Ghana police service forms 2018

Ghana police service forms 2018

Some things are easier said than done. Ghanaian citizens are famous for being patriots but absolute patriotism is found in the men and women in uniform who put their lives at stake to safeguard others. Under a unified and uncontested command, they ensure that law and order are maintained as well as the safety assurance within the country and from external attacks. This primarily is the Ghana Police service. Many youths desire to join the team of professionals but many at times do not know how to go about it, especially with the Ghana Police Service forms.

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Annually, the Government of Ghana advertises for various positions in the Ghana Police Service, which is commonly known as police recruitment. The police service act of 1970 article 350 provides for how the recruitment exercise should be carried out. It is very detailed and clearly outlined. Various changes have been realized in the new future and just like other employers who find it easier to evaluate a job application made online, the Ghana Police Service demands a similar approach. There are Ghana police service recruitment forms that should be filled and downloaded and submitted to the relevant authorities.

Ghana Police recruitment 2017/2018

However, the 2017/2018 Ghana police services recruitment took place months ago. This then implies that the Ghana police service forms are no longer available for downloading, filling and making submissions. The 2017/2018 applications were expected to be received on or before 31st May 2018. This means that those who did not apply by that day or even submit later were not considered for the job. The application is the fundamental stage for this recruitment, which explains why it is the Ghana police service recruitment forms are really necessary.

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Ghana Police recruitment 2018/2019

Before you proceed, it is important for you to you know that the Ghana police recruitment deadline 2018/2019 has not yet began. The information on this page is concerning the 2017/2018 recruitment process. However, since the requirements and application process are mostly the same, we encourage you to read the information herein as it will hep you prepare for the next round of applications.

For the youth interested to be recruitmed, their main concern or worry is when will the Ghana police services forms be out. Well, we all know every year that there has to be a recruitment, and in parallel measures, the forms are available for downloading and filling up around the same time the people are invited to apply. Ordinarily, this is communicated through their website or their e-services Government of Ghana online portal that provides this information. One should therefore keep checking the portal of the dailies for any new information.

Forms for Ghana Police Service

ghana police service forms, ghana police service forms 2018, ghana police service recruitment forms


The downloadable Ghana police service forms require that the applicant fill up all the spaces left with information that is true and factual and in the interest of all with all honesty. Ideally, the forms for Ghana police service ask who the applicant is, their address, why they are interested in the job and what qualifies them. After going through the Ghana police service recruitment forms, it is very easy for the recruiter to tell who is fit for the job and who is not. Filling of these forms then requires one to read through carefully and grasp all the detail including understanding the instruction before one goes ahead and fill up the form.

There are personal details an applicant is supposed to fill such as their names in the order of first name, middle name and surname, date of birth, place of birth, region and country of residence, passport number or the national identity number, date of issuance and its expiry date for the case of passport. One also needs to indicate the full names of their father and mother, schools attended, highest level of education, postal address, email, telephone or mobile phone number, their marital status, and nationality.

This information is the first guide that should make you have an upper hand in getting the job or make you be declined the position long before the physical examination is done. This forms for Ghana police service are a very sensitive part of the application where care should be exercised to ensure all the information captured is correct and gone accurately. However, should one submit wrong information especially concerning their education background, they then will be prosecuted by the state.

All information regarding the Ghana police service application forms is available at the e-service ports of the Government of Ghana. So should you have any questions, information therein in will help you out. In fact, there are guidelines for filling up the form where you can click and be sorted out. Alternatively, reach out to the Ghana police service. The forms are downloadable. However, this requires one to have a voucher as you will soon find out in the Ghana police service recruitment process.

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Ghana Police Service recruitment application

1. Purchase of a voucher – All applicants begins the police recruitment process by first acquiring a voucher from any Ghana Commercial Bank at a cost of 50 Ghanaian cedis. They should provide their official names as they are in the identity cards, date of birth, an active email address, physical location and mobile phone number. The voucher is processed and it is not transferable.



2. Get to the e-services online portal for the Ghana police recruitment forms - Use the purchased voucher number to help you gain access to the services. The applicant is expected to create an account with the Ghana Police Service which is done by answering the subsequent easy questions. Thereafter, the applicant will need to pick on a password/ pin code, serial number and an email address and confirm the same

3. Enter the serial number of the purchased voucher and the pin and confirm that they are indeed yours. This helps bring the individuality expected during recruitment and explains why the vouchers must not be transferable.

4. Create a personal profile – Here you need to give particulars about yourself such as your official name; Nationality, marital status, date of birth, age and height just to highlight but a few of these details.

5. Ghana police recruitment category – In the 2018 / 2019 Ghana police service application forms, only four categories have been advertised. These are then what the applicant is supposed to select or choose from; the General Duty Recruits, Tradesmen Recruits, Graduates General Duty and the Graduate Professional category. At this juncture, the applicant should make it clear the post they are interested in.

