned above; the customs form and the Vehicle Registration Certificate. They should be filled and submitted to the DVLA offices for the change of ownership process to commence.

Next is the letter of transfer, the two passport picture copies for both the new and the present owner. I do not want to dwell much on these as I had explain here above. However, the present owner and the new owner have to physically present themselves at the Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Authority offices along with the vehicle which is been exchange ownership rights. The information is looked into, vehicle inspection thoroughly done, the current, new owners and the authorized agent then signs the papers and if not hitches are observed then the transfer certificates then is processed. The transfer entails that every detail than read about the current owner should be changed to read the new owner.

Of course the prescribed fees must be made for the transfer to be effected. Once the deal is done, the DVLA reaches out to these two parties and presents the vehicle registration certificate, new roadworthy certificate, car registration certificate among other documents – change of ownership vehicle documents that prove that indeed ownership has changed hands. The new owner must have earlier on acquired a driver’s license, be of 18 years of age and above and at least have the basic BECE education or have gone through the Adult Education. These are some of the requirement that must be meet before the transfer is done according to the Ghanaian laws.

change of vehicle ownership document, vehicle change of ownership documents


Ideally the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority handle the transfer of car ownership matters. They have their offices in Accra, Ghana but have other operational subsidiary offices in other regions nears you where services are accorded to the citizen uniformly. However, the Ministry of transport can be contacted through the postal address of M57, Ministries, and Accra Ghana. Telephone numbers are +233 (0) 302 661575 or +233 (0) 302671328. The FAX number is +233 (0) 302 76 3908 or +233 (0) 249 24 1251. Additionally they have an email address where you can write to them at or their official website the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority is under the Ministry of Transport.

Car transfer ownership is one of the very sensitive things to do but if done right leaves one with so much peace. The need of this is overly emphasized which explains why the process is necessary and worthwhile. The e-services government service portal has made this easier to do and the government is able to offer timely services to its citizens and non citizens altogether.

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