Khaligraph Jones net worth

Khaligraph Jones net worth

Music is one word that triggers different things in different people. Some make music for passion while some do it for money. However, there are a few musicians out there who seem to be born for music and they do whatever it takes to keep their vibes alive, one of such musicians is Khaligraph Jones Kenya. Not only his love for music has brought him so far but also gave him a lot of money. If you check out KHALIGRAPH JONES NET WORTH you will understand how people actually live their lives to the fullest and make money at the same time.

Khaligraph jones net worth

Source – Instagram@khaligraph_jones

Khaligraph Jones biography

Khaligraph Jones is famous rapper based in Kenya who is known for his punchlines, distinct flow, stage presence and delivery. It was in the year 2004 when he had made his debut in the industry, back when he was just fourteen years old.

The music he makes is primarily based on reggae music, day to day occurrences and also triggers the social issues.

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Khaligraph Jones cars

Khaligraph jones cars

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After making the purchase of his very first car in the year 2014, it could be seen that Khaligraph Jones is actually making a lot of money making music. In fact, Wu-Tang Clan’s manager Cedric Muhammad (an American hip hop group) planned to collaborate with Khaligraph Jones.

Apparently, Khaligraph also loves to drive and he owns a fleet of awesome luxurious vehicles, primarily cars, such as a Range Rover as well as a Toyota Mark X. His networth information is however kept confidential.

Another Subaru has been added to Khaligraph’s collection.

Fans of the Kenyan rap fans are dying to find out who the king of rap is in Kenya. However, we could see that a lot of the fans came forward claiming to be the best alongside with Juliani who had organized ‘Who is King’ show that was a total flop. The show was meant to be a sort of a royal rumble amongst the Kenyan rappers.

The expected face-off was between Khaligraph Jones and Octopizzo.

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Khaligraph Jones education

khaligraph jones education

Source – Instagram@khaligraph_jones

As per Facebook, Khaligraph has done his schooling from Kenya, Brucewood and from the United States International University (USIU) he had completed his degree as well.

In the year 2017, it could be seen that Khaligraph Jones was the major topic of conversation but for the wrong reasons. His image was put into question for the fact that his looks were altered by him.

However, it could also be seen that all these issues were thrown behind as Khaligraph also booked a deal with some local Kenyan company.

2017 was a hard year for Brian Ouko Omollo who is also famous as Khaligraph Jones as some of the incidents have badly threatened his OG tag. Mr. Jones was approached by the country’s local telecommunication company. This approach by the company was a kind of negative publicity approach which has effected Khaligraph.

This is what he has written on his facebook, "Just Like I Said, Stay Hungry. Stay winning... Keep on doing what you Doing. Corporates watakutafuta tu, Hii kitu hainanga Formula as long as you working Hard....”

The post also showed the rapper was alongside the dancers promoting the brand in something that looked like a costly commercial.

‘Seeing is believing’ and you have seen it all right here at TUKO. Last year, Khaligraph has allowed the fans to get a small peek inside his vast crib. The rapper had truly reached new heights starting in Kayole as a Shamba boy. Now, he is known for his American accent that sounds quite heavy.

Khaligraph Jones house

Khaligraph jones house

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As per sources, the estimated cost of Khaligraph’s house is around 4 million ksh. However, people are still in heavy confusion if the house actually belongs to Khaligraph or is rented.

Khaligraph Jones is also known to live his life just like a king. His house is swanky where we can see lush seats, an expensive décor as well as a TV that is bigger than our houses. In the photos you can also see a cabinet which is quite tall, has open drawers filled with expensive alcohol.

The sitting room had huge vases along with flowers; the seats seemed to be a Victorian style that obviously compliments his rich lifestyle.

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Khaligraph Jones net worth

khaligraph jones net worth

Source – Instagram@khaligraph_jones

Khaligraph Jones can be said is among the richest musicians out there. He even has a good number of connections with a lot of reputed companies as well. The companies use his name and fame to increase their brand value. The companies pay him a seven-figure amount for collaborating with Khaligraph. In the continent of Africa, Khaligraph Jones makes it among the top ten rappers. His live performances are amazing and so are his rapping skills which are in both Swahili as well as in English. This talent of his has also given him a good name and a lot of awards as well.

It is a very cool thing that Khaligraph is an awesome musician who fell in love with music at a very young age, however, the exact information of Khaligraph jones net worth 2018 is still not known. He has huge talent primarily in hip-hop music. At the age of 13, he had already released his very first single, following which at the age of 19 he won the Channel O Emcee Africa competition. A song called ‘Yego’ gave him a new name in the music industry.

More on Khaligraph Jones biography

khaligraph jones biography

Source : Instagram@khaligraph_jones

Brian Robert Ouko who is also known as Khaligraph Jones or Baba Yao was born in the year 1990. His elder brother was the one who had discovered Khaligraph’s talent and got him into the music industry. As for now, he has successfully recorded more than 400 songs. When he was young, the sufferings that came to haunt him in Nairobi’s Eastland has made him connect with hip-hop music. Rumors reveal that he had also tried to enter the gospel music industry earlier.

Music Career of Khaligraph Jones

khaligraph jones kenya

Source : Instagram@khaligraph_jones

At the age of 19, he won the Channel O Emcee Africa. He has collaborated with ‘A’ class Kenyan artists such as Stella Mwangi, Xtatic, Kristoff, Rabbit, Chiwawa, Abbas Kubaff, The Mith of Klear Kut, Dj Crème Dela Crème, Ulopa Ngoma, Christine Apmondi and Kaytrix. He is signed to Spincycle Entertainment. In the year 2014, he was named as the official Kenyan Music Ambassador.

Here are some of the Khaligraph Jones songs you can enjoy

  • Toa Tint
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  • Mazishi
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  • Nobody
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  • Wanjiru & Akinyi
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  • Cypher
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  • Yego
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  • Black Bill Gates
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  • Micasa Sucasa
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  • Rewind
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  • Em- besha
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Khaligraph Jones family

khaligraph jones family

Source : Instagram@khaligraph_jones

The family of Khaligraph Jones comprises of his elder brother. He has a girlfriend called Cashy whose real name is Karimi Mariungi who is an artist as well as an entrepreneur. They have been together for quite a while now, as it has been around five years since they are together. She even collaborated with him on a song that was titled ‘Micasa Sucasa’. This collaboration turned out to be an amazing one that has boosted Cashy ’s career as well by bringing her close to the limelight.

Khaligraph Jones bleaching

khaligraph jones bleaching

Source : Instagram@khaligraph_jones

The bleaching he did was among the allegations faced by him. A lot of his fans were shocked to see his skin which was lighter, all shown in the national television. When asked he said that the lighter skin was due to less contact with the sun and a good consumption of water. He later made a song in which he described that skin bleach doesn’t matter as long as the rap game is strong.


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