National Service Scheme Portal: NSS pin code search 2018-2019

National Service Scheme Portal: NSS pin code search 2018-2019

NSS pin code is an important number for any Ghanaian scholar. To understand why, pay much attention on the subsequent words and ideas. In the Ghanaian constitution, it is stipulated under Act 426, that a scholar who has cleared his or her tertiary education and has attained the age of 18, should offer his or her service to the country for one year in his or her area of specialization before he is permanently employed. Therefore, candidates from recognized tertiary institutions are required to register for the national service after they are through with their A levels. The process has however changed from the common manual way to a computerized one, which requires first obtaining the pin code for NSS, which has made it easier for the National Service Scheme to uniquely identify every personnel enrolled in their system.

NSS pin code search 2018-2019

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For the past years, most candidates would miss out on the registration process to join the Ghana national service and a good number of them would end up wasting that whole year jobless, because they could not secure a permanent job without attending the national service. This became an area of concern. At the same time, the manual registration process was becoming too hectic, especially for cases where numerous candidates had applied. This was a call for a better, less hectic and less time consuming method of application. This led to the development of the NSS pin code which by all means made the process simpler for the applicants and the employees in the NSS offices. This is one reason why technology should be applauded.

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NSS pin code request

How to get NSS pin code is of course a process that might not be apparent to you. The first step in the Ghana national service application is making the NSS pin code request. This is a simple process which requires the applicant to follow a couple of steps and have good internet connection in order for them to obtain the NSS pin code. This mightsound a very technical, but worry not. I got you covered. All you need to do is just sail along.

For any interested applicant who would like to have their NSS pin code, the process is so simple. It only requires visiting the NSS portal. This is not so difficult. All you need is access to internet. To receive your NSS pin code, you will be required to provide your index number on the portal. Once you click on the submission button after feeding your index number, your personal details and a pin will be given. This code is your NSS pin code. To gain access to the NSS portal, simply visit their official site. Being in possession of this pin is useless, unless the pin is activated. The activation process is also not so difficult. The secret behind this is following the stated steps followed to the latter.

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NSS pin code search 2018-2019

The process of activating and reactivation of NSS pin code is simple. For activation, you will be required to make a payment of 40 cedis. This payment can be made through any branch of the Agricultural Development Bank ltd (ADB). Once the payment has been made, the transaction is supposed to automatically reflect on the portal for the application process to commence. Alternatively, the payment can be made through mobile phone. However, this process requires one to be keen since a simple mistake can cause problems with transactions, especially if the money is deposited to a wrong recipient.

Here is a simple procedure on how to activate your NSS pin code using your handset.

  • On your dial pad, dial *170#. This will display a couple of options among them the transfer money and PAY BILL option.
  • Out of these options, select the number assigned for PAY BILL.
  • Once you select send, a new dialogue page will be displayed. This page will have a list of options. Among these options is the multichoice option, Ghana water, General Payment option among others.
  • From this display, select the General Payments options. It will lead you to another dialogue box which will require you to feed in details on the Payment Code. Here, you will be required to feed in the code that was displayed when you entered your index number in the NSS portal. This personnel code is a form of identifier and once it is fed, your personal details; for instance your name will be displayed.

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NSS pin code search 2018-2019
  • The next dialogue box will request you to enter the amount of money. The amount of money being paid for the pin code process is 40 cedis. Therefore, any amount below this value will be reversed.
  • After entering the amount, the next dialogue to be displayed will be the reference dialogue box. On this box, you are expected to enter the account where the payments are being made to. For this case, it is the National Service Scheme. So, just key in NSS, in capital letters. After you have keyed in NSS, provide your pin and wind up on your transaction.
  • You will receive a confirmation message that the 41 cedis has been paid to the NSS account.

At the same time, if your transaction process was as per the stated procedure, you will also receive a confirmation message from NSS GHANA, proving that your payment has been received. The text message will also confirm the personnel pin and authorize you to proceed with the online registration process. To make it even simpler, the message comes along with a link that enable easier access to the portal. This whole process of NSS pin code request and pre-registration is this simple. To confirm that the procedure you followed is the correct one, you can equally click on this link to confirm.

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My NSS pin code

For those who are through with their A levels and aspire to join the Ghana National service, ‘my NSS pin code’ is not a new term to them. Actually this is one of the most common problem that has resulted to most of the prospective candidates anticipating to joining the Ghana National Service being locked out on the procedure. The National Service Scheme (NSS) has therefore come out clearly and stated that the application process is majorly online and that those who do not complete the online registration procedure will not stand any chance to gain admission in the Ghana National Service. This is therefore a very crucial matter that needs attention of the public. Those that may experience problems in retrieving the pin code are advised to visit the NSS offices for help.

