Natural aloe vera health benefits and side effects

Natural aloe vera health benefits and side effects

Aloe vera health benefits vary from skin improvement to boosting body immunity, and it can be used in the modern world as a natural herb. This is especially important, with the kind of lifestyle that most of the people are leading today, that has been termed as unhealthy. This runs from the kind of foods we consume to the activities we engage in. This has created room for terminal illnesses such as cancers and heart related diseases. This is why information on aloe vera health benefits and the likes is important in this era.

Natural Aloe Vera health benefits and side effects

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Before the invention of modern medicine, the ancient man would rely on traditional herbs, leaves, roots and barks of trees for medicine. Funny thing is that these traditional methods worked every time they were used. There were no cases of terminal illnesses. Actually deaths were as a result of other causes, very few resulted from illnesses. One major reason why we should consider going back to these traditional methods. The first steps towards this is shedding some light on the aloe vera health benefits.

Life expectancy in this era for most countries has been reducing drastically for the past years as a result of a number of factors. All these factors lead us to one thing, lifestyle. Unlike the previous 50 years when people would take keen consideration to the kind of foods they consumed, and the activities they engaged in, right now, everyone is too busy to exercise or even eat healthy meals. The effects that these practices would have on our bodies are normally overlooked until when someone is diagnosed with a terminal disease like cancer. The first step towards this journey is acquiring extensive information on these traditional medicine. A very good example is aloe vera.

Natural Aloe Vera health benefits and side effects

Aloe vera has become a household name for the past two to three years. The herb has been mentioned in a number of herbal medicines and supplements. It is believed to cure almost all illnesses. However, there is need for that statement to be justified, at least for the few doubting Thomas. This is what leads us to the health benefits of aloe vera. To others proving the usefulness of aloe vera is besides the point as they are already aware of eating raw aloe vera benefits.

Before we get extensive on the health benefits of aloe vera, it would be wise if we have insight on what aloe vera is. Aloe vera is a green succulent desert plant of the genus ‘Aloe’. Aloe vera resembles cacti, the only difference is the shape of its leaves. The plant is stemless and usually contains very juicy leaves. During summer, the plant produces flowers. Aloe vera is considered an ancient plant because it has been in existence for than 6000 years. With over 15 amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, aloe vera has medicinal uses from the skin to other internal body organs. These uses of aloe vera are so significant and so noticeable in almost all body systems, ranging from the digestive system to the immune system.

Health benefits of aloe vera

As stated, aloe vera is a very precious herb because of the health benefits it has on the human body. These aloe vera medicinal uses can be classified according to the body systems that it serves. For instance, the health benefits of Aloe vera on the digestive system are so advanced.

The health benefits of aloe vera can be realized in the digestive system since it has great impacts on the system. Some of the benefits of aloe vera on the digestive system include;

1. Reducing the effect of acid flux

Aloe vera juice when consumed forms a coat like substance on the esophagus and stomach. This reduces the effect of stomach acids on the lining of the esophagus and parts of the stomach.

2. Relieves stomach ulcers

Another one of the aloe vera medicinal uses is that it also relieves stomach ulcers. From research, ulcers is caused by a certain type of bacteria called helicobactor pylori. This bacteria causes sores on the lining of the stomach. The health benefits of aloe vera in this case are that aloe vera reduces the inflammation caused by this bacteria. It also helps reduce the pain caused by this bacteria.

Natural Aloe Vera health benefits and side effects

3. Reduces constipation

Aloe vera also aids in reducing constipation. It contains latex properties which relieve the pain caused during constipation. Aloe vera also hydrates the colon making it possible to pass stool without pain.

For cases of leaky guts which are caused by sipping of proteins through the walls of the intestines causing inflammation, aloe vera is the perfect solution for this process. These are just some of the few health benefits of aloe vera on the digestive system.

Aloe vera benefits to the cardiovascular system

The other body system that is a beneficiary of the health benefits of Aloe vera is the cardiovascular system. Aloe vera benefits the cardiovascular system both directly and indirectly.

1. Lowering cholesterol levels

Aloe vera helps reduce the levels of cholesterol in the body. There are two types of proteins produced in the body; one of which is the lipoprotein. Aloe vera helps take this type of protein to the liver for detoxification. Another cardiovascular health benefit of aloe vera is that it helps lower the levels of triglycerides, which are as a result of excess energy being stored in the body as fat. Too much levels of triglycerides pose a threat to human life.

2. Helps reduce blood sugar

Another cardiovascular health benefit of aloe vera is that it helps reduce blood sugar. This is as a result of a number of components in aloe vera. One is the glucomannan which comes in the form of fibres. These fibres are soluble in nature and they help reduce the levels of blood sugar. Aloe vera also contains high levels of vitamin C which is ideal in lowering blood pressure. Among the 18 amino acids present in Aloe vera is arginine, which makes the heart stronger and healthier. These are enough reasons why Aloe vera should be in your kitchen garden. F

Health benefits of aloe vera to the immune system

Apart from the body systems, the benefits of aloe vera extend to the immune system. Aloe vera contains brady kinase which kills the infections in the body and also stimulates the body’s immune system. Aloe vera is also a source of zinc. For more information on the benefits of Aloe vera on the body’s immune system, this link is available for use.

uses of Aloe vera

Aloe vera health benefits to skin

The skin is the biggest organ. Aloe vera has very significant benefits on the skin. These Aloe vera benefits on skin range from solving skin problems to maintaining a healthy skin. Aloe vera helps treat sunburns. Aloe vera creates a layer on the skin that helps retain moisture hence the skin is able to retain the available moisture and replenish. Other aloe vera benefits on skin is that it acts as a moisturizer. Aloe vera creates a layer in the skin that retains moisture on the skin. This is one reason why it is used in most body lotions.