6. Education background – The applicant is expected to enter details about their education or academic background. It should be done beginning with the most recent which is the highest level of education going to the lowest level. The education profile information needs to be true as this will be verified and in case you give the Ghana police service wrong data one may stand a chance of prosecution. This is a part of the Ghana police service forms that should be filled accurately.

7. Upload a passport sized photo of yourself. This should a recent copy that is a reflection of who exactly you are. This tells of your physique long before the recruiter gets to meet you in person; a good picture is a plus. In this case one that shows you are energetic, strong and bold.

8. Review your Ghana police service form. This is the second last stage where the applicant should cross check the information on their portal as after submitting this they will not be in a position to edit or change anything. Review your form and click on the edit then click on next to save the changes. You can then log out if you are satisfied with the information on your summary page.

9. Submit your application – This is the last thing to do on the Ghana police service recruitment forms. Submit your application by clicking on the ‘Generate Your Decision’ button. Once you click no changes can be made on the Ghana police service application forms. Nonetheless, a pop up content page will tell you if you are qualified or not with the reasons for disqualification.

10. If the report tells you that the system has disqualified your application, worry not because reasonS will be there to tell you what eligibility test you failed. Should it be something within your control, you can change and retry applying again. The second application however, will require you to purchase another voucher as the initial one is already used in the disqualified application. Nevertheless, if you get a positive report, download and print it. You will be required to produce this report during the physical screening.

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Ghana Police Service recruitment process

ghana police service forms, ghana police service forms 2018, ghana police service recruitment forms


After the applicant is done with the filling and submission of the Ghana police service forms, successful candidates are informed via email address then proceed to the next stage which is a process likewise. They are called at the recruitment centre for body, intellect and medical examinations. Here are some of the things the prospective candidates are subjected to:

1. Body examination - The recruiter checks on who is in check with the police act provisions. A police officer should be a person who is strong and healthy. The body examination should reveal this because such personnel are expected to be resilient even under strain or pressure. Ideally, they check on weight, height, sight, hearing, and body alignment among other things. Some of these things had earlier on been captured in the Ghana police service application forms.

2. Document verification – Personal documents such as the identity or passport card need to be examined and inspected to ascertain they are indeed genuine. Similarly, academic testimonials are scrutinized to free them from forgery and misrepresentation. The WAEC does the vetting and persons who are found to have maliciously forged documents are prosecuted.

ghana police service forms, ghana police service forms 2018, ghana police service recruitment forms


3. Aptitude test – This a test that will evaluate your intellectual capacity about reasoning, interpretation and even decision making. Writing an aptitude test is mandatory and helps the candidate proceed on to the next stage.

4. Criminal background check - If the applicants sway through the aptitude test, they are evaluated to check on their criminal record. Again, one needs not to be a criminal or to have been linked to a crime. If the record is positive the applicant is dropped if negative they carry on with the process.

5. Medical examination – This is the final examination before candidates are invited to various schools for training. Medical experts inspect the medical status of the candidates and give a clean sheet report. There are medical conditions which may make a candidate be dropped with their health status being the primary concern and not the discrimination or stigma. Besides, military personnel need to be fit and healthy.

ghana police service forms, ghana police service forms 2018, ghana police service recruitment forms


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Here are the requirements and qualifications one should meet before they apply for any job at the Ghana police service. The applicant needs to be:

  • Of sound mind
  • A Ghanaian by nationality
  • 18 years and above but not more than 25 years of age. In the 2018 recruitment, applicants should have attained the age of 18 years by 1st of April 2018.
  • No criminal record
  • Good character; high integrity
  • Physically fit and healthy
  • Men should be at least 173 cm or 5 feet 8 inches whereas the women should be at least 5 feet 4 inches which is about 163cm.


This eligibility 2018 recruitment was announced by the Director General of Human Resources Department, who signed and issued the advertisement inviting suitably qualified Ghanaian to apply for the job. The DCOP retaliated that the above criteria will be used to filter out applicants who fail to meet this threshold. She also emphasized that applications should be made before the 31st of May 2018, if the applicant desires to be considered for the police jobs in 2018. The DCOP also gave a few things that were to be factored into place during the 2018 Ghana police service recruitment exercise:

  • The application should only be done online.
ghana police service forms, ghana police service forms 2018, ghana police service recruitment forms


  • Applicant should only make one application lest they get disqualified
  • Shortlisted applicants and candidates who make to the training institutions will be communicated through email or phone
  • Forgery of academic document is punishable by law.
  • The Ghana police service forms are not on sale but are available at the Ghana Police official website.
  • There is no contracted recruiting agency to do the recruitment on behalf of the Ghana Police Service.

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