NSS pin code check

At times during the process of requesting for the NSS pin code, there may arise cases of delays. Other times, due to system failures and other circumstances, the results of the process may fail to come out. The process of NSS pin code check should never cause anyone to panic. This problem can be fixed by either visiting the National Service Scheme offices or by visiting their official website. For such cases, the personnel is advised to promptly attend to them before the deadline of the application process.

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NSS application for pin code

For prospective personnel from Ghanaian or international universities, their process of registration to join the Ghana national service is a bit different. They are required to go through the process of NSS application for pin code. Furthermore, there are a few qualifications that they are required to meet before they begin the NSS application for pin code process in order to gain entry into the national service. Here a few rules and regulations as per the National Service ac; the prospective personnel should first of all be a Ghanaian citizen. As stated earlier, this whole procedure is aimed at giving back to the nation, and therefore only those who are citizens of the country are allowed to join the National Service. Another rule is that the prospective personnel should ensure that they have cleared their courses of study and should not have stayed at home for more than one year after completion of studies. It is therefore advisable that they apply immediately after they have graduated.

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Apart from clearing their studies and being Ghanaian citizens, it is mandatory that the international students have the results of their courses compiled and well published before they begin the NSS application for pin code process. They are also advised to ensure that they have completed their course of study before they begin the application process. This is to ensure that the process is not hindered by activities back in their institutions. For those in their final year, they are allowed to apply but on one condition, that the application process should be through their institutions of study.

If the prospective personnel meets the stated rules and regulations, they can proceed with the NSS pin code application procedure. This process is an online process which involves filling in an online form. The details provided on the form are in turn used to create an account. The NSS pin code application form is available on the National Service Scheme website.

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The NSS pin application form is in two parts; the personal details part and the account login details part. The personal details part contains slots for the surname and the other name. It also contains a slot for the mobile phones. It is therefore vital that the details provided in these slots are legitimate and accurate. The account details part on the other hand contains slots for the email address and password. The password slot is in two parts; the first attempt and a second one to confirm the first password. There is also a slot for the entry of a captcha, whose letters are right below the slot. This is aimed at proving that the applicant is not a robot.

After the right details have been provided, to finalize on creating the account, the applicant is expected to click on the create account option. The email address and password will be used every time they log in to the account. It is therefore advisable to create a password that can be easily remembered. The NSS pin code will be sent to the email address provided. The applicant is therefore advised to constantly check their emails on creation of the account. After the NSS pin code is provided, it is supposed to be activated and the online registration process started.

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NSS pin code search

For those who did not got to the university, the NSS pin code search process is close to the NSS pin code request process. This process involves clicking the search your pin code option on the National Service Scheme website. Alternatively, the get my NSS pin code process can easily done by simply clicking on their official website link. On the website, there is the ‘enter your index number or Student ID’ option. When any of these two details is entered on that dialogue box and the search option clicked, the NSS enrollment pin code will be displayed. This NSS enrollment pin code can be used to access one’s personal details.

Reactivation of my NSS pin code

In most cases, not all those who request for their NSS pin codes finalize the NSS registration process. Others fail to pay the NSS pre-registration fee and end up missing their chances on the Ghana National Service enrollment. For other personnel, they fail to meet the deadline of application and therefore end up missing out on their chances too. These cases have been an area of concern, especially because of the NSS pin codes awarded to those prospective personnel who do not manage to attend the service.

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This is what happens for such cases, the prospective personnel is expected to write a letter the Executive Director of the National Service Scheme (NSS). The subject of the letter should be reactivation of my NSS pin code. In the request for reactivation of my NSS pin code letter, details on the old NSS pin code should also be included. Apart from that, details on the course pursued in their tertiary education level, the year they completed their course, the index number while in the institution, and full name should be clearly stated. The name of the institution should also be stated. The prospective personnel is also expected to attach copies of his or her certificates on the letter.

By now I am more than certain the whole process of NSS pin code request is no big deal for those with the aim of enrolling for the National Service. Also for those planning to commence the NSS pin code application process have been taken care of. The trick behind this whole process is access to the internet. No one deserves to be left out of the process, not with all these details provided.

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For any more questions on the NSS pin code search 2018-2019, you can simply visit the National Service Scheme website Frequently Asked Questions options.

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