List of recycling companies in Ghana

List of recycling companies in Ghana

Environmental conservation and waste management has become one the most serious tragedy in the continent. According to scientific research, continuous disposal of plastic waste materials is doing more harm than good in our planet. It is estimated that by 2050, the volume of plastic waste materials in the sea will be higher than that of the fish. Since 1970, the world has produced about 8.2 billion tons of plastic waste out of which 80% is non-biodegradable. These wastes accumulate in our land and ocean which threaten the life of living organisms. This sad news has raised an alarm to nations of the world to act upon it. Ghana being one of the many nations is determined to fully eliminate plastic waste material from all the borders of the country. This article will narrow down to discuss all major waste recycling companies in Ghana.

List of recycling companies in Ghana


List of recycling companies in Ghana

Ghana being one of the top industrialized countries in West Africa has a significant waste pollution which has to be managed effectively. The management of these waste materials involves recycling them into more useful products which are environmental friendly. These activities are propelled by waste recycling companies in Ghana with support from the central government. These companies are categorized depending on the type of waste material which they deal with. They are as follows.

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Plastic waste recycling companies in Ghana

Millions of tons of plastic waste which are released by different households and companies need to be closely managed to avoid building up of garbage to unmanageable levels. Below is a list of plastic recycling companies in Ghana which are at the front line in managing these waste.

1. 3G plastic limited company

This is one of the biggest plastic recycling companies in Ghana. It’s located at 3G house just opposite Nestle heavy industrial area in Tema city. 3G is a large scale manufacture of plastic and actively take part in recycling plastic bottles and other plastic materials which may otherwise be released to the environment. Company details include

Postal address: CO 1813, Tema

Telephone: 0303301992

Mobile: 0264544888

Official website:

List of recycling companies in Ghana


2. GP waste recycle co.Ltd

GP is one of the most prominent plastic recycling companies in Ghana which is popular for collecting and recycling plastic garbage. The company is located at Kpone, Tema in the great Accra. It manufactures, and sells plastic material on whole sale basis and final recycle all the dumped plastic to avoid pollution. It has greatly help to control excessive building up of plastic waste garbage in Ghana. Company details are as follows:

Email address:

Mobile: 024426891

3. Universal royal paper limited

Universal royal paper deals with manufacturing and selling of paper products. The other main responsibility of this company is recycling of plastic waste in Ghana. It’s located near TV Africa Feo Eyea road in Accra. Important company details include the following:

Postal address: 932 Accra

Telephone : 030266467



4. Polytex Ind.Ltd

This is a huge recycling company located along Dadeban road at the northern part of Accra city in the great Accra region. The main obligation of this company is recycling of plastics alongside manufacturing and packaging of plastic materials. This company since its formation has helped to recycle several tons on plastic waste materials in Ghana. Company details include the following:


Telephone: 0302233148

Mobile: 0242873205


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5. Super paper product co.Ltd

Super paper is located at high Ind area in Accra Ghana. It’s specialized in manufacturing and recycling of plastic paper products in Ghana. Important contacts information for the company includes:

Telephone: 03302665016

6. Geocrest co.Ltd

This is yet another recycling company which has attracted great number of clients due to its credible and open service towards customer satisfaction. It majorly deals with manufacturing and recycling of car wind screens and haulage. It’s also deals with all forms of automobile and motorists. This company is located at ACP estate, Kwabaye Accra. Important company details include:


Contact: 0504777006

7. Nelplast Ghana limited

Nelplast is a waste recycling company which is located at Accra Ghana. Its main role is to recycle all plastic garbage from house hold and industrial plastic waste into stone like materials which are strong therefore used in road construction. This company recycles almost 8% of Ghana plastic waste.

