Internal and external piles treatment at home

Internal and external piles treatment at home

With tricks on piles treatment at home you can fix some things before getting to hospital It’s important for all of us to be conscious of our health status. This is important because it helps us discover diseases in our body and act fast to cab them. Additionally, being conscious of our health enables us to devise means to keep diseases at bay. If you perhaps are wondering what piles is. This is a synonym for haemorrhoids. Piles is very common. Many people experience piles and it is very embarrassing among adults. If left unattended to, piles brings about a great deal of pain and discomfort. There are a number of ways this health issue can be handled. Ranging from home-made remedies to over the counter drugs. All these methods help to ease the pain until piles go away. If left untreated, they go away after a couple of weeks. In this article we will focus more on external piles treatment at home. This homemade treatment for piles will come in handy at some point.

Internal and external piles treatment at home

Piles are blood vessels that are found in the smooth muscles of the anus and the rectum. They are located at the point where the veins and small arteries meet. They are cushioned by connectivity tissues and smooth muscles. Piles are classified depending with their location in relation to the pectinate line. Pectinate line is the dividing point between the upper and the lower anus.

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Understanding piles as a condition

There are two types of pile

1. Internal piles

This is located above the pectinate line. They are covered by cells resembling those in line with the rest of intestines. Generally internal piles don’t hurt because there are no pain sensing nerve around these areas while. One can discover them by seeing blood in his stool.

2. External piles

These are found below the pectinate line and are covered by cells resembling skin. Normally they occur around the anus where there are more pain sensing nerves here hence they tend to hurt.

Piles only call our attention when they begin to swell, resulting into bleeding, pain and itching. It is important that we understand that pile is a normal part of the human anatomy. However, majority refers to this as sickness because they only present themselves when they swell and become alarming. Before looking at treatment of piles at home, its important to establish what they really are and what brings them about.

Piles are swollen veins in the lowest part of the rectum of the anus. This complication is common among family members i.e. one is mostly likely to experience this if his or her parent had it. Increase in pressure in the piles causes them to swell and become filled with blood. This makes them to increase in size resulting into pile symptoms. The increase in pressure could be because of a variety of reasons some of which are;

  • Rectal surgery
  • Diarrhoea
  • Colon cancer
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy and
  • A diet low in fibre.

There have been many attempts to combat piles without the use of surgical means. This being said it is important to mention that Dr. Asafo Agyei receives global recognition for his piles treatment in Ghana. Perhaps to say something about him, he is the chief executive office of Asafo-Agyei hospitals and doubles up too as the president of the Archbishop Asafo-agyei foundation.

There are many who have made attempts to put afore natural piles treatment attempts and their efforts have culminated into what we are going to look at below.

Internal and external piles treatment at home

10 hemorrhoid treatment at home natural

Like mentioned earlier the treatments, whether homemade treatment for bile or the use of over the counter drugs, they both are meant to relieve one from pain (make the pain more tolerable) as you wait for them to go away after a couple of days.

Piles natural treatment at home involves;

1. Applying aloe vera

Aloe vera can be obtain directly from the aloe vera plant or sourced from a drug store. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to treat inflammation in the skin effectively. It should be understood that only pure aloe vera should be used in this piles treatment exercise. This treatment however doesn’t apply to all. There are those who are allergic to aloe vera. It’s therefore advised that before you apply it one should test the allergy by rubbing small amount of it to his fore arm and observe the reaction within a period of a day or two. If there is no reaction occurring then it is save to apply.

Internal and external piles treatment at home

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2. Taking a warm bath with Epsom salt.

Epsom salt provides relieve and therefore reduces pain. According to research, it has been discovered that taking a shower after every 20 minutes of bowel movement will effectively ease the pains caused by piles. This is because a bath soothes the itching caused by external piles.

Internal and external piles treatment at home

3. Loose cotton clothing

Eschewing tight clothing especially those made from polyester with ultra-breathable cotton e.g. the cotton underwear helps to a much greater extend in keeping the anal area dry and clean. This will potentially reduce the symptoms associated to pile.

One with haemorrhoid should too avoid the use of fabric softeners and perfumed detergents in order to ease the irritations.

4. The use of fibre supplements or stool softener

Stool softeners are supplements such as psyllium. These supplements can be taken in the form of liquids, powders and capsules. They are administered orally once to thrice a day. Stool softeners reduces constipation, it makes stools very soft and easier to make fast bowel movements. As a result less pressure develops in the piles. This will reduce cases of haemorrhoid. There are many sources of fibres. Including them in the diet saves one from constipation a likely reason for the occurrence of piles.

