Download and fill NSS duty form

Download and fill NSS duty form

Well, NSS duty report form simply acts as an assessment report card where your supervisor takes notes of your attitude and punctuality towards your work, then submits it to the district director’s office. The director is also expected to write his remarks and recommendation towards your character. It also acts as a ticket to getting your monthly allowances. Generally, stamps and signatures are among the things that fill up the form when climbing up the chains.

Download and fill nss duty form

Contents of the form

The contents of the NSS duty assessment form are basically divided into three different categories. The sections comprise of; personnel’s personal information, supervising officers’ details and the NSS district director’s remarks. The personal information is more about contacts and identity since you are required to indicate your name, NSS number, phone number, email address, and institution attended.

Download and fill nss duty form
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The same applies to the supervising officer where there are spaces allocated for his rank or rather title, the name of the organization, his/her phone number as well as that of the organization. Other details include the location of the organization, email address and a fill-up box for punctuality and attitude of the personnel and also the number of days that you have worked. It is ticked where applicable. The third section basically has NSS Director’ remarks, space for a signature and date.

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Punctuality not only in attendance to your workstation but also in the delivery of the forms is very critical. There is a polite note at the end of the form that clearly explains the significance of submitting on time. The stipulated date is 15th of every month failure to which there your allowances would be withheld. The note also states that unstamped forms by your supervisor would be rendered invalid.

Download and fill nss duty form
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Steps to downloading the NSS duty monthly form

The NSS monthly duty form download exercise is usually simple and straightforward. However, every step is still crucial as you may be stranded along the way. Anyway, once you are done with NSS registration and acquisition of the NSS pin things ought to be easy.

  • The first step involves clicking on the official National Scheme Website. There are quite a number of sites with NSS logo on their layout page, but that does not necessarily mean they are official.
  • Once on the site at the homepage click on ‘Deployment’ which is part of the navigation options which are lined of the screen. On ‘Deployment’ there are also other three options which you can navigate through. Choose ‘Download’
  • The ‘download’ page contains three other documents alongside NSS monthly assessment form. They include steps to your mandatory service, enrollment form, and end of year assessment form. They are all significant at their ideal time.
  • Click on your ideal specified document and as long there is network coverage, your download would start immediately.
  • Alternatively, the NSS monthly duty form pdf can simply be accessed via

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All about National Service Scheme (NSS)

Well, for those who are yet to join the bandwagon and become part of the team, National Service Scheme is an organization that sprouted in the country in the 1970s. It was formed by the government of Ghana through the Ministry of Education with its headquarters, or rather national secretariat being in Ghana. Over time, its branches have been mushrooming in various regional parts of the country with the aim of getting every citizen on board.

Download and fill nss duty form

Its primary objective has been to enrich the general public with practical skills. The skills may be useful in the development and growth of key economic sectors of the country, both in the public parastatals and private corporations. No wonder it has a spot on the map for countries with a fast-growing economy.

When it was established, its primary focus was to recruit every citizen who is 18 years and above into the system. Nevertheless, with time, it narrowed down its attention to people who were through with their tertiary education. It is now mandatory for every Ghanaian graduate to take part in the one-year national work service, regardless of where they undertook their studies.

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Goals of the initiatives

It’s always a fact that the development and growth of any nation’s economy, depends mainly on the quality of skills of its personnel-among other variables. One of the primary aims of the initiative has been to sharpen the skills of freshly graduated citizens. It does this by exposing them to the real-world practical learning platform. In this manner, the post-graduate students become competent and well-versed.

Consequently, it also ensures there is adequate personnel in the key areas of the economy, who are not only focused and strong but dedicated as well. That is why the NSS Ghana duty form comes in handy.

Download and fill nss duty form

Ghana is also facing a number of contemporary issues such as illiteracy, unemployment, hunger, drought, and diseases. The best way for the government to deal with such shortcomings was to introduce an initiative that can educate as well as empower its people with skills to sustain themselves, and so far it has proven to be very remarkable.

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The other vital aim was to promote togetherness. Ghana is among the African countries with diversity when it comes to ethnicity. The only way to curb civil disputes and tension has been through fostering unity. The initiative does this by making it mandatory for every Ghanaian to join the system irrespective of their tribe.

Additionally, personnel from different backgrounds have also learned to acknowledge and respect other peoples' way of life. Through interaction and exchange of ideas, a sense of empathy and understanding is generated.

There is also no other ideal way of letting people know their national obligations, privileges, and rights if not making them take part in the development of their country. That is how patriotism and national pride is fostered. Anyway, the government still takes credit for the national dresses and promotion of cultural heritage.

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Benefits of the program

The advantages of the program are enormous. For instance, the government now has a guarantee that there is enough skilled manpower needed to escalate the economy even higher and at a faster rate. With the skills imparted, there is also a reduction in the unemployment rate, as many energetic youths have opted for self-employment in farming and enterprise.

Quite a number of contemporary issues that members of the public have been worrying about have also found a solution through this initiative. Citizens through public forums are educated on a wide range of topic regarding their lives by the personnel. These issues range from computer literacy, farming techniques to diseases and hygiene.

Download and fill nss duty form

Nevertheless, there are agencies that work hand in hand with National Service Scheme to ensure these education programs, as well as rural development, are operating smoothly countrywide.

Well, it's not just the ordinary people and the government that benefits from this exercise the recruited personnel also gain a lot. They are given a chance to learn practical skills in a career that they are passionate about. Aside from that, they are also presented with a reality where classroom know-how is not enough. They have to use their personal skills for team building, planning, creativity, individual initiative, strategic thinking, innovation and many others. It is such like attributes that breed prospective leaders.