Paper recycling companies in Ghana

List of recycling companies in Ghana


Ghana has companies in their numbers which are responsible in managing and recycling waste paper in the country. These companies offer reliable and credible services to the people of Ghana which therefore make them prominent in the country. Some of these companies include the following:

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1. Waste recycling Ghana Ltd

This is one of the most popular companies responsible for the management of paper waste in Ghana. This company is located at Tema heavy industrial location. The company is responsible for recycling all paper waste materials found in Ghana. Specific company contacts include:

Zip code:00233

Telephone :233-277-753886

2. Zigmah sanitation company

The great efforts of zigmah sanitation have real reduced the extent of plastic paper pollution in Ghana. The company is located at the eastern part of Legon, Metropolitan Accra. The company is exclusively made to deal with paper waste management in Ghana. Important company contacts information include:

Phone number: 0245470980

3. SSC fumigation and pest control service

SSC fumigation has great experience in paper waste management in Ghana. It’s located at Kpone katamanso in the great Accra. The company was started with an aim of providing environmental proper services and collection of litters which may cause outbreak of diseases. However after some time, the company redirected its roles to deal with waste paper recycling in Ghana.

Contact: 0248855731

4. Webelement ventures Ltd

This is another leading paper recycling company which is located at holy trinity, Accra Metropolitan in Ghana. The company mainly deals with waste management and control in Ghana. Its major focus is to ensure cleaner environment with minimum paper waste products.

Contact: 0242523074

5. Encol limited

Encol limited is a recycling waste paper company concerned with OCC carton and recycling. Since its foundation, it has help to recycle a lot of plastic paper waste materials in Ghana. Important contact information includes:

Telephone: 972-54-3134676

6. Trans global implex Gh.Ltd

This company is responsible for the production of palm oil, palm kennel shell and recycling of waste paper products. It’s located in Accra with the following important contact information.

Zip code: 233

Address: Box 1973 Teshie Nungu estate in Accra Ghana.

7. I Royce cleaning service Ltd

Royce cleaning Ltd is located at Millet Street Teshie Nungu at the great Accra. This company is responsible for managing and recycling paper waste products in Ghana. You can access this company using the following contact information.

Contact: 0200214041

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Rubber recycling companies in Ghana

List of recycling companies in Ghana


Vehicle tires and worn out rubber shoes form large part of garbage in Ghana. These rubber waste also form part of the non-biodegradable waste which is released to the environment. This waste is hazardous especial when not treated and released to the environment. In Ghana, there are several companies which have taken initiative to recycle these rubber waste materials to other useful products or to environmental friendly state. Some of these companies include:

1. Ibistek Ltd

Ibistek is a Limited company which was formed in 2005 majorly to recycle rubber waste materials in Ghana. The company was also supposed to protect the environment against pollution from non-biodagrable products. This company is located at PMB, ministries in Accra Ghana. Other main obligation of this company is to undertake active role in turnkey engineering services like civil infrastructure engineering and telecommunication services.

2. Casella Ltd

This is a foreign company which operates in Ghana. Casella is responsible for the assessment and testing of environmental constrains which probably may cause pollution. Casella distributors and offices are located at Achimota in Accra Ghana. This company has great experience in environmental conservation solutions since it has been in operation for the last two centuries. It provides credible and reliable services to its customers making it popular to its clients not only in Ghana but also the other countries where it operates.

3. Dilo Armaturen und anlagen

Dilo armaturen is a limited company responsible for leak testing in Ghana. It’s a foreign company which has distributors in Accra. It deals with SF6gas in Ghana. This company also has interest in environmental conservation and therefore takes part in recycling rubber waste products in Ghana.

4. Terawet green technologies Inc. (TGT)

TGT is a social company which was formed to address the issue of ecological friendly environment and to a large extent eliminates any form of non-biodegradable waste materials. It majorly focused on managing soil and water pollutions. This company actively involves itself in recycling of rubber material which may acculate in our land and waters.

5. Jekora ventures Ltd

Jekora ventures was purely formed in Ghana back in 2008 to undertake all the waste recycling responsibilities in Ghana. It’s responsible for recycling solid waste including plastic and rubber waste materials. The company is located in Accra, sub –metropolitan area in great Accra region.

Email address:

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