Health benefits of avocado pear, seeds and oil

Health benefits of avocado pear, seeds and oil

Health benefits of avocados will definitely make you change your mind about this fruit. There is no doubt that we all love avocados. Some of us have avocado trees in our homesteads, others buy the evergreen fruit in the markets. All these speak of a special crave for these healthy fat-filled fruits. However, oblivious of the myriad health benefits of eating avocado that it carries, what attracts us to these fatty-fruits is their taste and feel of satisfaction they bring when eaten. Only a handful are quite aware of the endless list of health benefits of avocado. Well, from the fruit’s unique taste to its numerous nutritional value the article comes to inform you the health benefits it’s loaded with and assure you of well-being if you increase the consumption of this nature’s gift to man.

Health benefits of avocado pear, seeds and oil

The avocado tree is classified as a flowering plant in the family of Lauraceae. Its scientific name is Persea americana. The avocado tree is native to Mexico and Central America hence its scientific name. It grows in warm climates. The tree produces avocado fruits which are sometimes referred to as fatty fruit of the avocado, an alligator pear or butter fruit. Its smooth and creamy appearance is attribute to the rich content of monounsaturated fats. The fruit has a much higher fat content compared to most fruits. With about 77% of its calories originating from fats, this makes the fruit one of the fattiest fruits on the planet. That said, it is however important to understand the majority of this fat is oleic acid. Oleic acid is what brings out the many health benefits of avocado.

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Avocado nutritional value

Casting nay eye at avocado nutritional value opens up the fruit as a super source of nutrients. A single avocado contains the following nutritional values;

  • 26% Vitamin B6
  • 21% Vitamin E
  • 53% Vitamin K
  • 41% folate
  • 33% Vitamin C
  • 28% Potassium
  • 28%Pantothenic
  • 19% Copper

Avocado pear health benefits

This article will reveal that avocado pear health benefits are many. No wonder, among the health conscious, the fruit has become frequently a player on their menu. What makes this beautiful plant such as hit? Well, let’s delve deeper on these health benefits that come with eating avocado.

Discussed below are proven health benefits of avocado;

1. Protects the eyes

Antioxidant carotenoid are better for the eyesight. Beta carotenoid are precursor for vitamin A and guess what? They are contained abundantly in avocados. This is one of the most profitable avocados benefits. Insufficient intake of lutein in a diet could result into age related eye dysfunction. However, diets that are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids protects the eyes from this dysfunction. Avocados contain lutein/zeaxanthin which are absorbed better by the body when mixed with monounsaturated acids. That is why in most cases you have been advised to add avocado to your salad so that the eye protective carotenoid are absorbed better.

Health benefits of avocado pear, seeds and oil

2. Helps reduce inflammation in the body

Inflammation damages in the body are caused by beta-amyloid peptide. It is responsible for nerve degenerating conditions e.g. Alzheimer’s disease. The good news is studies shows that consumption of a size-able amount of avocado leads to less inflammations in the body. This is yet another avocado benefits. The gorgeous fruits contain oleic acid and antioxidant carotenoids, tocopherols, and polyphenols. They are what is responsible to the anti-inflammatory benefits. In one research, conducted by the Japanese. It indicated that the level of C-reactive protein, an inflammatory marker in the body was high when the intake of oleic acid is low.

Health benefits of avocado pear, seeds and oil

3. Avocado pear aids in the reduction of bad cholesterols

Cholesterols are divided into low density lipoproteins and high density lipoproteins. Of this two, the low density lipoproteins (LDL) are harmful to the body while on the other hand, the high density lipoprotein (HDL) are useful to the body. High levels of LDL could amount to complications such as cardiac arrest, and they possess a fat referred to as triglycerides. This fat in high amounts is harmful to the body. Intake of avocados rises the level of HDL which in turn lowers the levels of LDL. This is so because HDL removes extra LDL. The fatty fruits are therefore important amongst those with abnormal lipid profile i.e. cholesterol and triglyceride count. Because we consume fats daily the information here should not make you skimp on them, we are advised to add an avocado to the diet.

4. Helps in regulating the blood pressure

High blood pressure in the body is as a result of low potassium in the body. High blood pressure brings effects such as heart attacks and kidney complications. Banana was formerly seen as the main source of potassium but recent research indicates that the alligator fruit outpaces it when it comes to potassium value. The fruit has higher content of potassium. So when it comes to lowering high pressure, then the information is out there find avocado pear.

Health benefits of avocado pear, seeds and oil

5. Avocado is an excellent food during pregnancy

The benefits of eating avocado during pregnancy are far-reaching. They range from the benefits to the expectant mothers to the benefits of avocado for babies.

To the expectant mothers, avocado pear helps in the reduction of levels of bad cholesterols in the body of the mother and reduces depression too. Much about the ability of avocado doing this has been looked at in extensive above. It eases morning sickness too.

Avocados contain, folic acid which is responsible healthy brains, blood and cells. To the unborn child, the folic acid helps in the formation of the child’s nerve system.