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Monthly allowances

Through an updated and NSS new duty form, the recruited personnel are able to get their payments on a monthly basis. Nonetheless, as stipulated by the law, the amount issued is only determined by the Ministry of Finance. The payment structure shall also be based on the date personnel report to duty on their first day at their designated postings.

Personnel posted to schools, colleges, ministries, government departments and any other establishment or parastatals run by the government shall be paid by the National Service Secretariat through money injected by the government treasuries.

On the other hand, personnel posted to corporations, statutory boards and churches including quasi-churches organizations shall be paid by those establishments from their own finances.

On the same note, personnel posted to private companies shall be paid their allowances by those corporations. However, an equivalent of 20% shall be paid to the Executive Director, National Service Secretariat by those companies. Posting of personnel to these companies is usually after a mutual agreement. But then again, private educational institutions are excused from the 20% charge.

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Placement/ posting criteria

The posting of service persons is not just done randomly. It considers a range of issues such as policy priorities, courses pursued, choice of region, social integration, regional balance, extreme health conditions, national programs, requests from user-agency among others. As of health grounds, a service person may be reassigned to a different region at his/her request if written petitions and relevant medical documents concur with his/her reasons.

Download and fill nss duty form


As for leaves, there are only of two kinds; maternity and annual. Annual leave is issued to all personnel for one month in any normal service year. Maternity, on the other hand, is issued for three months. These months from maternity leave will have to be compensated once the service person resumes working.

But then again, bureaucracy is adhered to, before one is scheduled for maternity. That is, the employer or the supervisor notifies both the Regional Director at the district level and the Executive Director before getting an approval. There will be no payments while on maternity leave.

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In a situation where a user-agency finds it hard to release the service personnel for their annual leave, its required to pay one month’s allowance instead of the leave from their own finances.


As for transport, initial pay from the hometowns of the service persons to the assigned postings shall be paid by the National Service Scheme at the existing government rates under the Secretariat. But this only applies if they have been posted to government establishments, ministries and tertiary institutions owned by the state.

As for personnel posted in churches, statutory boards, corporations including private companies as well as quasi-church organizations, transport expenses from their homes to the organizations’ locations shall not be catered by the National Service Scheme, but rather, from the organizations own resources.

Download and fill nss duty form
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Miscellaneous allowances

These are the kind of allowances that cater for quite a number of minor expenses such as car maintenance and a service person’s ‘overnight’. Car maintenance allowance basically means that if a service person is allowed to use his/her own means of transport for authorized official duties, then he/she shall be compensated in maintenance and kilometric allowances at the current existing rates by that particular establishment or organization.

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Overnight allowance applies when a service person performs out-of-station duties on official account. He/she is entitled to allowance which is similar to the officers of that comparable rank in that establishment.

Offenses under the national service Act

As stated earlier, NSS is a government initiative aimed at a mandatory national course. Rules and regulations governing it are well stipulated in the Act 426. Under this act, there are certain traits that are considered offenses. The following are some of the offenses;

  • Evasion

Evasion is considered a capital offense under this initiative. There is only a three-month window of leniency for whoever does not report at the assigned posting without proper authorization from the NSS board, after which he/she shall be assumed an evader. Proper sanctions under Act 426 Section 28 (C) becomes applicable.

  • Desertion.

A service person who does not complete the entire service period without proper excuse from the National Service Board shall be rendered a deserter if he/she does not report back after a three-month window of leniency. Proper measures then become applicable under the act.

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But then again, if he/she happens to resume back to the posting, he is required to commence the proper again afresh as the previous period is rendered null and void.

  • Self-posting

Self-posting is when service personnel allocate themselves to stations that they have not officially been assigned to, by the National Service Board, with or without the knowledge of their employers. They are hence considered self-posters, and the service they offer at the establishment shall not be acknowledged by the board whatsoever. Appropriate measures shall, therefore, follow suit.


The NSS duty form 2018 is designed to note the number of days’ service personnel have been on service on that particular month. This basically makes it easy to count the number of days a service person has never reported to work.

Well, according to the Act 426, absenteeism is an offense and therefore whoever does not report to work without an approval from the head of the establishment or supervisor shall forfeit their allowances for the number of days they have been absent. Generally, the daily allowances shall be calculated in regard to the number of working days of the month.

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If the service person has been posted in a government establishment or ministry, then the deducted amount shall be taken to the government’s chest. But if he was posted in a church, corporation or statutory board, the deducted amount goes straight to the coffers of the relevant organization. Both of these transactions are usually accompanied by an official receipt.

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Exemption from the National Service

Well, even though the National Service Scheme is known to be compulsory, there are exemptions for some two scenarios, one of them being old age, it is stated that people who have attained forty years and above or will attain forty by the time that year’s national service commences.

This is perhaps due to respect, but then the main reason may be because of the rigorous training that requires energetic and youthful personnel.

The other case for exemption is when a candidate has undergone national service at earlier date. He/she is required to give room for his freshly graduated counterparts.

All in all, proper and relevant documentation needs to be shown as proof. National Service Certificate is one of the documents that best fits as proof for whoever has completed the service.

Download and fill nss duty form

Aside from exemption, there is also room for deferment. Whoever applies for this must be in extreme cases of ill health and cannot be involved in the training. There is also a scenario where a candidate has lagged behind in some courses and cannot consider postings from National Service Secretariat.

Well, according to the board deferment should not be automatically thought to have been granted until an official approval comes from them-which may take a while too. Typically, applications for deferments alongside relevant documents are submitted to the board through the Executive Director or regional District Director.

In conclusion, NSS Ghana monthly duty report form forms a backbone to an organized experience under the system. Having an exemplary report means that you are on the ideal path. It’s also a way of getting your allowances so needs to be filled and submitted on time.

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