King Promise songs and videos: Top in 2020

King Promise songs and videos: Top in 2020

Gregory Bortey Newman, famously known as King Promise, is a recording artist who topped the Ghanaian music charts back in 2017. Before then, he grew up knowing that he had talent in him. All through he never gave up on his dreams and he went on to pursue his dreams. He is managed by Legacy life and he continues to shine in the industry. King Promise ran into Sarkodie one day and he referred him to Kill Beatz and Fuse ODG. Sarkodie recognised his talent and he knew that King Promise would make a good artist. Sarkodie and Fuse ODG saw King Promise rise into fame and right now his music is widely heard in Ghana. King Promise songs have so become popular among his fans.

Best King Promise songs

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He has had collaborations with other big artists like Stonebwoy, and Mr Eazi. So far he has on an award on best discovery video and he continues to shine with his music. There is no doubt that he will get more awards considering his talent. King Promise s a graduate of central university and he went on to admit that it was hard working with school and music. Through it all he managed and this is an encouragement to all upcoming artists. As much as music pays, it is important to have education. King Promise new music is indeed amazing and he continues to release more. So let us get to the list of the best of King Promise songs.

1. King Promise - Selfish

This song was released back in 2017 and the King Promise fans really loved it. The song was produced by killbeatz. The song is all about being in a relationship and you would rather be selfish than share your significant other. This song is an inspiration to many couples and after it was produced, most clubs in Ghana would play it. The song has some very catchy beats that can attract the attention of any person from far. Kill beatz totally killed it with this song and all magazines and television shows and the social media had fans going crazy about the song.

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2. King Promise - CCTV

This hip life song was produced by killbeatz. It featured Sarkodie and Mugeez. Some people agree that the collaboration was on point, considering sarkodie is already a big artist both in Ghana and in Africa. This song was produced by legacy life entertainment. The song is all about the CCTVs that always watch everything. Check out the video on you tube or download it for free on music applications on play store to listen to the nice beats and also the good flow of music. For those that prefer videos they can download the mp4 for free on the applications and enjoy more from the King himself.

This song is a nice combination of hip life and after its release; many admitted that the song was not a miss but a hit. Haters are always there and some found it to be boring and some were simply not happy with it but you know how the music industry is, there will always be a negative comment no matter how good a song is. That aside I loved the song and you should also try it and experience the best of King Promise and the famous sarkodie. This is one of King Promise latest song. That has topped the charts for a while, giving fans something new and nice. King Promise is talented and more music will be released in the future.

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3. King Promise - Oh Yeah

This song was also released by legacy life entertainment back in 2017. The song has some very nice beats. It was also produced by kill beatz and it was a real hit in Ghana. The amazing factor about the song is that it is able to send a strong message. This song is short and mostly king Promise repeats some lines and this just hammers the message in. It is a club banger and in 2017, people were very excited about it. They want ahead to like it on social media and king promise was able to deliver to the fans. He is indeed a king when it comes to music because of the massive number of fans that he has. Remix of the song was also released later featuring Mr Eazi. Obviously, Mr Eazi does not disappoint. The remix is even better and if you have not watched it, go to and watch the video or subscribe to his songs. That way, you will be able to watch the video comfortably and get updates on new songs that he releases.

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4. King Promise - Hey Sexy

This amazing song was released back in 2017. It featured the one and only Stonebwoy. The song is a dedication to all beautiful ladies out there and it is a real club banger. The song is easy to sing-along and the beats are well produced such that anyone can dance along the whole song. People love music not just because of the beats but also because of the message. The song sends a strong message that will leave you wanting to put it on repeat. Another interesting factor is the part where Stonebwoy does his thing. All lovers of Stonebwoy can admit that his game is always on point. That aside, the song was produced by Killbeatz and truly it is a game changer in the music industry. The song gained many likes when it was released and some people actually loved it. All King Promise Ghana fans know that he is a man who keeps his promises and he will released more hit songs. All the lovers of hip life can download the song on android and listen to it for free in form of mp3.

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5. King Promise - Slow Down

This song is f the pop genre. In this song, King Promise was featured by DJ Breezy together with Joey B and Nissim. This song was released in 2017. 2017 was a year of breakthrough for King Promise because of the many songs that he released and also got featured in. King Promise was on top of his game and this song is a nice combination of amazing beats that will leave you wanting to listen to more. This song gained King Promise more fans and they went on to comment about the video on social media. The song is a club banger and we know King Promise always represents Ghana through his music. People do not need to promote music from the oversees when they have not promoted their very own. Download the song on music applications or watch it on you tube and tap the like button. Every like counts and every fan should take time and recognise the originality of Ghanaian music and Ghanaian artists.

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6. King Promise - My Girl

This is yet another song that was released in 2017 by the one and only Killbeatz. The song is sung by B4bonah and it features King Promise in it. This song is a dedication to all the ladies out there. It also serves as a god dedication from a man to his lady. The song has had several comments before and you may think because it was produced in 2017, it is already old fashioned. This is not true because it continues to be one of the best songs that King Promise is featured in. The video is also very clear and you can tell that a lot of work was put onto it. Music creates an atmosphere where he listener can put him or herself in the scenario and feel the beats of the song. This song does exactly that and sends a strong love message that would sweep any lady off her feet.

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7. King Promise - M.anifest

This King Promise new video was released in 29th March 2018. It is a song titled’ M.anifest. The song is sung by Me Ne Woa featuring King Promise. Fans went ahead and criticized the video. The song has almost 8,000 views on you tube already and so far, fans can’t wait for the next hit song either by the duo or by King Promise. The song is already a club banger in most clubs in Ghana and this is a stepping stone for King Promise’s career. This is just the beginning of a huge success in music for all King Promise fans. Some fans did not like his video but king Promise is not a quitter. The amazing factor about King Promise is his consistency. Since 2017, he has made major changes in the industry. We expect more hits from King and all fans should not give up because more hits shall come up very soon.

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