Internal and external piles treatment at home

5. Applying of cold compresses.

Sometimes piles get large and extremely painful. This method can be very effective pile treatment exercise when applied to large and painful piles. An ice pack wrapped inside a cloth or a paper towel is applied onto the areas around the anus to relieve the pain. The cold compresses last for about 15 minutes at a time.

However, it is good to understand that you should not apply something freezing onto the skin directly. You need to wrap it in a piece of cloth to prevent that direct touch.

6. The use of Alum remedy

If you have never heard of what alum is then it is the trivial name of potassium aluminium sulphate. Alum is found mostly in crystal form and dissolves very fast in water. We use it when in powder form. Alum has pore-closing properties and that is the reason it is used mostly I this course. It makes the pile shrink and puts an end to an*al bleeding.

It involves amalgamating 2 teaspoon full of powdered Alum in about 5 cups of water. The mixture is then allowed to settle for about 2-3 hours. It is then applied to the pile by the use of a clean cloth.

Internal and external piles treatment at home


This solution is applied for about 20-30 minutes on the affected area. That said, you can also add two tablespoons of the solution to water and use it for sitz bath. This works effectively and for those who have applied it the piles are gotten rid-off after 2-3 days.

7. Calendula compress

Piles treatment naturally can be done by the use of calendula compress. It’s one of the effective pile compresses. It gets rid of pain and itching in less that3 days. Calendula compress is a concoction prepared using the following list of ingredients;

  • 3 cups of water
  • 1 teaspoonful of (peppermint leaf
  • Crushed calendula
  • Goldenseal powder)
  • Half a cup of witch hazel

Once you have all the above mentioned, then you have yourself piles treatment herbal medicine. These herbs are boiled together and then allowed to cool for about 15-20 minutes. Afterwards, the half a cup of witch-hazel is added and properly mixed.

Internal and external piles treatment at home

The concoction made is then applied to the itching areas round the anus by the use of clean piece of cloth. These natural piles treatment remedies of relief within a period of three days. These concotion can be used to relieve pain in different area of the body.

Piles treatment using fruits and vegetables

External pile treatment at home can also be effected by fruits such as (apple and cranberry) and vegetables such as (Onion and Garlic). This is as brought out below.

8. Cranberry Compress

It’s a very powerful method of treating piles. To add on is that cranberry compress can be prepared easily just like the calendula compress. This is how it is prepared. 5 tablespoon of blended cranberries is wrapped in a cloth and applied to the anus region. It is applied to the area for a good one hour period so you will have to certainly find something to do during all this time. Read a book, watch TV or any other thing alone your line of interest. Point to note also on this is, cranberry can leave color on the peace of cloth you are using so it’s advisable that one uses unnecessary cloths. Cranberry compress reliefs one form the pains and treats the piles in at most three days.

Internal and external piles treatment at home

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9. A combination of garlic and onion.

Painful piles treatment at home has never been this easy. With onion and garlic in the house you have yourself a pile treatment herbal medicine. Wondering how to use them? Let’s have a look.

This is what you require: a segment of garlic and a piece of onion similar in size. Insert them into your rec*tum before you retire to bed. The combination of these two fight bacteria, repair the swollen piles and reduces inflammation bringing relief. Onions might be bitter to the eyes after all but they relive pain somewhere else.

Internal and external piles treatment at home

10. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar’s healing properties are known. It has in several cases been used to treat internal and external pile treatment at home.

Internal and external piles treatment at home

  • For external bile treatment- dip a clean cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and apply it on the an*al region. The a*nal region should be cleaned before doing this. Do this three times a day and the piles will certainly disappear.
  • For internal bile treatment- here for effectiveness, unfiltered and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar is used. Put 1 tablespoon of this in a glass of water then drink it two times a day.

Piles treatment in pregnancy.

Haemorrhoid is common too among pregnant women. It can be a very interesting stage 4 piles treatment. In this case it requires a step by step approach. They include the following;

Take lifestyle measures e.g. try pass out stool when the bowel is active like in the morning or after meals, eat plenty of fruits (fruits are rich in fibre), take adequate amount of fluids and exercise regularly.

Internal and external piles treatment at home

Use of laxatives can be considered too. The commonly used ones are; glycerine suppositories, docusate sodium and Senna.

In conclusion, there is an endless list of pile natural treatment at home, however all these places more emphasis on the how to relief one from the pain, itching and embarrassment haemorrhoid bring with it. Pile is a very common complication and it occur to almost everyone. There are those who perhaps didn’t understand what all the pile theories were but after this article at least they have got an inkling of haemorrhoid.

In any case you get to suffer from them then the homemade treatment of piles are right there. However it should be noted that one need too to consult a doctor because certain piles symptoms could be an indication of a worse health issues like Colon cancer. So seeing a doctor can help your take stock of this and address it earlier.


The information in this article is not intended or implied to be substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this page is for general information purposes only.


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