6. The fatty-fruit said to prevent cancer

All the mechanism of how this food protects one from cancer is not well known, scientific research has led to the believe that folate from this food protects undesirable mutation of the DNA and RNA during cell division. Research has shown that intake of folic acid in adequate amounts tend to protect one against the following forms of cancer. Cervical, colon, pancreatic and stomach cancer. It further indicates that avocado has phytochemicals which selectively prevents the growth of precancerous and cancerous cells. The phytochemicals too cause the death of these cancer cells. Much said and done, it’s worth mentioning too that this good fruit has been discovered to decrease chromosomal damage. The chromosomal damages are as a result of cyclophosphamide.

Health benefits of avocado pear, seeds and oil

7. The fruit can function as aphrodisiac

Aphrodisiac? Am sure you are wondering if this is true. In the list of avocado benefits for men, the list won’t be full is its function as an aphrodisiac is not mentioned. Let’s understand this. The word avocado came from Nahuati, a language spoken by the Aztecs. The word means testicles. Thus this is not the reason behind the belief that avocado is an aphrodisiac.

Avocado is rich in saturated fats which are important in the synthesis of testosterone. This will for sure be received with mixed reaction. To substantiate further you can lower intake of avocados and this will in turn bring about low testosterone culminating to low sex drive. An intake of higher amount of avocados will have the opposite effect. This therefore confirms the fruit as an aphrodisiac.

Health benefits of avocado pear, seeds and oil

8. Managing your weight

Having looked at many of the health benefits of avocado pear but it will be a crime of the highest order if we fail to mention of avocado benefits for weight loss. Weight has been an issue to many around us. No one wants to be fat. For those who are, they spent sleepless night trying to find out how they can get rid of the unnecessary fat. Being overweight is not healthy in the first place, it comes with numerous complications; breathing problems, uncontrollable sweating, stroke, heart problem just to name a few. It attempts to shade off the excess body weight many have resorted to using artificial means that have negatively impacted their health. As an eleventh hour Samaritan this is a way of bringing you a healthy and environmental friendly way of combating this white elephant.

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Health benefits of avocado pear, seeds and oil

A study a study published by NUTRITION JOURNAL, it was discovered that having just half of an avocado with lunch helps those who are overweight feel satisfied for quite a long time after eating. Those who took part in the research 40% reported that there was less desire for food for well over three hours. 28% reported of five hours after their meals.

This proves beyond reasonable doubt therefore that incorporating avocado in your diet will certainly be of help in managing your weight. It will reduce just in case one if overweight or help maintain in the case where one has a normal weight. So to my sister and brothers struggling with this weight issue, the answer is right here with you.

9. The food to the brain

There are mental health benefits of avocado too. The fatty fruits are our daily source of copper ions. About 20% of our copper ions. Copper ions are brain stimulants. It is often associated with creativity and very high thought abilities. As a result, the avocado is too categorized as brain food.

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10. Avocado oil is responsible for healthy skin and hair

We have mentioned earlier that this fruit is rich in healthy fats and anti-inflammatory fighting benefits. The properties have resulted into avocado oil for skin and hair being intensively researched into. It has been discovered though that avocado oil gives you glossy hair and a very smooth skin. The fruit contains vitamin E, D and A. this nutrients protects body tissues from UV rays damages and increases too collagen metabolism thus it plays a role in aging. Avocado oil can also accelerate the healing of a wound. This is to the linoleic acid, oleic acid and monosaturated fatty acids present in it.

Health benefits of avocado pear, seeds and oil

Lastly avocado oil for the skin has the following benefits too. Avocado oil can heal skin complications such as; chronic autoimmune condition which brings about thick, scaly, red patches on the skin and plague psoriasis.

Health benefits of avocado leaves

The following substance are found in the avocado tree leaves; they include:

1. Quercetin

Largest flavonol compound. Avocado leaves contain about 60-75% of the Quercetin. These substance protects from degenerative diseases. As much as they taste bitter, they are diuretic and they inhibit growth of bacteria in the body. Avocado leaves besides doing what has been mentioned above are believed also to treat the following.

  • Headaches
  • High blood pressure
  • Bladder stones
  • Nerve pains
  • Irregular menstruations
  • Swollen airways
  • Stomach pains.

2. Polyphenols

These are groups of phytonutrients found in foods such as tea, grapes and onions. These substance often contribute to flavor and color in fruits. It is also responsible for leave color during autumn.

The two substances contribute to the above named avocado leaves health benefits.

Avocado leaves side effects

Apart from having numerous health benefits, there are also side effects of avocado leaves that should be looked at. Questions have been raised about toxicity of avocado leaves. Research concerning this however singled out the Guatemalan Avocados and exclude the Mexican avocados. The Guatemalan avocado fruit plant species has possible toxicity is the leaves are consumed in high amounts. However the Mexican species is very safe.

In conclusion, much has been unearthed concerning the outweighed health benefits the avocado pear, seeds and oil bring to individual health. It is therefore important that if we want to reap this golden benefits of the plant we make it a point of having it included in our daily diet. The fruit could cost a penny where you are but I believe the kind of health implication it keeps away could be treated with a far much higher figure.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this page is for general information purposes only.

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