Another one of the aloe vera benefits on skin is that it treats acne. Aloe vera contains auxin whose function is to reduce inflammation of the skin. It also contains gibberellins whose function is to stimulate the growth of new cells. Aloe vera contains vitamin C which helps prevent aging. The mixture of Aloe vera and honey would even give better results. These Aloe vera benefits to skin should be second guessed because they are already tested. To prove this statement, this link is there to shed more light on the same.

Aloe vera for stretch marks

Aloe vera can also help in doing away with stretch marks. Stretch marks occur as a result of the skin stretching too much causing the fibres on the skin to tear. This stretching normally is as a result of weight gain, pregnancy or puberty. They do not have any health effects. They however make someone lose self-esteem. This calls for the need for their appearance to be done away with, hence the topic aloe vera on stretch marks arises.

It should, however, be noted that aloe vera for stretch marks does not guarantee the disappearance of stretch marks. The anti-inflammatory effect of aloe vera makes it a better option for use in reducing the appearance of appearance. Therefore, it is advisable that aloe vera gel is applied on these stretch marks twice daily until when the marks start to disappear. This works best days after the appearance of these marks. For cases where the marks are prolonged, then it becomes difficult to completely do away with them. Here is more information on aloe vera for stretch marks.

Natural Aloe Vera health benefits and side effects

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Aloe vera for face

It is every girl’s dream to have a flawless face. This is evident on the numerous products that are aimed at providing these expectations. The use for aloe vera for face has proven to be remedy for most of these defects starting from acne, sunburns and dry skin. For acne, aloe vera contains anti-inflammatory and also aids in healing of acne wounds. Aloe vera also contains gibberellins whose function is to aid in the growth of newer cells.

Another case where aloe vera for face would work magic is sunburns. For sunburns, aloe vera provides a layer on the epithelial layer of the skin. The purpose of this layer is to keep the skin moisturized and allow for a new layer of the skin to form. The use of aloe for face also keeps the skin moisturized. Aloe being a succulent has very good moisturizing properties.

Aloe vera for hair

Aloe vera is a precious herb whose uses are just way too many for the short plant. Using aloe vera for hair has had the best of results. Trying aloe vera for hair has bought about good results in so many ways including strengthening hair, cleaning oily hair, healing itchy scalps and generally promoting hair growth. For hair strength, aloe vera for hair contains vitamins A,C and E which promote the growth of shinny hair. It also contains folic acid and vitamin B 12 which help keep the hair intact and minimize falling out of hair. The use of aloe vera for hair growth gives desirable results.

For cleaning oily hair, aloe vera for hair removes the excess sebum on hair making it glow. For itchy scalp, aloe vera contains anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve the pain caused by dandruff.

Aloe vera juice

Obtained from blending the leaves of the miraculous plant, aloe vera juice is a thick fluid that is used for a number of purposes. These aloe vera juice benefits for health are so amazing that am sure at the end of this you won’t mind making it a must in your diet. Despite the fact that the aloe vera juice benefits for health are close to the aloe vera health benefits, aloe vera juice stands better chances of serving its purpose since it is more easily absorbed and therefore better results. These aloe vera juice benefits for health include; a clearer skin, digestive comfort (minimal cases of heartburns, constipation, ulcers), nutritional gain and healthy and well-functioning body organs, (heart and liver).

Aloe vera for hair

For cases where the aloe vera plant is not available, this does not mean you cannot use the plant. There are other forms in which the plant can be consumed or used in the body. One common one is aloe vera gel and juice. Another one is aloe vera supplements. These aloe vera supplements health benefits are close to those of taking the juice or the gel from the plant itself. Another form is aloe vera tea. These aloe vera tea health benefits are close to those of Aloe vera juice.

Aloe vera for weight loss

Research has proven that aloe vera juice is ideal for weight loss. This is because it contains components which help burn excess fats. It is advisable to take a tea spoonful of the juice twenty minutes before the meal for a week or so. These aloe vera health benefits in weight loss are medically safe since the process of weight loss involves burning the bad fat.

Side effects of aloe vera

As you all know, too much of something is poisonous. Therefore too much consumption or use of aloe vera is likely to bring about a number of effects. Some of the side effects of Aloe vera include; skin allergies, especially when the use of aloe vera is prolonged. This may occur in form of the skin turning red. Another one of the side effects of aloe vera is low blood sugar. This is also as a result of excessive use of aloe vera. Constipation too may come out as a side effect of aloe vera.


The information in this article is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this page is for general information purposes only.

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